Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Donald Trump: What other choice have we got?

I don't suppose so, mes amis, but perhaps you've heard about the Russian Special Forces commando who, when surrounded by ISIS fighters in Palmyra, Syria, called for an airstrike—not only on the savage sub-humans surrounding him, but himself as well?
You see, this is what real men do, not the effeminate, meggings-wearing, Harry Styles haircut-copying "males" you see all over the place these days. Honestly, have you taken a look around you lately at the little Peter Pans flitting from place to place and seriously thinking they're legitimate? Real men shit, shower, shave and split. These guys probably spend more time in the bathroom preparing their pretty, darling little selves than their girlfriends (if you can actually believe they're straight).
Now, contrast the Russian solider's actions with that of our President, the one who wouldn't leave a baseball game on the pretense that it's letting the terrorists disrupt our lives his fun, and then who flew to Argentina to do what was supposed to be the tango. Talk about the ugly American. But, of course, we had the media smooching his backside, tittering at the President's footwork in South America while black smoke continues to pour out of Brussels.
Who cares, though, right? Just a bunch of stupid white people. Belgians are white. The Americans at the American Airlines counter were probably all white. A bunch of bitter clingers with racism in their DNA. You expect the President to care when he can dance and party with the bigots in charge of Cuba and the Argentines who are the whitest people in South America? This President is anything but consistent, but never mind. He still needs his ass kissing.
I had the extreme displeasure of seeing ITV (one of the British stations) reporting on the President's attempt at Argentina's national dance Thursday night. You don't need me to tell you that it was all "oh, isn't he clever?" and "tee-hee-hee, we're all so lucky this guy's the leader of the free world." It's obvious the British media wants nothing to do with sympathy for Brussels either. Keep filling blank and gullible heads with mush so that they cannot realize a disgrace when one presents itself—it's the name of the game for the media.
And now, the six-million dollar question: What do you think Obama would have done in Palmyra? Defense secretary Ash Carter? Or these oh-so heroic saviors of the Republican establishment: George Will, Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol, Rich Lowry or the fat girl who never turned down a donut, Erick Erickson? I'll sum it up, shall I?
1. Poop in the pants.
2. Copious tears and pleadings of "no, no, no!"
3. A head going one way, a body going the other.
And there you have it. American leadership as we know it today. Aren't you proud? Too bad the Russian commando wasn't wearing a skirt and pantyhose with his combat boots and crowed for all the world to hear that he is a transsexual or was "suffering" from gender dysmorphia. Then news of his demise would have been unavoidable.
A real man takes his enemy out with him. A loser, a fairy, a nogoodnick parties while others suffer. Yeah, I said it! And people who like to pretend that they're intelligent plot to steal the election from the overwhelmingly popular, front-running candidate for the party which, need I repeat, made him take a pledge of allegiance to them.
Oh, you purists—who would rather have John "Do You Know Who I Am?" Kasich in office than Donald Trump—do us real proud with your kvetching that the Trumpster is not a conservative. This, despite the fact that the main points that he has run his campaign on—stopping illegal immigration, challenging phony trade deals, criticizing illegal, "nation-building" wars that do nothing to spread democracy to regions that have never known it—are as conservative as can be.

Exhibit A: A man who fancies himself influential, but ought to concern himself more with the unity between his inseam and his waistline than candidates for the GOP.

