Saturday, November 21, 2015

'Angry,' post-Paris thoughts

I have to say, I am quite impressed by the media's ability to churn out pieces of propaganda so quickly, even in the wake of a terror attack that killed nearly 140 and injured dozens of scores of others.
Last Friday, a millennial got in a cab in New York and the cab driver, an adherent to the "religion of peace," started weeping, saying that he hadn't had a fare for hours. The 23-year-old taxi passenger wrote on his Twitter that he was sorry—oh, so sorry—that other people had been "looking at him with fear or anger" during his shift. The young hippie added that the ride "was the saddest moment I've experienced as apart [sic] of the human race. Please, stop generalizing ppl [sic]."
You've heard this story, I take it? It certainly made all the rounds. The squeaky wheels always somehow manage to find the grease. But have you heard about the New York City Muslim cab driver who assaulted a Jewish passenger? You have to go to an Israeli or Jewish news site to read that one.
On November 16, Moshe Indig got a cab home to Brooklyn. When the driver dropped him off, after previously telling him off for speaking Hebrew during a call on his cell phone, he got out of the car, followed Indig and started punching him in the head.
"I was immediately concerned that he might have a knife or some other weapon," Indig said, "so I hit him forcefully. He grabbed my kippah and my cell phone and ran away."
You didn't hear about this? Hmmm. Doesn't follow the media's narrative, don'tcha know. Whatever you do, ppl, don't generalize.
Then there's the "heartbreaking" story of a hijab-wearing woman who was denied entry into Zara, a clothing store chain, in Paris, a city that had just been attacked by Islamic radicals. The security guard warned her that her headdress violated the store's policy which also doesn't allow for "baseball caps, hats, beanies, ski masks and scarves". The woman insisted on shopping, but the security guard told her, in so many words, Look, ma'am, I don't make the rules. I'm just here to enforce them.
You know what's coming next, don't you? Zara fired the security guard, apologized grovellingly to the woman and her family, saying that the security officer was out of line. The family, reportedly, was satisfied with the action taken.
Dear reader, I'll be honest, because I've absolutely had it. There's no point to this blog if I won't say what I really think and feel. So here goes: The incident at the Parisian Zara store was a set-up. It was designed to create a controversy so that a Muslim could scream, "Look at the prejudice, oh Allah! The Islamophobia!" If these people are not terrorists, then they deliberately create trouble just to make life for the rest of us, we kaffir, that bit more difficult. That security officer would probably have grabbed me by the collar and shuffled me out if I'd insisted on shopping with my Red Sox cap on. Would my family get a sincerely delivered apology? Would I have received compensation? Would John Henry have backed me up? Hello? Anyone out there?
These Muslim layabouts in our midst are every bit as bad as the Black Lives Matter (Only When White People are Involved) twats. Act disgustingly, disturb the peace, fail to show respect, threaten people even. And when the racist, brutality-embracing policeman arrives and does what his job requires him to do, said police officer gets fired by the milquetoast police department in charge of him. See how this works? I'm a minority, so I'll create a scene and when shit goes down, I'll cry racism or Islamophobia or whatever and you, you racist fucktards, can stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.
Speaking of cops, I would like to pay my deepest respect to Diesel, the K-9 officer who entered the apartment in Saint Denis only to encounter that truly vile piece of human trash, if ever there was one, who blew herself up. Diesel was a hero, valued member of the force and died in the line of duty. Why they can't use robots in these situations, like the Israeli army does, instead of imperiling a life, human or animal, is beyond me. Diesel means more to me than any of these terrorist/trouble-making VERMIN all over the place, with their paranoia, their complaints, their hypocrisy and their hair-trigger sensitivities. I repeat, I've had it.

Diesel, the Paris police dog. Regarded as a hero of the early-morning Paris siege, and rightly so.

I've gotta say, though, I hope that man they dragged out of the rubble with his filthy ass on display is so tortured, so fearful of Allah's wrath that he was caught naked, that he kills himself. Yeah, I said it. So what? One less savage cockroach in the world, only 1 billion left to go.
Oh, by the way, Michelle? Good move with the Conga dancing in the White House while Paris suffers. You couldn't have thought up a better if subtle way to slap the French and other freedom-loving people than this. No "Je suis Parisien" for her. Or that useless piece of luggage she owns, known to us as POTUS.
And yet, despite all this nonsense, there are people who think Christians in America are the threat to their ways of life. I'm serious. Why? Because they finally stood up and got heard regarding the constant debasement of Christmas given Starbucks's decision to go with a plain red takeaway cup for "the holidays". Don't these Christians know that they are hated and that they should just shut the hell up? Who gave these people free speech rights? Keep silent, don't make a fuss, keep taking it on the chin, let your businesses be shut down or serve jail-time for not following "the law"—as determined by one whack-job in a black robe—and maybe, maybe the American public will consider you decent and acceptable. A good Christian is one that knows his or her place, you see.

