Monday, November 21, 2016

The country needs to come together and heal— but will the Left ever allow it?

Universities and high schools nationwide have responded to the election of Donald Trump as America's 45th President by holding professor-organized class walkouts, cry-ins and therapy dog sessions and implementing programs to teach students that Mr. Trump is a racist and a sexist who won by appealing to racists and misogynists.
Way to go, Lefties! You know, perhaps if you'd only had even more time, as if this past election process wasn't painfully long enough, to call your opponent and his supporters every bad name in the book, you'd have gotten your beloved, shriveled-up old prune into the White House. But it doesn't matter. Just keep on with the hysterical name-calling for every single appointment to Trump's cabinet, why don't you.
To give you just a slice of the great liberal meltdown occurring everywhere, Sarah Silverman, who's apparently a comedienne, tweeted after the election: "For a lot of people, this is the Great Depression. But this time it's emotional and physical. Our bodies are breaking down with fear and rage." Glad to hear it, Sarah! Keep physically breaking down, just like the mad, murderous woman you wanted to install in the White House. Continue breaking down, precious snowflakes, I mean that most sincerely. You'll solve a lot of problems if you completely disintegrate from that fear and that rage.
Now then, Jeff Sessions should be of grave concern to black Americans, say the fifth columnists in charge of propaganda dissemination, if he becomes Attorney General because he once joked that the KKK is okay save for the fact that they smoked weed and once called a black prosecutor, an assistant U.S. attorney, "boy," which he has vigorously denied. The media won't tell you that a civil rights prosecutor, Barry Kowalski, who overheard the KKK joke said that he was confident that Sessions was only joking and that another civil rights lawyer, J. Gerald Hebert, said that Sessions was not a racist and he just has "a tendency sometimes just to say something".
Mike Flynn, Trump's pick for National Security Adviser, hates Muslims, say the cognoscenti, because he has a history of condemning radical Islam and militancy among Muslims. Mike Pompeo is unfit to be CIA director, say these ivory tower imbeciles, because he was a sharp critic of Hillary Clinton and a defender of waterboarding. How come these dopes never complain about Navy Seal recruits having to undergo waterboarding as part of their training? Isn't it odd that you never hear about that?
These are excellent picks, the very same types of nominations Cruz would have made, and conservatives ought to be very pleased and proud. For the Left, of course, it's the rebirth of the Third Reich.
The Democrats and the Left will say anything about anyone, no matter how ruinous the accusations against them, which are never accurate, which are based on pure hearsay, conjecture and pretexts, just to destroy opposition to their backward, throwback cause.
Milo Yiannopoulous put it best in his latest podcast episode (Episode Thirty-Three). Yiannopoulos, speaking of his experience of having been accused of white supremacy with, as he said, no basis behind that assertion whatsoever, observed:
I've always known that the American press were scumbags, but I'd never quite realized—I'd never quite grasped—just how low they would go to damage their enemies, when they had no real argument, when they had no facts, no reason, no logic. They just wanted to hurt somebody and get them out of public life at all costs, and didn't mind what they said. They didn't care what the consequences were or the fallout. 
Just imagine what kind of person just announces that somebody is a white supremacist or an anti-Semite, out of nowhere, with no thought for the person or the consequences in that person's life, what it might do to their relationship with their family, what it might do to their future. 
These charges tend to stick because normal people think to themselves, "nobody would just say that, would they? Surely nobody would dare—nobody would be so sociopathic and vindictive and spiteful and mean and amoral—to just pluck that stuff out of nowhere, and call somebody an anti-Semite or white supremacist because they don't like their political positions. Surely, nobody would do that?" And so reasonable people think, "well, there's no smoke without fire, he must have done something."
This just serves to prove that the fight has only just begun. There is to be no sitting on anyone's laurels because the pukes on the Left just never give up.