Ted Cruz, that stud, if National Enquirer can be believed—and I believe it can given that it's a more reputable news source these days than FOX News or Lowry's National Review—talks about handing a victory to Putin and ISIS if NATO is done away with. As if the Russian President and the radical Islamic savages are one and the same.
Remember, folks, "real" conservatism wants you to regard Russia as our biggest enemy—despite the fact that, golly gee, Russia is the only country in Europe, except for perhaps Viktor Orbán's Hungary, that stands up for Christian values and ethics. There are no gay lobbies, with the help of subversive judges, putting bakeries out of business for not baking gay wedding cakes in Russia. Yet, the neocons who wish to hitch a ride on Cruz's wagon wants us to know that the Bear is as much of a threat to us as it was in 1962.
If that's conservatism, then please, by all means, label me as a "populist-nationalist". I don't give a damn anymore. I want someone who can realistically beat Mrs. Pantsuit. Ah, but Trump is not a conservative, conservative, conservative, cluck-cluck, cluck, bwak-bwak-bah-BWAK! Could you please knock off this crap already?
Cruz-bots, at what point did your education cease? Are you familiar with numbers and aware of how they work? If so, then you could jolly well see for yourselves that Teddy boy is not getting anywhere near the White House. Not in this election, anyway. Enough with the nonsense.
Ted Cruz notes that "Republicans are uniting against" Trump. You mean as with the rest of the GOP Establishment, Teddy? I was with Ted Cruz. He was my guy. Until I read this. In 2014, Ted Cruz, well before he started establishing himself as a firebrand conservative, joined radio's Mr. Weepy (and, by all accounts, Mr. Ever-Expanding Waistline) Glenn Beck to hand out soccer balls and teddy bears to border-crossing illegals.
According to the article: "A Cruz spokesperson announced to The Blaze Thursday that Cruz would be 'glad to join Glenn Beck' in McAllen, Texas to 'provide some relief from the suffering this administration is causing.'" O-o-o-K, then—apparently the way to relieve the suffering of those in the ceaseless flow caused by Obama's open doors is to encourage them to accept freebies courtesy of dumb gringos at the border, ready to pat their heads and give them a free lunch.
Give ... me ... a ... break. How exactly was treating these law-breakers as welcome guests "a statement against President Barack Obama's non-enforcement of immigration law"? I don't want nice guys giving illegals soccer balls to kick around. I want a tough guy like Trump to tell them, step over that line and you're getting shot. With real bullets, not beanbags.
Ted Cruz, you are a phony. End of. I don't trust you anymore. You did a nice acting job, especially with having called Senate Leader Fishface a liar. But you voted for the TPP, intent on giving Obama his executive privilege to decide trade deals. You keep harping on about the need for NATO, when American troops are a lot more needed at the southern U.S. border than in Germany. You said you had no choice but to accept Obama-care, because it was the law, even though you damn well knew it had been mis-sold to the American people and was therefore vulnerable to a legitimate challenge. What're you going to do next, team up with Jonathan Gruber to tell us that we must follow the law, as determined by one quisling SCOTUS member?
Ted, the fact is, you did not support true conservative challengers to Mitch McConnell in 2013/14, and you supported the Corker-Cardin Amendment to the Iran Deal.
Dear reader, here's how this works: Ted Cruz works out a deal with Mitch McConnell to shine his shoes with his tongue for the rest of his career so that when it comes to the race for President, he can look like an "outsider". It's similar to what's happening here in Britain. Labour mayoral candidate for London Sadiq Khan works out an agreement with national Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn to paint Corbyn himself as anti-Semitic, unpatriotic and wanting to harm Britain's financial institutions by implementing a "windfall" tax on British banks. This way, voters can be fooled into thinking that Khan is a maverick. They do not, and will never, know about the secret handshake between the two men. 
Don't believe the hype.
When a good-ol'-boy, goober simpleton like Lindsey Graham and Señor Amnestio, Jeb Bush, run to Ted Cruz, that tells me all I need to know. Chris Christie may be a big cafone, but at least he knew which way the political wind was blowing by endorsing Mr. Trump. 
I'm looking forward to Cruz trying to lend any sort of credence to the risible claim that the Feds have been so effective against ISIS in Iraq and Syria that it explains why they're targeting Europe. C'mon, Ted, let's hear it. NATO, NATO, NATO, Putin and ISIS, Putin and ISIS, Putin and ISIS ...
What the GOP establishment and highbrow, garbage-headed, fifth-column "conservative" commentators/sissies like George Will and Charles Krauthammer spectacularly fail to acknowledge is that if the Republicans had been strong all this time, had protected people's jobs, taken care of our own nation's children, cut off welfare for domestic and foreign layabouts alike, slashed foreign aid, stopped the endless, pointless, illegitimate military conflicts and criticized the Dear Leader and Madame Hilary with as much enthusiasm as they have 2016's front-runner, then Donald Trump would have no reason to exist. Now would he?
At this point, the Nightdragon has no choice but to endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States. You don't have to love the man, but he's all we have.

