Friday, January 29, 2016

News round-up: The Oscars boycott and other insignificant headlines

I suppose you've heard about the latest row over the Oscars, dear reader. I'm sorry for distracting you from your daily/weekly must-reads, People, OK!, USA Today, NASCAR News, Huntin' Like A True Backwoods Toothless Moron Boss, et al ... The cinematic awards ceremony, to take place on February 28, has sparked a controversy over the lack of black actors or actresses nominated.
We heard Jade Pinkett Smith sound off, saying that the community of black actors should rally around the cause, even though Will Smith, as Janet Hubert pointed out, did not exactly exemplify racial solidarity when the contracts for The Prince of Bel-Air were being handed out. Spike Lee has also boycotted the Oscars—no suprise there, as Lee is the Eric Holder/Al Sharpton of the entertainment industry. Isn't this less of a row over black nominees and a full-tilt protest against white people?
Oscars nominee Charlotte Rampling thinks so. The nominee for best actress for her role in 45 Years said that the Oscars boycott is racist to whites. "One can never really know, but perhaps the black actors did not deserve to make the final list," Rampling opined. "Why classify people? These days everyone is more or less accepted. People will always say: 'Him, he's less handsome,' 'him, he's too black,' 'he is too white' ... Someone will always be saying 'You are too this or that'... But do we have to take from this that there should be lots of minorities everywhere?"
We have had complaints from the racial agitators for several years, yet everyone's acting as if this latest Oscars protest is something new. They pulled the same act last year. These "civil rights" people must think we have no memories. They're right; we don't. We're Americans. We're the latest incarnation of the Late Roman Empire. All we know is to root for the local (or popular) football team, order a four-cheese with stuffed crust from Pizza Hut, record the latest "House of Cards" from Netflix, and finger ourselves. And we need to write ourselves notes to remember to do the same thing again the next day.
The latest Oscars boycott is, of course, total BS. But no-one will remember this time next year when we're told, for the umpteenth time, what wonderful "privilege" white people have.

"I'm going to Qayyara in my mind ..."

A folk singer/guitarist from Portland, Oregon, one James Twyman, has planned a "peace" concert in ISIS-controlled Syrian territory on January 31. The modern-day troubador left the U.S. on Janaury 20 and has been preparing the concert along the way.
Now, I hate to pick on the guy as he seems sincere, in a batshit crazy sort of way, and he has gathered together Jews, Christians and moderate Muslims to back him up. One of his stops along the way to Syria is Israel, so Twyman is no "boycott the Zionists" scumbag. Nor is he an ISIS supporter. He is ignorant, and I say that in the nicest way possible.
Twyman said that he had contacts in a Druze village in Israel that can possibly arrange a route to another village that is under ISIS control. "I feel the calling to do this," Twyman said of his desire to serenade jihadists.

"This land is your land, this land is your land. From the straits of Mosul to the streets of Raqqa ...!"

"When people come together and focus on something in a positive way … there's scientific evidence that it can change things for the better," Twyman said.
I don't know about the science and this assumes that ISIS is populated by human beings, as opposed to untermenschen who destroy, rape and kill because they think they must be loyal to a seventh-century code of conduct to receive 72 virgins in their warped idea of paradise and, what's more, they enjoy it. 
Stupidity honestly knows no bounds. But it's not a crime. James Twyman, my fellow traveller, I hope you make it back safe and sound. Good luck with this. I mean that.

Davos: Don't jump the gun 

I've asked this question before, mes amis, and I'll ask it again. If banning guns would result in a safer world, then why do all the economists at the Davos World Economic Forum require them?
The Associated Press reports that, per the event: "The town goes into lockdown for the week of the event, and security is particularly high this year due to the recent spate of extremist attacks. Snipers sit on roofs and police with automatic weapons and guard dogs blockade the roads. The Swiss army provides aerial support while security officers trample through snow to guard the buildings' perimeters. The police say they have increased security checks in the area since November and have stepped up their presence compared with last year, mainly due to the attacks in Paris."
But ... but ... but, golly gee, I thought guns only added to terror and didn't help to stop it.
It's not like I give a damn about the Davos conference where a bunch of self-important cocksuckers are attempting to figure out if the 2008 financial crash is finally over or we're just in a "new normal" of depressed wages. Honestly, another global circle-jerk. That's all we need. Think about how many mouths the money that went into organizing this could have fed, only to be told, "well, let's see how the global economy does." Different year, same result.
By the way, am I the only one who cheered when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told actor and fellow Leftist Leonardo DiCaprio to shut his mouth regarding the oil sands of Canada? I didn't think so. 