The Left is never shy about revealing their true agenda
Photo courtesy of Aaron M. Renn's The Urbanophile website

I am going to borrow heavily from the second hour of Edward Woodson's November 18 show because he brought up a lot of very good examples and keen points about them. Woodson kicked off the hour asking, "Do these Leftists not realize that elections have consequences? Oh yeah, that was Mr. Obama, didn't he say that elections have consequences and that, 'We won, get over it.' Right? I don't remember we freaking out so much about Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch."
Woodson then played a clip from a CNN broadcast in which Carol Costello reported on the allegations against Jeff Sessions, noting, "Many Americans are concerned about minorities at this time. In fact, interestingly enough, the attorney general Loretta Lynch just sent out a press release. She's talking about attacks on minorities across the country. She says among other alarming trends, this new report from the Justice Department shows a 67 percent increase in hate crimes committed against Muslim Americans. It also showed increases in the number of hate crimes committed against Jewish people, African-Americans and LGBT individuals. Overall, she says, the number of reported hate crimes increased 6 percent, a number that does not account for the many hate crimes that may go unreported out of shame or fear. So—sigh—for that reason, I think that some in America might be concerned about Jeff Sessions's comments even if they did take place thirty years ago".
My own thoughts on this nonsense:
(1) Sessions's comments were brought up thirty years ago, the comments themselves were supposedly uttered many years before 1986, the year of his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for a U.S. District Judge position. The comments amounted to allegations, not proof, against Mr. Sessions and Sessions has denied them.
(2) Just how many times can you have the BS expression "hate crime" in one rambling so-called "news report"? As Gene Hunt once said on Life on Mars, "Hate crime? What, as opposed to one of those I-really-really-like-you sort of crimes?"
(3) According to police nationwide, very little to no such crimes have been reported. A Muslim woman who talked of having her rag hijab being knocked off by Trump supporters, admitted she fibbed about it. There are also numerous other examples of made-up outrages.
(4) As to any actual hate crimes or instances of racist graffiti being perpetrated against communities, Trump responded, "Stop it." Is Barry Obama or Hillary Clinton or Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer or Keith "X" Ellison telling rioters and looters—laughably called "protesters" by the suck-ass media—to knock off their violence? When the phone don't ring, you know it's Jake Tapper informing you that he's prepared to report on Democrat condemnation of these "protests".
(5) Costello implores us to consider "Muslim Americans". In the very next sentence she refers to "Jewish people". So, I can take from this that Muslims are Americans but Jews are not or cannot be. Got that, dear reader? Muslims are AMERICANS, but Jews are mere "people". Nice, eh? No agenda there, nope.
(6) Also, we have "African-Americans" but LGBT "individuals". Again, why not "gay, gender neutral and transsexual Americans"? And, Ms. Costello, you left the "Q" out of LGBTQ. How dare you forget that! In my best attempt to "think" like a liberal, I can only assume that you're prejudiced against the queer component of the LGBTQ community. Queer lives matter!
(7) It's funny, isn't it, that concern for minorities never involves lowering their taxes and bringing opportunities to their communities through business or educational incentives. All the Democrats can ever promise the black community, for instance, is an abortion clinic every ten blocks or so in their neighborhoods. Let's incentivize strong families, religious convictions, intensive studying and hard work for minority enclaves across America. Oh yeah, that's hate speech, I forgot.
(8) The report asserts that many crimes are not being related to authorities out of "shame or fear". Yet all we've heard and seen on TV, newspapers and social media is Black Lives Matter (Only When White People Are Involved) informing us they won't back down and Latinos with their machismo saying that they are not afraid of Donald Trump. So, where's the fear? The Left is more mobilized and determined than ever. They may be easily triggered snowflakes, but they put up a great front. So I have no idea where "fear" ever comes into it, despite the media constantly chatting about it.
Then there's Whoopie Goldberg, who said on The Pissy Feminist View:
Black people are not going anywhere, they are not going to be slaves anymore, so take that out'cha head. Muslims who are born here as Americans are not going anywhere. We're not going anywhere. I don't know why you don't get this part.
As Edward Woodson interjected in response to this, "Listen, Whoopie: We're not going anywhere either! The 'Deplorables' aren't going anywhere either—and guess what? We won."
Whoopie Goldberg went on to assert, "We're all being harassed" when Joy Behar brought that subject up. Harassment, right. Ask conservative groups targeted by the IRS about that. Ask Facebook or Twitter users who've been kicked off the social media sites for daring to post conservative thoughts or memes. Don't talk to me about being scared. Conservatives, Right-leaning libertarians, hard-working, good-natured, law-abiding folks nationwide of all colors and creeds, real Americans and not George Soros-controlled robots, have been scared, fearful, terrified for these past eight years from all the Constitution defying, government agency poisoning and massive surveillance operations launched which didn't prevent one terrorist atrocity but did violate the right to privacy of ordinary citizens.
Obama's not out of office yet; he could do anything. Pardon Hillary, pardon Huma Abedin, pardon "the Dreamers" (a.k.a. the spawn of illegal aliens), get us heavily involved in Syria with "boots on the ground." Who the F knows with Bozo Big-Ears? The nightmare for us isn't over yet, it's got another two months to go. Doubtless the far-Left douches will find some way of continuing to make life very difficult for normal people—y'know, those who don't have neck tattoos, eyebrow piercings, bullet holes in their ears and EBT cards—for as much as those two months are worth.