Friday, March 25, 2016

The enemy has no reason to fear Obama-nation

Hello, dear reader, and good day to you. Are you enjoying life in your great country? Preparing to drop your kids off at school, after they've posted their latest profane pictures on Instagram, brown-nose with the office girls about the latest celebrity wedding (or break-up) or with the boys about March Madness, have dinner while watching and tittering along to the idiot box/indoctrination machine and go to bed feeling oh-so safe and secure in your own little universe, knowing that your government is working so darn hard to keep you safe?
Well, golly gee, I'm so happy for you. They may be spying on you, but at least the robust security the government offers is part of the deal, right? Your faith that the Feds have your best interests at heart is admirable.
Me? I've never been angrier.
Folks, I see things for what they are. Others don't. Simple as that.
Bombs explode at Brussels Airport and at a Metro (subway) station in the European Union's capital city. The death toll is currently thought to stand at over thirty. The Islamic State has claimed credit for it. An ISIS flag was found among the rubble of the airport terminal. And what do we have in response to this latest deadly rampage against innocents? Warnings not to stigmatize Muslims in Belgium, in Europe, in America, or anywhere. Because we just can't have that, now can we?
Richard Engle on the Today show remarked, "We're already seeing the rise of the right-wing, we're already seeing the rise of hate-attacks where people will use these kind of terrorist attacks, these kind of incidents, to vilify all of the Muslim community. Which, of course, only makes the situation worse, because then people feel isolated, ostracized, ghetto-ized, and they retreat into their own community."
Think about that, you Crusades-loving Christians or you Jews who support the subjugation of Palestinians. A bomb here, a machine-gun attack there, chants of "allahu akbar" before a head suddenly becomes disattached from its body ... that's nothing compared to what you're responsible for.
Ahmed Rehab—I'll pause to let the irony of that particular surname sink in—from the Council of American-Islamic Relations (known as CAIR, as in, "about only our own"), said, "Even the mere question, 'Do Muslims condemn this?' to me is an affront to our humanity. It goes without saying."
Got that, you blue-eyed devils with your micro-aggressions and your bigotry? You're an affront to the humanity—of which there is none—of the bombers, who themselves are the biggest and deadliest bigots on the planet. Hang your heads in shame!
Ted Cruz, in a moment of brilliance with which I tend to identify him—which is why it is so frustrating to see him acting as if the Cold War still exists by painting Russia as the enemy and pretending NATO still has some relevance—said, "This is a war with radical Islamic terrorism ... We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized."
Rehab countered with, "The last time we saw a political leader wanting to patrol and secure communities based solely on their religion was in a little country called Germany in the 1930s."
Ahmed, I don't know if you've noticed, but Muslims have retaken that "little country" due the immigration policies of its quasi-Communist leader.
"It didn't end very well," Rehab wants us to know, regarding Germany's efforts in the '30s to stigmatize communities based on religion. Funny that, Ahmed, I would wager that you and yours thought it ended very well. Six million descendants of Abraham had been exterminated by 1945. Ahmed Rehab, don't pretend for one moment that you and your vicious CAIR organization give a stuff about religious freedom for all. Where Islam is concerned, there are no other religions
What's that, dear reader, you don't hear me? Hold on. Here, I'm holding an AK-47 to your head. I said, "there are no other religions but Islam." Understand? Yes? Good. Now go home and watch TV and continue to keep that brain as blank as possible. Look forward to that next Jay-Z album which ... ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod .... is rumored to feature Rihanna on it. Giggity! Put it on your iPod and listen to it wherever you go, and know that the world loves you. Oh yes, it does.
Your president, Barack Obama, certainly does not. He is so concerned about the latest Islam-inspired carnage that he refuses to fly back to his office in the States to consult with European leaders on how to respond to the attacks in Brussels. He's on vacation, don'tcha know. He's only had about ... oh, 8,000 of them is my guess, so give the man a break. He's too busy thanking the psychotics in charge of that prison island known as Cuba for their warm welcome and trying to compare it to the United States. The Castros are our "estranged brothers" whose own revolution was similar to ours.