Speak up against this and be regarded as a domestic terrorist.

Perhaps Starbucks should have made the cups green and printed "Allah akbar" on them. I guarantee you, no-one in the media or the intelligentsia would have raised a stink over that. And your average citizen-moron, ever at the ready with their neutral and tolerant "Happy Holidays," would think Starbucks was the most diversity-supporting corporation in existence.
In fact, I can hear it now: "Oh, the cups are green, Bobby. How pretty! Oh, what's this written here? 'Allah akbar'? Oh, my, Bobby, isn't that great?! It's so, like, inclusive! I'll have to see if they have any similar holiday tree ornaments. Let's go to the food court at the mall, I have to try the new Whopper."
Now then, unless you've been caged-up for the past few months—and if so, better get used to it—you're aware that one of the biggest topics of the day involves the "Syrian refugees", a completely made-up, liberal-manufactured term, that the übermensch, as Michael Savage would put it, in the Oval Office will do nothing to stem the tide of. A population, by the way, that I would have no trouble whatsoever in telling, "You're not coming in, I don't care what you've been through. Go home. Fuck off!" There is no database with which to "vet" these people, and yet they're coming in by the hundreds of thousands anyway.
Paul Ryan, the new derpy-looking RINO House Speaker, foisted upon us just the way Courage the (Drunk) Cowardly Dog, a.k.a. Bonehead, was, may have won a veto-proof measure requiring stringent background checks. Big whoop.
I fail to see the sense in this when no infrastructure exists with which to check these invaders, who, incidentally, are not the harmless "widows and orphans" that Bozo the big-eared White House clown alleges, but are 95 percent strong, military-age men. Diesel was killed by a female Muslim, no? So even if they were just "widows" entering the country, we are to believe we're in no danger?
Ryan, however, is a pro-amnesty guy. Can we trust his judgment, especially when he seems insistent on taking care of this business now, rather than attaching these refugee concerns as riders on the December 11 omnibus bill? Fishface, a.ka. Mitch "The Squish" McConnell says "controversial" riders will be considered in the bill they submit to Obama. Well, I have to say, it'd be the first time these boobs have ever had the mind-blowing courage to risk a government shutdown. You know about the impending government shutdown, right? Why, it's the end of the world. How can you even compare the potential terrorist threat inherent in letting in "Syrian refugees" with that of a government shutdown? The latter is far worse, don't you see?
Paul Ryan, you are a phony. Yet another charlatan among the many in power.
These people on Capitol Hill are cowards, mes amis. I beseech you to never forget that. The Daily Caller's Matt K. Lewis may think Paul Ryan "rose to the occasion" with his veto-proof majority and warns against "lunatics" who "want to make conservatism fringy, angry, and exclusive." Well, I proudly proclaim myself a lunatic. I want it to be angry, so it ensures exclusiveness, so it ensures our national survival. Got that, Mr. Lewis, you jackass? I don't want one Muslim "refugee" coming in to my country. That's right, I said, mine. Because I worked and paid taxes and contributed to the society during my time there. I don't want any more damn trigger-happy layabouts coming in. Ryan may think it's showing compassion and that "that's not who we are" with regard to excluding any of them.  I profoundly disagree. If that makes me "angry and exclusive," so be it. I'm not so sure we are "fringy". Folks like Matt Lewis are in for a shocker if Donald Trump takes the reins. He'll find out what a majority looks like, once those rose-colored glasses are whacked off his face.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Obama: The modern-day Nabonidus?