Woodson notes that, during Obama's first term, he had both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The FBI was in his back pocket, as was the CIA and the NSA. He made the attorney general picks and nominated Supreme Court justices. He controlled the Justice Department. How quickly, Woodson notes, liberals have forgotten this easily verifiable fact which itself was the consequence of an election. Woodson says of these Lefties, "They are the worst kind of crybaby losers I've ever seen in my life."
Woodson then cuts to a CNN debate hosted by Brooke Baldwin in which Angela Ray debated Trump supporter Steve Cortez, during which Ray spoke of "undocumented" people, that the popular vote is the one that matters, not the Electoral College result, and that the Constitution is a living document. This is the transcript as it aired on Woodson's show.
Cortez: I don't want to relitigate the election. That was largely about the very issue you mentioned, which is illegal immigration, and the people of the United States sided with Donald Trump and with Senator Sessions. I say this as a Latino. And, they decided ...
Ray: Look at the popular vote.
Cortez: No, we don't have a popular vote here. We're a Republic and we have an Electoral College.
Ray: Oh, so okay, we don't have a popular vote?
Cortez: Well, read the Constitution. They decided, via our Electoral College by the way, that the victims are not the illegal aliens, the victims are legal immigrants and Americans. We already decided that as a country and they have a mandate to continue forward ...
Ray: They're people, Steve, and we didn't ...
Cortez: Yes, we did. We won. Are you saying we didn't win?
Ray: No, what I'm saying is that you did not win the popular vote and I don't subscribe to the term 'illegal alien'.
Cortez: Because we don't run for the popular vote.
Ray: 'Undocumented people...'
Cortez: We don't try to win the popular vote. We won the electoral vote and that's how we choose a president.
Ray: OK, congratulations. Nevertheless ...
Cortez: No, you don't congratulate me, congratulate the Constitution. That's our system.
Ray: Steve, the point is ... there's a whole argument that's existed for centuries about this strict Constitutional nature or strict constructionalist nature of the Constitution. We don't have time to go into that now, but there are people who believe that the Constitution is actually a living and breathing document, and sometimes it requires a change.
Cortez: Okay, well, we don't believe that. We just won based on those principles. But who cares what I believe, the American people voted us in based on those principles of strict constructionism, and I think that's going to be one of the reasons why Senator Sessions will be a great Attorney General. He's going to uphold the Bill of Rights, which has been under attack.
As Woodson observed, Cortez couldn't get away with saying 'illegal aliens' because "that's like the new n-word". I agree with Woodson in asserting that the Constitution "is dead, it's not living and breathing, it's dead". Because liberals and the Obama administration have killed it. Not that we can't bring it back to life though. And we have names for those people "who believe that the Constitution is actually a living and breathing document": They're morons, idiots, cretins, brainwashed rubes, douchebags and douchettes. That's who believes that the Constitution is "living and breathing" and shouldn't be interpreted via a "strict constructionist nature."
The Constitution is the best document that has ever been written by a fledgling government to ensure equality and liberty and it does not need to be constantly fiddled with, or else, what's the point in having it? Well, none, quite frankly, and that is exactly the goal of liberals: to be rid of it so that We the People have nothing to fall back on and their redistributionist tyranny cannot be overruled or overturned. The Left does not desire a "living and breathing" Constitution, they want it defunct, ripped to shreds, dead and buried forevermore. You stand a much greater chance at bottling unicorn or gryphon farts than you do meeting a Constitutionalist Leftie, the ultimate oxymoron.
And, I have to say: Where does Angela Ray get "centuries" of debate regarding constructionalism from? Decades, perhaps. Also, as has been pointed out already by many, if you remove all the dead people who voted, the multiple voting and the votes of illegal aliens, Trump would have won the popular vote in addition to the Electoral College. It's a fact, libtards, not that it means anything to you.
Let's end this entry with a quote from Dan Bongino, from his podcast episode, "The Left is Throwing a Temper-Tantrum while the Right is Winning Elections":
The Democrats, over the course of 2010 to where we are now in 2016, have been completely wiped out at the local level. That is because people on the Right that go out and protest do it respectfully, for instance, they left the Washington Mall cleaner than when they got there. There was no violence, nobody was getting beaten up, we didn't break any store windows, because we know how to install and make change through a movement
All you know how to do on the Left is whine and throw a temper-tantrum. Pay no mind to them. Don't let them influence your decision-making at all, because it doesn't matter. It's just a temper-tantrum. They're not voting, they're not going to register to vote, it is just a temper-tantrum for attention. It will have no meaningful effect on the electorate at all. 
We've already been through Occupy Wall Street, we've already been through Black Lives Matter, we've been through a number of these Democratic-sponsored, George Soros-type movements, and do you know what it's led to? A rout at every single level of government over the course of the last six years.
Hey, liberals, the ball's in your court in terms of how the country will heal and come together. It's up to you to decide how grown up you want to be about the election, the new President and how you regard your fellow countrymen going forward. Keep pulling character assassinations on us and those people who we embrace. You'll never win another election again.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Conservatives must answer the call to make America great again

