Thursday, October 27, 2016

'Captain America' to the rescue?

Awww, bless. Joe Biden wants to engage in fisticuffs with Donald Trump. At a speech in Pennsylvania, Biden said that rather than wishing he could debate the Republican nominee for President, he would "take him behind the gym." Isn't that cute? He must be confusing Trump with Paul Ryan, the stooge he whipped in the 2012 vice presidential debate. 
Never mind that "Mr. Tough Guy," as Donald is now referring to him, would run all the way back to Delaware in his Depends to hide behind his deadbeat constituents if Trump simply flicked him hard on the nose, batted him behind the ear or punched him in the arm.
It won't happen though. After Trump essentially told Biden "after you ...," the incumbent veep chose to reason his way out of a physical confrontation with the billionaire by telling Chris Matthews on Softball Hardball, "The point I was making is he is trying to dumb down, he's insulting everybody in the neighborhoods I come from and the people who played ball," Biden told Chris Matthews. "And that was the point I was trying to make. This is just absolutely unacceptable behavior, period."
Joe Biden doesn't need to back out of a brawl with the Donald to prove that he's a ... what's that "p"-word again, Amtrack Joe? The fact that he apparently didn't hang out with alpha males who talked like normal young men already proves the case.
There is a huge difference between "locker room" banter and actual intent. In fact, uncouth talk among virile fellows in the men's room, changing stalls, the bar, the worksite, etc., is a way of working out certain desires in a harmless way. In mixed company, it is unacceptable. In places of male-only refuge—if you can find them these days—it is par for the course.
If men can work off their hot blood by having an indecent laugh among themselves, isn't that a good thing? Again, liberals, tell me again how human beings are perfect? Seems to me nature gave human males a healthy way to offset what might otherwise be unfortunate, predatory behavior.
Simply ask the women of Germany or Sweden if they prefer "locker room" talk or the sinister, deliberate acting out of debased desires. Ask that unfortunate 10-year-old Austrian boy, even. That's what happens with "pure" men who wouldn't dare talk dirty for fear of offending their maker. They just rape and defile women instead.
Alas, a party and a political class that embraced Ted Kennedy, John Edwards and Bill Clinton can hardly be expected to know the difference.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Willful ignorance of the Never Trump brigade will kill the American nation

Note: I apologize for the intemperate language of the following, dear reader, but it desperately needed to be said, as I have long since lost my patience with the anti-Trump "conservative" crowd.