Obama showed his resilience in wanting to tackle terror, which he was careful not to name in connection with radical Islam—as is his wont—by attending a baseball game in Havana. After chatting up Raul Castro in the front row at Estadio Latinoamericano, watching the Rays play the Cuban national team, Obama told ESPN, "It's always a challenge when you have a terrorist attack anywhere in the world."
R-i-i-ght ... It's even more of a challenge when you propose to do absolutely nothing about it. But, lo, the Dear Leader wasn't finished: "The whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people's ordinary lives."
My word, how inspiring. A better excuse to remain a bum on holiday I've never heard put so poetically.
Sadly, Americans think our military is out there, giving 110 percent towards "keeping us safe". And I harbor no uncertainty that they would be were it not for the Rules of Engagement.
Liberals are blaming George W. Bush for the Brussels terror attack, just as they blame him for the volcanic eruption that buried Pompeii. All the woes of the world, past, present, and no doubt future can be explained by those five syllables: George Dub-a-yoo Bush. (Unless you're from Texas, where it's four syllables.)
However, there is something to this. Bush put our troops into Afghanistan, and then Iraq, and then straddled them with those aforementioned rules of engagement. On his Tuesday, March 23 radio show, Michael Savage laid out these insane diktats that our brave men and women are expected to operate by, lest they end up rotting in federal penitentiaries:
1. No night or surprise searches
2. Villages must be warned prior to searches
3. The national army and/or the national police must accompany US units on searches
4. US forces may not fire on the enemy unless the enemy is preparing to fire first
5. Only women can search women
6. Troops can fire at an insurgent if the catch him placing an improvised explosive device but not if insurgents are walking away from an area where explosives have been placed.
Presumably, only men can search men as well. Can you imagine the insult caused if some well-built, 5'10" female soldier roughed up some weedy little (and probably child porn-addicted) puke from a village where locals shit in the street who was screaming in his reedy little voice, sounding like Mickey Mouse speaking Pashto on helium, "I wanna join the insurgency too, I want to fight America too! Hey, don't forget me!"
Barack Obama has only intensified these rules of engagement, making them even more unrealistic, while he wanted to send more troops to Afghanistan, then Libya and Syria. You cannot expect to win a fight with one hand tied behind your back, yet Obama has our soldiers battling with both hands cut off.
People assume that post-traumatic stress disorder—what used to be known as "shell shock" a century ago, before we lawyered up such terminology—is caused by soldiers suffering from what they've had to do or see. I think it's from what they were prevented from doing or seeing. The key word in post-traumatic stress disorder is "stress," such as caused by not allowing one to do the job that one signed up for.
But, never mind all this. We may have an NSA-spying program that is a complete breach of the Constitution and has not prevented even one terrorist attack during its existence. We may have a so-called President that demonstrably does not care about anything other than himself and his poisonous, anti-American agenda. We may have a Congress and a GOP party, laughingly referred to as an opposition, that would rather brag about extremely minor achievements in the Omnibus bill and plot to deny voters their choice for presidential nominee than stand up to the current President. We may have an enemy that the West constantly underestimates the ruthlessness of. We more than certainly have a mass media who cares nothing about what is right and decent and exists to fan the flames of disorder and destruction and to cripple people's minds.
Donald Trump commented to Fox and Friends on Brussels, the third-world city it resembles in so many respects, and the need for American vigilance, ending his remarks with, "We just don't learn. We never learn."
And how, Donald. Indeed, we never learn, as long as our own personal bubbles have not been burst.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The lunatics are running the Republican asylum