You know it has to be pretty awful for the Democrats when the man the party stole the primaries from, and who couldn't leave the party fast enough to become an Independent again when Madame Mao lost, recently opined: "I come from the white working-class. And I'm deeply humiliated that the Democrat party cannot talk to the people where I came from."
This is a socialist speaking. He is, of course, Bernie Sanders.
Sanders has correctly identified the obvious problem for the Democratic party in that, under Barry Obama's risible leadership, the government, the media, the courts and the La-La Land of Academia has espoused and encompassed anti-white sentiment.
The desire to kill policemen—white policeman especially and in particular—and the demonization of white people as "bitter clingers," attached to fundamentalist Christianity (fundamentalist Islam would be just dandy) who want to enslave blacks, females and gay people and who knock the hijabs off Muslim women, didn't occur in a vacuum. All the campus discussions of white people having to recognize and check their "privilege" and the vicious beating of "crackers" by victimhood-embracing thugs nationwide did not happen spontaneously. That was organized.
A washed-up has-been of a pissant NFL quarterback decided to protest the nation that allowed a no-talent garbage can in a human form like him to make $19 million a year, and he dragged other malcontents in the league into the anti-police fray with him. This doesn't happen in a country that has not been turned upside down by a Community Disorganizer-in-Chief. 
It is hard to know whether or not this is the real B.H.O. or if he was merely a tool of the evil billionaire George Soros, who depends on a destabilized America so he can implement through its soul-selling politicians a Western Hemispheric bloc of completely open trade and open borders and who will get even more cash to stuff in his mattress when the dollar crashes. Certainly Obama has been a gentleman in his meeting with Trump. But the whole Jeremiah Wright story from nearly a decade ago is hard to ignore. This current president sat in the pews of a black power church listening to Wright scream, "God damn America!" And he did so for over twenty years. Let's just say Soros didn't have to twist the Dear Leader's arm in embracing this poison.
His rumpswab Van Jones, a self-avowed Communist and former White House Council on Environmental Quality lackey, can talk to the darling little snowflakes that they are their own gods and that they don't gotta listen to adults, yet none of these precious young minds could think to say in response, "Well, if that's true, get the hell off the stage and leave us alone, old man!"
Now this same man proposes that Donald Trump's presidential win represents a "whitelash." So, what exactly were the past eight years, Van? A "blacklash?" (HATE SPEECH! HATE SPEECH! HATE SPEECH!)
Mes amis, Hillary "Rotten" Clinton lost because she was the most corrupt candidate for the presidency ever. That barely living pantsuit made Warren Harding, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Baines Johnson look like choirboys. And what did Nixon do, when you get down to the very essence of it? He had underlings break into the Democratic National Party headquarters. I guess this was pretty bad for 1972. But do you know what Nixon did not do? He didn't sell state secrets or uranium reserves to prop up a slush fund of his. He didn't mishandle classified material. He didn't sweet talk some of the world's most repressive countries for cash donations. He didn't have his campaign chairman approach the FBI with a quid pro quo deal to declassify classified materials. And Nixon didn't leave US diplomats and officials twisting in the wind in a foreign land during a brutal, fatal attack and cover it up by saying, "Well, that's what you get when you release provocative videos!"
So, forgive me when I say to liberals, shut the hell up over Nixon already. Your candidate would have embarrassed the pond scum she is related to if only it was sentient.
The Democrats have proven, in recent days, to have not learned one thing from this election by proposing, through the likely Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, that Representative Keith Ellison become the new Democratic Party Committee chairman. Another Leftie with racial grievances and who will be the Council on American-Islamic Relations' best friend because he is, alas, a Muslim. Allow me to draw a parallel to the U.K.'s Labour party who proposed replacing one screwball, Jeremy Corbyn, with an even screwier one in the form of Owen Smith during the party's leadership contest earlier this year.
What Labour in Britain and the Democrats in America have to ask themselves is this: Where is the market for the far-Left? Oh, they stir things up so people can think of themselves as members of an aggrieved minority of some sort instead of individuals free to make up their own minds. Sure, they bring in migrants by the truckloads to offset the votes of the uneducated, hick inbreds—otherwise known as ordinary white people who work hard or wish they could be working hard save for the fact that there are no jobs for them.
Ah, just let the bums have their cider and their cannabis, eh? What do we care? They're just white folks, right? We have better things to do such as processing whole armies of young Muslim men across our borders because they're innocent little refugee lambs. We have to prepare for World War III because Russia hacks our elections and they must pay a price for bombing the radical Islamists in Aleppo. Hey, who said "radical Islamists"? You must be punished for that transgression. Don't trigger us!
Still, where is the majority for whom the far Left appeals? Marine Le Pen is presenting a serious challenge for the French presidency, Merkel's Chancellorship in Germany is threatened, the Northern League and the Five-Star Movement are growing in popularity in Italy. Viktor Orban in Hungary is influencing policy across Eastern Europe, Brexit was passed by voters in the U.K. and Trump is going to be President. Where's the mass market for the globalists and the socialists? 
For you Lefties, and you pseudo-conservatives who voted for Egg McMuffin or the pot-head, let's examine what allowed Donald Trump to ascend to the Oval Office on January 20 and see if you can comprehend it. At least try. Here we go: 