     The cannabis blues 

For all you potheads out there who think marijuana is the answer to a peaceful, lovely existence, let me share the following news story with you:
A Florida man was arrested on Tuesday after decapitating his pit bull because it 'looked at him weird', according to an arrest report. Javier Orelly, 28, faces two animal cruelty charges and a possession of marijuana charge following Thursday's incident in West Palm Beach. Police found Orelly 'digging a grave in front of his apartment' with a beheaded pit bull and duck nearby, and he told told police that he also beheaded the duck. Deputies were called to the scene after an anonymous caller claimed to have seen a man 'kicking and throwing around his dog' and was worried the man was going to kill the dog, the arrest report said. A deputy saw 'two large knives, a small medieval ax and some money' on a red towel and a piece of dead animal skin attached to a stick was behind the dog's head. Below the stick was a carving reading 'totura'believed to be a misspelling of 'torture', which means 'torture' in Basque - in large letters. Orelly initially told police that the dog bit him. He later said 'the dog looked at him weird, so he stabbed it in the neck', the arrest report said. He said that he was having difficulty cutting off the dog's head and got a bigger knife, which he described as a medieval hatchet. He then 'kept chopping the head until it came off', the arrest report said. The dead, beheaded duck was discovered near the dog. According to deputies, 'Orelly was stressed out and needed to sacrifice animals to cleanse himself,' the police report said.
"Yeah, man. I was like, so stressed out. So ... like, like ... so I chopped the head off my dog. Isn't that COOL? Then, man, I was like, still so stressed out, so like ... I chopped the head off a duck! Fuck yeah! Pass the hashpipe ... Oh, you don't got it? OK, so, like, pass the bong."
You argue that it's just one mental misfit in one news report. Alright, fair enough. How about this, from a report on January 15?
An experimental drug that has left one person brain dead and five others seriously ill in France was given to 90 peopleand there is no antidote, it emerged today. Prosecutors have opened an investigation into what Health Minister Marisol Touraine called 'an accident of exceptional gravity ... without precedence' in France at the Biotrial lab in Rennes. The drug trial, which was testing a new painkiller, involved 90 volunteers who were given the drug in varying doses, she told reporters today at a news conference in Rennes. Biotrial had been carrying out the drugs trial for Portuguese pharmaceutical company Bial. All six hospitalised men were between 28 and 49 and were healthy when the trial began on January 7, she said, adding that one man now classified as brain dead was admitted to hospital on Sunday. Three others were suffering a 'handicap that could be irreversible', said Professor Gilles Edan, the chief neuroscientist at the hospital in Rennes. She said there is no known antidote for the drug. It's rare for volunteers to fall seriously ill when testing new drugs. Researchers generally start with the lowest possible dose for humans after extensive drug tests in animals.
Ah yes, animal trials. We can state definitively that no humans are in danger of drug-testing based on previous animal trials, because they're so damn accurate. (For those of you with slow-working brains, that was sarcasm.)
The French health Minister Marisol Touraine denies that there was any cannabis in the drug. While this is true, the experimental painkiller was a cannaboid. Touraine herself noted that the substance was designed to interact with the body's endocannabinoid system. 
I'm not saying that the smoking of a joint of normal-strength weed is going to turn you into a vegetable for life. But we do not know the true effects of marijuana on the human system, because we have regarded it as a prohibited substance for so long. I have called for a greater understanding of marijuana, going back years. See here and here.
We have seen evidence that the super-strong strains, such as "skunk," do impact negatively on people's mental health. Nevertheless, we find ourselves in a culture that says you can smoke cannabis every day and that it should not be frowned upon.
Should we continue to include marijuana in our drug war? Is doing that akin to mere prejudice as cannabis is a harmless recreational drug? Who knows? I think that we need to heed certain cautionary examples, and not dismiss them as anecdotes, which is why we can't all become Colorado just yet.
Why can't we agree that the jury is not out on this substance yet?

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