Gotta love these Republican operatives who make those who dare to run for the party deliver a pledge of loyalty. Then, when the candidate whose feet they held to the fire proves the most popular, plot to steal the nomination away from him.
Erick Erickson, who clearly has a hate-on for one Mr. Donald J. Trump, has been at the forefront of efforts to thwart Trump's candidacy. Such a conservative purist is he! One wonders why a Tea Party stalwart would endorse Soviet/Cuban/Chinese-style methods of dealing with rogue elements within their little autocracy and informing voters that their efforts are all for naught.
Curley Haughland is a member of the Republican Rules Committee—a title that grows more ironic with every passing day given his spontaneous desire for a rule change to keep Trump from collecting the required 1,237 delegates. He recently informed all and sundry, through CNBC, that voters are deluded if they believe that they choose the nominee. When asked why we even bother to hold primaries in which people—goshvote, Haughland replied, "That's a very good question." Listen to the arrogant prick for yourselves, dear reader:


Republican Rules, alright? Who gives a stuff about the democratic process? Dumb, cheap-ass voters with their anti-Washington bigotry. As Al Gore would say, "How dare they?"
Then you have Erickson, the big shot himself, who is calling for a "unity party". Unity under whom? Paul Ryan? Mitt "Mittens" Romney? "Little" Marco Rubio? Erickson and his "Conservatives against Trump" group haven't endorsed Ted Cruz, so what's the story? I thought this was a struggle of conservatism versus nationalist populism.
You see, Erickson and his obtuse brigade of Tea Party doctrinaires are so damn conservative that they're fine with allowing the cop-bashing twerker John Kasich to remain in the race. I know Glenn Beck called the narcissistic Ohio governor a "son of a bitch," recently, which shows progress for someone I have generally regarded as a dolt. He, Merrick Garland, Peyton Manning and the former Speaker Bonehead could start the Crying Men of America club. But at least radio's most notorious weeper gets it with regard to Kasich, so credit where credit is due.
By the way, mes amis, you must read the following piece making Kasich out to be to the right of Attila the Hun. It's too hilarious. Only The Guardian could produce agitprop like this. Gee, could the reason that Kasich was elected in Ohio with Tea Party support in 2010 be ruffling the feathers of the Chicken Littles at The Guardian?
Yeah, we should trust the Tea Party over Donald Trump because they can lay claim to such a stellar backlog of has-beens that they've thrown their support behind: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio and the aforementioned Kasich among them. Back in February, Tea Party of America founder Ken Crow, after flirting with Trump, dropped support for him by endorsing ... Jebito. Remember this time last year when the Republican rubes were saying that Señor Acts of Love and Valedictorians was the unstoppable unifier of the Grand Ol' Party? How'd that one work out for them? William Kristol may be willing to follow these pathetic dorks off a cliff, but I won't.
John Sununuremember him, anyone?, anyone?has said that Kasich can play a role in the northern states by acquiring delegates, thus preventing Trump from getting twelve-thirty-seven, and winning a brokered convention in Cleveland. Sununu, a neoconservative Chief of Staff under George Bush Sr., alleges that Trump has been "a loser his whole life". I don't know, dear reader, would saying that it takes one to know one in this case rub off as too callow? You tell me.
I will remind you that Sununu convinced H.W. to drop his "no new taxes" pledge, recommended David Souter to the Supreme Court and was urged to resign by Dubya who, at the time, was helping to run his father's reëlection campaign. Better look in the mirror for a scarlet L on your own forehead, Mr. Sununu, with all due respectof which there is none.
Now there is speculation that the former Senator from Oklahoma Tom Coburn could jump in as an anti-Trump third party candidate. I like Mr. Coburn very much. He has been especially strong on the issue of illegal immigration. He is the author of a book entitled Breach of Trust, in which he details how Washington "turns outsiders into insiders". But he cannot win. No third-party candidate can. If we get this split between conservatives via a third party, Hilary will be our next Dear Leader. I would rather have Mr. Coburn, given his medical credentials, as the head of the Department of Health and Human Services in a Cruz or Trump administration.
And listen, Cruz supporters, you're not much better with all your talk about how you won't be able to bring yourself to vote for Trump if a contested convention does not come to fruition. Grow a pair or strap one on, and suck it up. Do you want a murderous lunatic like Mrs. Pantsuit in office? Seriously, grow up! Time to be big boys and girls, my little conservative purist petals! I don't give a damn about the "oh so nasty" language Trump has used, or what Roger Ailes's bitch-in-charge thinks, get over it already. Trump supporters have said they would vote for Cruz, so time to return the favor.
If Cruz cannot catch up to nor slim the margin between himself and Trump over the course of the remaining primaries by, at the most, the April 26th results, then he needs to end his campaign. That's all there is to it. It wasn't your time, Ted, but hey, what I wouldn't give to see you on SCOTUS.
As for you, Erick Erickson, as you are demonstrably not a stranger to comfort eating, then I suggest you get a nice, big box of Krispy Kremes or whatever the favored brand of fried dough rings in Macon, Georgia is, and tell yourself that all will be OK. Go shoot some more holes through copies of The New York Times and have some faith. With any luck, your clogged arteries will spare you the "affrontery" of a Donald Trump nomination before it comes to pass.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nancy Reagan, 1921-2016, RIP