  • People have children, and they worry about their futures.
  • Common Core is destroying the education of their children.
  • People of all age groups are facing a lack of jobs and very little opportunities open to them.
  • The country has a debt of $20 trillion.
  • The increasing presence of jihadists in the country coupled with the Ford Hood, San Bernadino, Orlando, Moore, OK and other attacks, means people can't go to the mall or any sort of public gathering without worrying about being killed.
  • ISIS is rampaging across the Middle East and here in America, and illegal aliens are flooding the country.
  • Congress is dysfunctional.
  • The country is increasingly lawless, with riots in downtown streets all over the nation with little to nothing being done to control them.

On November 8, the electorate voted to put Donald Trump in the Presidency to fix these problems, many of which didn't exist before Obama's occupation of the White House.
I've said it before and I'll gladly say it again: Donald Trump is not perfect. He's a man. I have never exalted him to the status of a messiah as the Obamabots did for their guy and I won't. Listening to the Hillary supporters, the esteemed Mrs. Clinton never did any wrong, simply wanted to do good for the country and was being demonized and slandered because she was a woman. The Left loved "Saint" Hillary.
I have no expectations of Trump other than for the things I supported him for. Build that wall and let Border Control and ICE do their jobs to the full extent of the law. Crack down on riots and crime. Repeal and replace Obamacare. Protect the Constitution. Nominate solid conservatives to the Supreme Court. Rip up the Iran nuclear deal. Ramp up domestic energy production to the hilt and sign a deal with Canada for the Keystone Pipeline and tell the Saudis to eat camel poop. Institute an energy policy that does not revolve around the fantasy that is "Climate Change." Renegotiate NAFTA and reject TPP. And end all this asinine saber-rattling with Russia and work with Putin to decimate ISIS and turn Raqqa into a glass parking lot.
Come together, conservatives, and let's not let these Establishment types and especially the Left off the hook. It's payback time. This is no time for reconciliation with our enemies. I'm not saying curb-stomp them. Just put them in a position where they will be pot-bound. We can never—never—allow the country to hang from a thread like we did with this election.
Watch your elected representatives and hold them to account. Stop telling us that corporate-whore putzes like Paul Ryan are the future of conservatism. Stop idolizing the GOP and start holding their feet to the fire. Help this administration out through pure people power. If the Left can do it, so can we.
The nation needs you, conservatives. Are you going to answer the call?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