You know, mes amis, when the President's critics talk about his irresponsible ways, they often compare him to a fat and happy Roman emperor, in particular, one in charge during the Empire's downfall. Tiberius, perhaps, who didn't really care for the job of ruler, just the luxury and notoriety that came with it. Or Diocletian, who persecuted Christians.
Caligula is one I've heard a lot. Caligula is quite valid as he tolerated absolutely no dissent. You said "yes, sir" to Little Boots or you would lose a fight to a lion or a set of heavy chains or whatever the depraved madman had in mind for you.
The late Roman Empire motif, with its breads and circuses and its fecklessness while the mother city burned, is easily understood. But how about another historical figure, one that goes so far back in time that Greek historian Herotodus would write about him?
I recently listened to the latest episode of Dan Carlin's excellent Hardcore Histories podcast, "Kings of Kings," in which he outlines the Achaemenid Persian empire, a lot of it as told through Herotodus. Cyrus the Great is the main star of the story, but Carlin touches upon the long life enjoyed by the Babylonian king Nabonidus as his was among the many states that fell along the way to the Persian empire's establishment.
Let's look at the comparisons:
Nabonidus ruled from 556 - 539 BC, and at 70 years of age, he seemed like a wizard and was revered as semi-mystical. But the king's interests were such that he would rather have gone on archaeological pursuits than be a king to his people. (Obama just wants to golf and attend soirées).
Nabonidus, in Carlin's words, was seen to be "favoring another God over theirs". (Much like Obama preferring any another country, preferably America's enemies, to America). And, as Carlin said, the king "gave the ultimate middle finger" to the country's priesthood by rejecting Marduk in favor of Sîn, thought to be an Assyrian moon-god. In those days, that was a major slight to one's own people. Belief in your God accompanied everything you, as a Babylonian or Assyrian or Median—or Persian—believed about yourself, your home and your ruler. (This is akin to Obama rejecting American traditions, and those who defend them: mainly, the "silent majority," blue-collar workers, soldiers and the Christian church.)
The people of Babylon could not figure Nabonidus out, as he sought to change the religion, and was not even present to honor Marduk, especially on the New Year when he was supposed to lead the people in a festival in which he himself would "physically grasp the hand of the god in front of the population to ensure success". In other words, those pesky traditions were standing in the way of whatever Nabonidus thought was important.
The banking system in Babylon was powerful and would outlive this hiccup in Babylonian political life. Yet, the people of the region were squeezed. Hiccup it may have been, but it was a akin to the 2008 financial crisis, perhaps even worse.
Carlin quotes the archaeologist Dr. Joan Oates, who wrote:
Clearly, Nabonidus's religious and administrative reforms provoked great resentment while the wars and extensive building programmes of his predecessors had proved a severe burden on the country's resources. Large numbers of economic texts reveal severe inflation, a situation now made worse by the spread of plague. Between 560 BC and 550 BC, prices rose by up to 50 percent, and from 560 BC to 485 BC, the total increase amounted to some 200 percent.
As inflation rose to 50 percent, where was Nabonidus? In another land, honoring another people's god.
Was Nabonidus trying to "fundamentally transform" Babylon?  Was he non compos mentis? Or did the king think that he was still acting in his country's best interest?  That remains unknown. What we do know is that Cyrus treated the elderly king respectfully after taking custody of him. 
Carlin himself notes, "There were people inside Babylon who might be considered, shall we say, vulnerable to propaganda that created dissent." But the people of Babylon had no opposition. Neither does contemporary America. The U.S. is run solely by executive fiat, the equivalent of a king's decrees. And we mere peons aren't the creators of propaganda; indeed, we are exposed to it, 24/7. Obama's knights are the media, the Praetorian Guardanother great Roman referenceas Mark Levin puts it, whose divisions include CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC ... and FOX. There, I said it.
Maybe I am doing incredible disservice to Nabonidus. Then again, who was he but a man who had the faith in the god(s) placed upon him? Obama had the left-wing establishment behind him the whole way. Attend Harvard Law School, Barry, and edit the school's Law Review publication, but don't write for it. Here, have a Senate seat but don't do anything other than vote "present". Here, have the Oval Office, but don't rile the people up too much. Make believe that you love Marduk, while you dance and party with Sîn.
And the people, "vulnerable to propaganda", kept their faith in their king (a.k.a., granting him a second term) and now we have seen the full picture facing us: An almost total destruction of the health-care system, immigration system, value of the dollar, NASA and space exploration, police departments, universities, zoning laws, racial harmony, the miliatry, the CIA and energy companies. In fact, big energy doesn't stand a chance as Obama's Sîn is Climate Change.
The present-day equivalent of the ascending Persian empire is waiting. And America is on its hit list and ripe for the picking. Cyrus will be re-born.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tragedy in Paris