Apparently, according to talk-show host Chris Salcedo, an early-voting member of the "Never Trump" asylum movement opined on Facebook regarding his vote for the GOP Establishment's, and Glenn Beck/Eric Erickson/William Kristol wet-dream, Evan McMullen, informing all and sundry, "I can now sleep."
This is sad. This creep can sleep after participating in the demise of the country vis-à-vis a Hillary Clinton presidency? When presented with a real alternative to the total train wreck that will be another Democratic administration, he can snooze after choosing the imaginary one? The concern among these lunatics appears to be, what will happen to the Republican Party if Trump is elected?
Seriously. The country is going to completely collapse under more debt, the borders will be thrown open even wider than they already are, the rot will flourish in the education hierarchy, the suburbs will continue to be molded into "mixed neighborhoods" so that the dependent class can ruin them, and we'll have a thoroughly corrupt government oligarchy answerable to no-one, enforced by a liberal activist Supreme Court, reminiscent of former Eastern Bloc governments. (A Russian émigré told Michael Savage during his attendance at a public showing of the third presidential debate, "If she wins, we will tell you what's going to happen to America from now on, because we grew up with this.")
Yet, these fools are worried about the fate of the Grand Old Party which hasn't been grand for going on 30 years now. This is a party that honestly thinks Jeb Bush, who would have been the third of a political dynasty, is what the country needed and cannot understand why he sank so quickly. This is also a party that believes a sell-out and jester for Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce like Paul Ryan can "rescue" them in 2020, should they just keep Hillary at bay. Which, anyone with the brain of a snail can inform you right now, they will not do. They wouldn't want to be called "sexist," y'know.
For the umpteenth time, all you Never Trump morons, listen to me and try to get this through your remarkably, phenomenally thick heads: There would not be a Donald Trump—no-one talking about a shake-up of the whole stinking political institution—if your precious Republicans had done their jobs in the first goddamned place. If they would not sell out, if they would not cower under their chambers at the slightest suggestion that they're being unfair to Bozo Barry, if they voted anywhere close to how they said they would during their Tea Party-backed campaigns, if they didn't vote for legislation they know to be disastrous just to prove that the government can work and prevent—oh, God—that terrible monster known as a "government shutdown" (eeek!), perhaps if they didn't roll over and pant like sexually aroused German Shepherds at the prospect of a few $100,000 bills being placed in the waistband of their panties by corporate pimps, then the Republicans would be just fine.
As Salcedo noted on his October 18 show, "The Republican leadership hasn't given a damn about you in the last eight years. The Republican leadership has surrendered to Barack Obama, has abandoned you to Barack Obama, has let him have his way with you. If they would have given us half a reason to vote for them, half a reason to support them, Donald Trump wouldn't be the nominee."
I'll be blunt. If Trump does get elected, then I will sleep very comfortably. I will feel an immensely satisfying sense of schadenfreude at the Republicans' collapse. These people brought it upon themselves, they have buried themselves, and they have no-one else to blame. Mitch McConnell can be a toolbag and fault talk-radio listeners for having unrealistic expectations, but when that jerkwater turkey-neck of his gets broken, I will be elated. There is no-one in this party that I have any respect for anymore, no-one whom I suspect will actually vote their true consciences, except Jeff Sessions, Rand Paul and, hell, even Ted Cruz. The rest of them are empty suits, nothing of substance there to be had. Somehow this will all change when Madame Mao gets elected. Are you people this insane?
I don't care what your dreams are. Your Republican Establishment prince in shining armor is a fantasy. You don't get to have him this election cycle. Lindsey Graham isn't going to suddenly appear and say, "welll, golll-lly! Huh-huh!" You have instead a highly successful man with actual testosterone running through his veins and an ancient, spiteful hag who is physically disintegrating. Those are the two in the running. That's it! Or, shall I say, ¡Eso es!
The border and immigration, solid tax policy, rejigging trade to serve American interests, regulatory reform, shrinking the size and scope of government and trying to get the deficit below a trillion dollars—what don't you like about that? Because it's being offered to us by a man who, golly gee, uses ribald language in private and who may have inadvertently brushed the arm of a woman on a plane in 1981? Yeah, I'm sure Marco Rubio is an absolute choirboy, 24/7. Give ... me ... a ... break.
A solid, "purist" conservative, Mike Pence, is his running mate. Trump will clean out the Obamabots from all the government agencies that the Dear Leader has poisoned. He will get the NSA off your backs. He will at least try to make the political system more aligned to the wishes of the electorate instead of corporations or foreign lobbies. And he will protect We the People's God-given rights by electing Constitutionalist conservatives to the Supreme Court. You won't have to fret about the First, Second or Fourth Amendments; they will survive.
And you Never Trumpsters want to throw that all away because Paul Ryan might shed a few tears and get butterflies in his stomach on November 8 if Mr. Trump is declared President-elect?
What else don't you like? That we won't have a war with the nuclear power known as Russia that all the neoconservatives flocking to Hillary are advocating? That we might instead team up with the Russians to defeat—and destroyISIS and every other Islamist, Salafist or Shia-obsessed group in Syria? Don't give me that Russia is rigging the system in favor of Trump. Why would Putin do that when he owns Clinton? Concentrate instead on the corruption in the Hillary camp that has been proven by the WikiLeaks dumps. And don't give me the Crimea either. If the population there is overwhelmingly Russian, then by what right does Ukraine have to it? If Putin was trying to invade Kiev, that would be another matter. But he is not.
What else do we have to lose under Trump? Gee, maybe we'll have a Central Intelligence Agency headed by a rational pragmatist, which you think would be required for that position, and who doesn't cite climate change as the biggest threat to our existence. Maybe, once that stratosphere-reaching idiot James Comey is tossed out along with his size 17 shoes, we'll once again have a Federal Bureau of Investigations that will do its job by following up on leads and capturing and prosecuting proven terrorists that are known to them and who will inform the good folks at the Council on American-Islamic Relations that they're next on the hit list if they don't shut their jihadi-excusing traps about it.
We can once again have an American military that cares about winning conflicts should they arise rather than acting as a social experiment in which transsexuals can feel just dandy about themselves and a Defense Secretary who distinguishes himself with medals of valor and not a pink tie.
Did the news about Clinton's former undersecretary at the State Department, Patrick Kennedy, requesting that the FBI declassify a classified document in a quid pro quo arrangement of which Trump has cited as proof that the State Department, the Department of Justice and the FBI have colluded to cover up for Hillary somehow escape your notice? This is just one of a seemingly never-ending litany of corruption and illegality espoused by this candidate which, apparently, you Never Trumpsters have no interest in putting an end to. Keep looking at your vaunted Republican Congressmen while they look the other way. 
If nothing else can convince you, then how about this: In the event that Hillary Clinton gets elected, because your votes for this third-party nobody will steal votes away from Trump, she's coming for your heads as well. Don't think that having opposed Trump will score you any points in Hillary's administration. You're going to suffer along with the rest of us. You will be responsible for the country going to complete and pure Hell, nobody or nothing else, because you had a chance to save it and you will have turned away. Stop the vain talk about being able to look at yourselves in the mirror and think of your children.
No more bullshit, people. Don't conspire to kill this proud nation—VOTE TRUMP/PENCE ON NOVEMBER 8!