It was with great sadness that I learned of former First Lady Nancy Reagan's passing on March 6. She was 94.
This is not about me, dear reader, but my actual remembrances of Mrs. Reagan are, admittedly, sporadic. I was a teenager in the 1980s. I began the decade aged 10 and, by the time the calendar had flipped to 1990, I was 21. I was not a political adolescent, although I did love Cold War era sci-fi novels, Ben Bova's Voyagers and Killer Station by Martin Caidin (wherein a character named "Rush" appeared half-a-decade before Mr. Limbaugh's show) being chief among them. I was aware that we had a strong President in office who was telling the Russkies were they could get off.
Nancy Reagan was always elegant. She knew how to be as she had been an actress, but I have no doubt that she would have been effortless at charm, poise and style anyway. She was a naturally gregarious person.

Photo source: Getty Images

The Reagans were a natural couple, the best America could offer, more Norman Rockwell than any presidential couple in office during Rockwell's life. Mrs. Reagan might have stretched things too far when she started consulting an astrologist in order to plan her hubby's schedule in the wake of his assassination attempt. But we all have our quirks.
Her "Just Say No" campaign could not be topped by any other First Lady. We could use a similar program today. People cynically laugh at the "ignorance" of "Just Say No," but research confirms a substantial drop in illicit substance abuse throughout the campaign's existence. Since then, we have had "I Did Not Inhale" and a former "Choom Gang" leader in office. How far we've dropped.
Nancy Reagan showed loyalty and respect to many White House staff members. A far cry from Madame Hilary sacking Travel Office staff on day one of her term as First Lady. When President Reagan's term in office ended on January 20, 1989, Nancy's approval ratings as first lady stood at 56 percent.
To give President Obama credit, he ordered the flag to be flown at half-staff until dusk on the day of Mrs. Reagan's burial. Thank you, Barry.
Is Nancy Reagan's passing the final nail in the coffin of a confident time for America, when its national safety was assured? No. Whether it's the Constitutional conservatism of Ted Cruz that I prefer or the populist nationalism of Donald Trump that I can live with, the strength that America had under the Reagans will return and give us a country that would make them—and us—proud.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

All *hands* on deck for the GOP

There should be an image of the Republican elephant in the dictionary next to the word "clueless".
The GOP Establishment is in a panic, dear reader. Their golden boy candidate, Jeb "Juan" Bush withdrew after not even Dubya could save his political skin. Really now. The man who essentially gave us Barry Hussein couldn't save Little Bro Jebito? What a shocker. Or, as we Bostonians say, "shock-aah".