It is disgusting beyond belief what occurred in Paris last night. A series of coördinated terrorist attacks in the city have left one hundred and twenty-eight dead and ninety-nine injured. A bomb went off outside the soccer stadium where France and Germany were playing an exhibition game. A restaurant in the 10th arrondissement was fired into and hostages were taken and killed in a concert venue. The eight terrorists are also among the dead, seven of them by suicide bombs.
French President François Hollande named Islamic State as the perpetrator, called the barbarity an act of war, tightened the country's borders and promised a tough response.
Perhaps this is what it takes to get Europe to re-think its suicidal policy regarding Muslim refugees? Maybe now European leaders everywhere will be given pause to reflect on what a terrible idea it is to encourage the invasion. Dare we hope that the European Union will mobilize whatever passes for its defense force, and allow individual countries to prepare their own armies, in tackling what is a blindingly obvious problem?
Muslim "migrants" brag about out-breeding Europeans on their own soil and demand housing and other benefits that they never lifted a finger to earn.  Not to mention the establishment of Sharia law in ever-widening plots of no-go areas. 
If no-one else has the guts to name call and point fingers, I will. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to blame for last night's savagery in Paris. Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy is to blame. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is to blame. The United Nations and its High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres is to blame. And Barry Hussein Obama is to blame.
Call me nuts. Laugh at me. Say that I'm not being tolerant and not respectful of diversity. But I see things in actuality and with logic, while the rest of the world equates the terror in Paris with the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition and claims that if we Westerners would only treat the Muslim community and all the invad ... er, newcomers with kid gloves and feigning deference then we would have no problems.
I'll give you a perfect example of what I mean. On the radio this morning, the terrorist massacres in Paris was understandably the topic of the morning. The host noted that a French woman living in London sent an e-mail explaining that while London was more enlightened with respect to minorities—i.e., political correctness is much stronger in Britain than in the Gallic nation—brown and black people in Paris and the rest of France face prejudice in the form of rude service at establishments and suspicion in the workplace, etc. In other words, reading between the lines: Paris had it coming. The 128 dead deserved it.
Remember the automatic response among the young in Australia during the Lindt café terrorist siege last December in which two innocent people died?  Sydneysiders created the "I'll ride with you" hashtag to let the poor Muslim community know that they shouldn't feel any guilt whatsoever. And screw the innocent people who only wanted a hot chocolate or Christmas spice cappuccino. Serves them right for thinking about coffee and the joy of being alive and free in a first-world nation and not about the intolerance and other assorted hardships faced by the peace-loving Muslim community!
I don't play that game. And if we're ever to have anything remotely resembling peace and freedom and normalcy in Europe, neither will its leaders. The time to act is now.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Muggy November 5th musings

I turn 46 tomorrow, dear reader. Now you know. I've entered old fart territory.
Yes, I know age is just a number. But still, forty-six. It's not a number that suggests leaping through meadows and climbing hills, at least not without a price to pay. That is, not being able to leap through a meadow or climb a hill again for at least six months, which is the time it takes for 46-year-old muscles, tendons and other assorted ligaments to recover from such youthful pursuits.
As I told a friend recently, "Sometimes I feel like I'm 25 again. Other times, I feel like I'm 100." That pretty much sums up how forty-five was for me. Get my drift?
So, as I wipe away the sweat in my thick moustache and beard that I've grown for "Movember", I reflect on my last day of being on the closer side to 40 than 50. I know that many of you will argue that I already am, given the rules of rounding up that we all learned in elementary school. And I agree. Just nod your head and humor this old man, alright?
So, why am I sweating, you ask? Good question. I will answer that.
One, London is having a remarkable Indian summer.  It's very mild and very humid.  It's 64 degrees Fahrenheit with a dew point to match. With blood already thickened from the onset of chilly mornings and evenings throughout September and October, this sudden onset of mugginess makes me break out in the profuse sweating that I am renowned for.  I can sweat in 0°F (-17°C) during a run.  I know, because I've done it before.  When I was still in my 20s albeit, but some things never change. (And, for clarification, this was when my place of residence on the globe was the Northeastern U.S., not London. If London ever achieved that temperature, it would make up the first six pages of every newspaper, I guarantee it.)
Two, I just got home from an appointment at the vascular clinic at the hospital. They performed a scan of the arteries in my neck to see if there was any evidence of arteriosclerosis occurring, given my high cholesterol count—which is inherited, by the way, and not the result of eating steak tips with melted Mozzarella every night. Not my fault. I was born with it.  Recent blood work indicates that my cholesterol count is on the way down, despite still being high, as a result of statins and that my liver is still in good condition. And the scan of the major arteries in my neck indicate no arteriosclerosis.
What an excellent birthday gift.
I offer all thanks to God for my still acceptable state of health, and I promise you, dear reader, I will return with entries about national/world events soon. There's a lot to discuss. I will do so very soon.