'Never Trumpsters' need to be 'Never Hillary' on November 8

This is likely to be the last entry I write before what will be a truly historic U.S. election regardless of the way it goes. Conservatives, patriots and true libertarians can only hope that it breaks one way, and one way decisively.
Don't kid yourselves that you have a choice. You do not. It is Donald J. Trump or bust. If you doubt this, I don't know what can be done for you. Barry Obama has not been "just another Democrat". Hillary Clinton with absolute certainty is not. This is not a mere liberal-versus-conservative contest. It is much more than that. It is Stalin versus Roosevelt. Reagan versus Gorbachev. Chiang Ki Shek versus Mao Zedong.
Do not give me this argument that voting for Hillary is actually placing an "X" in the box next to her name. Ladies and gentleman, that has to be one of the most pusillanimous differences of opinion I have ever heard in my 46 (nearly 47) years of life. It's this simple: If you vote for the pot-head or the chrome dome, you will be taking votes away from Trump. By proxy, you will be voting for Hillary Clinton. Got that? Now, my little temper tantrum-throwing Never Trumpsters, let's examine what the expression "by proxy" means. One definition is the giving of authority to someone in place of another. If vote "B" takes away from vote "A," legitimacy will ultimately be conferred onto vote "C".
Do you think for one moment Madame "Stinky Retard" Mao will acknowledge the votes for Johnson or McMullen that helped her to get elected, if such a nightmare is meant to be? No, she and the Democrats will have a "mandate". You people cannot be this dim.
Trump is not a true conservative, many of you moan. Look, I admire your principles—but what good are those principles when they will be entirely defunct under the hag in the pantsuit's administration? If you identify as a conservative, whatever that means to you, if you identify as a Republican, even if it's of the garden-variety, feckless, cowardly type that thinks a government shutdown is the worst scenario to ever befall the country, even through there were eight of them during the Reagan administration. And, golly gee, all I ever hear is "Trump is no Reagan". Hillary will target you as well as those on the Trump bandwagon. You, dear voter, will be giving her way too much credit if you think she will not and that is bewildering to me.
Trump is a bully, I hear you belly-ache. Listen to me. Can he possibly be any worse than the "sorority girls and college boys" that Michael Savage refers to, the acolytes in the Obama government, who bullied their way through academia and lower-level government positions to get to where they are? People like senator Elizabeth Warren who claimed non-existent Native American heritage so she could rise above all the other white people who weren't as "clever" as she was and who carpetbagged from Oklahoma to Massachusetts, a state she knew oh-so-much about that she reckoned there was a coastline along the Western half of the state.
Do you really think Mr. Trump is more of a brow-beater, antagonizer and intimidator than the batshit-crazy feminists, the radical Islamists and the Jonathan Gruber-like nerds-from-hell that currently infest this land? Because under Hillary Clinton, they're not going anywhere! Do not tell me this is a straw-man argument. You know better than that. If you don't recognize that very basic, simple fact, then you have no business voting. In fact, you need to disappear for a little while to get your head straight.
Let's not BS each other. We all know what's at stake. We conservatives have had to swallow the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney the past two elections. There would be no Trump if establishment Republicans even came close to acting like an opposition. We'd be so much better off under a John Kasich, a Lindsey Graham or the third Bush, what's-his-name? The one with the exclamation point—y'know, him. He's so inconsequential I've forgotten what's he's called. Doesn't matter, does it? None of these so-called men are coming to rescue you and your fabulous go-along-to-get-along Grand Old Party. Ted Cruz has honored the pledge and patched up differences with Trump. Erick Erickson has seen the light and, as such, deserves credit. Erickson wrote on September 21:
In short, I see the election of Hillary Clinton as the antithesis of all my values and ideas on what fosters sound civil society in this country. Further, she should be in jail. 
At least with Trump we might, might, get a better Supreme Court. We might get better cabinet picks. In fact, in terms of my view of the country the odds are pretty great that my side has a greater chance of prevailing with Trump than Clinton. What most would identify as my side would have control of the Executive Branch and the powers of appointment and regulation that come with it.
Folks, this was one of the most prominent "Never Trump" types who wrote this. And he's absolutely correct. Spot on, in fact. He will be holding his nose in voting for Trump, but this fine piece leaves me with no doubts that he will be.
C'mon, conservatives, get over Trump already. You're also voting for Mike Pence. If Trump does get himself tossed out of the executive branch for being the tyrant you fear he is—ensuring that Paul Ryan will step up to the plate in a way he has never done with Obamathen the Indiana governor will be the man in charge. But I just cannot get over the fact that we already have a Constitution-defying, authoritarian madman in charge and he's been defiling our nation steadily for eight years.
It's time that "Never Trump-ism" dies on November 8. You've expressed your purist rage, now drop it. This Tuesday, we have all gotta be "Never Hillary".

