Thursday, November 6, 2014

Roll out the barrel!

Happy days are here again, dear reader!
For the first time in six years, I can be proud to be an American again.
The Republican wave which failed to materialize in 2010—though Nancy Pelosi did have to give up her gavel—has occurred. Talk about cutting it finely. These mid-term elections were the last chance Americans had at saving their country from becoming a Bolivarian-style banana republic.
Republicans now own the Senate and they have increased their presence in the House of Representatives. Republicans have not had this much control since 1946.
As spineless as Republicans can be, and have proven to be, I believe that will change once they take their seats in January. They will get to work—and there's a lot of that to be done.
Finally, we have a majority, and a mandate, to stop this President dead in his tracks. No more amnesty. No more increasing of the debt. No more butchering of our military. No more ineffective and illegal wars in the Middle East.
Let Obama veto legislation presented to him. Republicans will overturn it. Let him issue executive orders. Republicans will nix them.
Even in the moonbat's moonbat state of Taxachusetts, voters said no to an automatic rise in the gas tax. In Charlie Baker, we have a Republican governor once more. With Martha Coakley sent out to pasture, and the long-anticipated departure of Deval "Mini-Me" Patrick, the dirt and grime of Democrat corruption in the state, most notably in the areas of welfare and social services, can be cleaned up.
It is disappointing that Scott Brown lost to Jean Shaheen in New Hampshire. But Shaheen's victory could well be a Pyrrhic one. She will be under investigation for her role in the IRS scandal à la Lois Lerner. She was a signatory to a 2012 letter that asked IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman "to immediately change" the tax code to enact punitive measures against conservative non-profit groups. She is one of many corrupt Democrats that Republicans are going to be gunning for.
Futhermore, Shaheen used illegal voting to win in New Hampshire. As talk-show host Jeff Kuhner said on his Wednesday program, "You have buses rolling in and out of Manchester, they're staying at hotels. Nobody speaks English, everybody speaks Spanish. They all come in and vote, and then, by the next day, they're gone. So, was there voter fraud that took place in New Hampshire? I'm telling you, I'm 99.999 percent sure it did. I do not believe that Jean Shaheen won the election [yesterday] fair and square."
Benghazi will be persued. Fast & Furious will be persued. The aforementioned IRS scandal will be investigated. By the time Republicans are done, Obama will be begging for impeachment. At which point, the answer should clearly be, "Oh, no, Mr. President. You wanted this office, you're here till the end." Enjoy your time out on the golf course while you still can, Barry.
Congratulations Governors-elect Scott Walker, Charlie Baker, Doug Ducey, Rick Scott, Bruce Rauner, Paul LaPage, Larry Hogan, Rick Snyder, Senators-elect Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton, Cory Gardner, David Perdue, Joni Ernst, Susan Collins, Thom Tillis and Represenatives-elect Mike Coffman, Renee Ellmers, Michael Grimm and Carlos Curbelo.
Special congratulations to Representative-elect Mia Love and Senator-elect Tim Scott.  Tim Scott is the first black man to be elected to the Senate from the South. Mia Love is black and female, the first such Republican to be elected to Congress. A historic night for them and for African-Americans. Don't count on the media to fawn over them the way they do for Obama. Scott and Love escaped the plantation; they have subsequently and predictably been ignored by those who don't matter.
What does matter is that we are now finding our way out of a socialist, anti-American wilderness sowed and tendered by truly bitter, immature people. Six years of being lost in the Impenetrable Bolshevik Forest has come to an end. A path to freedom has been blazed by level-headed people who embrace life, not victimhood.
I had lost faith in the the system our Founding Fathers had concocted. I thought, "no-one is following the Constitution anymore and elections get stolen through illegal voting and gerrymandering. All is lost." Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton: they are not turning in their graves anymore. Right now, the brilliance of their brainchild is shining brightly for all to see. The Fathers could predict the rise of a would-be dictator and the form of government they gifted us with locks down on that like white blood cells on a virus.  These elections were the ultimate civics lesson.
It is truly morning again in America.  (And what a gift for my 45th!)