"Do I have to remind these people to clap again, shit, damn it!" 
(Photo source: Getty)

Marco Rubio, who has proven to all and sundry that he considers fraternity-level obssessions with parts of the male anatomy valid talking points, only just squeaked by in Minnesota on Super Tuesday. Minnesota. The same state that elected Jesse Ventura as governor and Al Franken as Senator. Congratulations, Marco. You're still a putz. As Jeffrey Kuhner noted, the Establishment boot-lickers of FOX will be talking about Rubio's sole primary win until the year 2020.
The party of Abraham Lincoln—who is surely rolling in his grave, poor fellow—is unsure about John Kasich. Sure, he may win Ohio. He is still on-stage at the debates to be the voice of reason, i.e. "can't we all get along?" Of course, with Trump and Rubio constantly trading jibes, encouraged by the Chris Matthews', Jake Tappers, Meggyn Kellys and other assorted jo-whore-nalists—to borrow Jay Severin's brilliant description of them—Kasich would look presidential. Having said that, at least the Trumpster had the good sense to congratulate Ted Cruz on his Super Tuesday wins, a sign that he may finally be ready to bury the hatchet.
Now who's the knight-in-shining-armor that the Republican higher-ups believe they've found to "rescue" the party from the Donald via a brokered convention? Mitt "the Squish" Romney. I wish I was kidding as well, mes amis.
It's not enough that a cretinous contingent of Tea Party conservatives think Sarah Palin is still valid (or anything approaching intelligent), but now we have the analingus providers to the illegal alien-worshipping, country-club phony capitalists of the dark Washington underworld rolling out Romney again. I have got news for the wingnuts and the wimps: I do not have fond memories of 2008 or 2012. They were, in fact, Geneva Convention-defyingly painful.
Are the people in the GOP hierarchy truly this numbskulled? Is every one of them a participant in a contest to see who can beat John Boehner's bar tab record? At least that would explain things to some degree of clarity, because nothing else suffices to justify this capitulation. They make Trump pledge to remain in the Republican party, but then threaten to go third party themselves when he looks more and more like the nominee. Give them credit. They know how to define chutzpah.
Back to Romney who declared, "Mr. Trump is directing our anger for less than noble purposes. He creates scapegoats of Muslims and Mexican immigrants, he calls for the use of torture and for killing the innocent children and family members of terrorists. He cheers assaults on protesters. He applauds the prospect of twisting the Constitution to limit first amendment freedom of the press. This is the very brand of anger that has led other nations into the abyss."
Mitt, with all due respect, sit down and shut up. You're a loser. You're a loser because you don't have any fight and your only political title will remain "Governor". You had a chance to destroy Obama on his first-term failures and you did not deliver. You couldn't chew him up the way you did Matt Amorello. What gives? I'd rather hang upside down from a 1,000-foot crane while fighting a severe flu than endorse you for local sewer inspector, a job you appear to want very badly.
Mr. Romney, you're chasing shadows of jealousy. You're a flickering candle next to the robust, roaring fire that is Donald Trump. You've got millions; he's got billions. He controls his own destiny; you've always been a shill. Trump answers to no-one; you're the Establishment's ho'.
Sports Authority, a Bain Capital refugee, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on the same day that Romney delivered his put-down of Trump. Is all this satire on your part, Mitt? I promise to laugh appreciatively.
Notice how the Trump-haters and Cruz-bashers of the party suck-ups—Bob Dole, Karl Rove, Lindsey Graham, the Bushes, Mitt Romney—have, to date, after seven years of a feckless, lawless, contemptuous President, said nothing scathing about Obama as they have the undisputed leaders of the pack for the Republican nomination.
Barry O. has ruled by executive fiat, incited mob rule and poisoned every government institution in the rapidly fading republic that is America. Crickets. A Constitutional conservative or a populist-nationalist who wants to return the greatness to America so much as belches or scratches his crotch, everyone gets the screaming abdabs.
Hilary Clinton, as Secretary of State, set the Middle East on fire, conducted dubious business involving national secrets with rogue regimes on a private server, and retired for the night while an American ambassador, diplomat and two CIA contractors, brave men all, got slaughtered, knowing full well that their lives were in danger. Yet Trump is a raving lunatic and Cruz a creep while this corrupt harridan steals delegates from her rival in her attempt to coöpt the Oval Office.
The Establishment and Roger Ailes's media fools who skip to their tune try to convince us that the answer to a world made extremely dangerous due to nearly a decade's worth of liberal appeasement is a guy who makes snide remarks about a competitor's hands.
Golly gee, that's genius for you, folks.