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cubs Nation victorious at long last

So, the long wait in Chicagoland is over.

Photo: AP

It may seem like a very small thing, considering how close we have come to the corrupt, socialist oligarchy that is already in power preparing to completely unleash their coup d'état, depending on which way the electorate goes on November 8. Have you heard the news on WikiLeaks, by the way? Russia, my ass.
Anyway, let's take a trip back to an America that was strong, that had to fight for everything it was to gain, whose population was used to going without but had a sense of purpose and community and was still on a high from the aftermath of the Spanish-American war victory. The upright vacuum cleaner had just been invented and its creator was seeking a patent for it. Ernest Shackleton set off for Antarctica on the Nimrod. The first Model T automobile was introduced by Henry Ford. And the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.
That year was 1908.
Until November 2, 2016, that was the last World Series title the Cubs ever saw. Since then, many teams have established themselves as perennial winners: The Athletics, both in Philadelphia, then Oakland. The Dodgers, in Brooklyn, then Los Angeles. The St. Louis Cardinals. The New York Yankees. Eventually, many years later, recent exhibition teams such as the Kansas City Royals, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Florida Marlins shook up baseball. Older teams such as Baltimore and Detroit got a title each. The Red Sox broke the curse after an 87-year drought. The White Sox won the year after, ending an 88-year curse.
The only teams left standing, that aren't post-1969 additions to the league, that hadn't won a title in ages were the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. Indeed, how fitting that both should compete in the World Series.
Cleveland has been in the playoffs regularly since the mid-1990s, having come in first place in their division seven times since then and appearing in the '95 and '97 World Series contests. The Cubs hadn't been in a World Series since 1945. The last time they came close to being in the WS, in 2003, it was ruined by a fan interfering with a fly ball that Moises Alou would have otherwise caught in the National League playoff series. So, if you didn't know the back history, there it is. The Cubs were demonstrably worse off than the Indians, whose most recent championship title was 68 years ago.
My wife and I had friends in Chicago that we saw in person in 2005 and 2006. Both were Cubs fans. I learned a lot about Cubs fan culture from them. It shared similarities with the agony that Red Sox Nation had experienced, but at the time, we had just won the first out of three championships with which we have been blessed since the turn of the century. And the outrage at the 2003 NL playoff fan interference was still being felt by Cubs fans. I heard commercials on Chicago radio referencing the time-honored patience, resilience and ultimate resignation of Cubs fans.
During our first visit to Chicago in '05, I was wearing my Red Sox cap through customs. The officer there said, "Oh, trying to rub it in?" I smiled good-naturedly and insisted that I wasn't. "Well," the officer sighed. "You know what they say. The enemy of my enemy is my friend." He was alluding to the St. Louis Cardinals, one of Major League Baseball's most successful teams, second only to the Yankees, and a divisional rival of the Cubs.
I have looked Cubs fans in the eyes. I have known what they must have felt up until now. And I definitely know the jubilation, ecstasy and elation they must be feeling today. I'm happy for you, Cubs Nation. Well done. Let this be just the start of a very successful string of World Series victories for you. You definitely deserve it.
In fact, have a dragon on me:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What retards: Clinton campaign has begun to reek like its standard-bearer

Did you know, mes amis, that if you're the head of the FBI, failing to recommend an indictment of a felonious presidential candidate by changing the statute is the milkshake that will bring all the Democrats to your backyard? But if you are forced to re-open a case because you promised Congress under oath that you would if you discovered fresh potential evidence of malfeasance and corruption, and because you're facing a mutiny from FBI agents, then you're a pariah who is engaging in illegality and demonstrating partisanship?
The one being investigated is the accuser in this case, and when it comes to illegality, she would more than certainly know.
I refer, of course, to this monstrosity and complete waste of carbon known as Hillary Clinton. Or Madame Mao. Or "the Stinky Retard," because, according to her chief propagandist John Podesta, people have complained that a retard is what she's acting like and that she smells of "boiled cabbage, urine and farts". In other words, a more perfect candidate for the Left you could not possibly find. Mentally challenged individuals who never bathe and who constantly crap their pants represented at least 95 percent of the entire make-up of the Democratic National Convention. Even Bernie Sanders had more dignity than this. No wonder the Dems had to bring him down. (By the way, don't these liberals lecture us not to use the "r-word"? I thought that was insensitive? Moonbats, am I right or did I just imagine that?)
So not only has James Comey violated the Hatch Act according to that low-life thug paragon of virtue Harry Reid, but now it's Alicia Machado to the rescue—again. Campaigning with Mrs. Poopy Pantsuit in Florida, the Venezuelan former Miss Universe opined that it is "clear that he [Trump] does not respect women." Because collecting slush fund contributions from regimes that enslave women is the way to solicit the female vote. I'm pretty sure that Zuhdi Jasser, for instance, has never complained about Muslim men callously calling their wives "eating machines", and would consider honor killings to be much more serious, but what would he know?
"He thinks he can do h-whatever he h-wants and get away with it," Machado told the assembled crowd. Oh yeah, now that doesn't describe Hillary at all, she's the total opposite of that. Yep yep. But, hey, Machado is standing up for "woman," don't you know, and she is doing it "law-oo-dly". Why don't they just bring back Seddique Mateen, the Taliban-praising father of the Orlando nightclub shooter? I'm sure his English would sound better than this flunkie's.
We have heard from Barry Obama, the Democratic party, the media and the liberal elite that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person for the presidency ever. So why does she have to cheat? Donna Brazile, the interim chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, was fired from CNN as a political analyst over WikiLeaks proof demonstrating that she shared debate questions with Clinton before the network's sponsored events during the primary run against Sanders. WikiLeaks has shown many other examples of the media colluding with the Clinton campaign. Perhaps most damning of all, it has been reported that assistant attorney general Peter Kadzik kept Podesta informed of proceedings from the original investigation of the Clinton e-mails.
Then there's this: What has Clinton ever done, ever accomplished after 40 years of such lofty, loyal servitude to the American people as a public defender, First Lady, senator and Secretary of State? According to Hillary herself, she went to "112 countries to negotiate with friend and foe alike" and she was "in the situation room when we brought Osama bin Laden to justice." Oh yeah, and she fought for "children and families." No good Democrat can ever leave out "the children". It would help her credibility, however, had she not laughed at the 12-year-old victim of a sexual assault after helping to get the scumbag who violated her off charges. It also is not very good form that the Middle East is in total turmoil, and the power-hungry triumvirate of Russia, China and Iran are in ascendancy, and that friends have been treated as foes while foes get apologies and even license to develop nuclear weapons.

"Do you smell that? Some alt-right-wing deplorable just beefed!"
(Photo: Reuters/Brian Snyder)

When you boil Hillary's so-called accomplishments down to the very essence, it's that she married Bill Clinton. She knew that, as a team, their combined political chicanery and outright deviousness could not be beaten. You can't be a crime family all on your own, after all.
Thanks to the WikiLeaks exposes and the re-opening of the investigation of Hillary by FBI jefe James Comey—who's still an idiot, by the way, that hasn't changed—the Clinton campaign is in total free-fall. If the polls are even to be believed—not that they would ever be manipulated in any way, ever—Hillary has completely lost her former 12-point advantage.
Despite the nonsense talking points, which is all the Clinton campaign has now, the situation is as talk-show host Edward Woodson recently noted:
They've already tried the Russian thing. That didn't work. The FBI investigated the connection and found that there is no connection. They were going to go after the tax returns, which is, again, a non-story. Who cares about the tax returns? What is that going to do? That's just going to give more information to his detractors, and they're not going to understand the tax returns anyway. 
What else are they going to come up with? They're going back to the old, tired attack lines for Donald Trump. If it didn't work a month or two ago, how's it going to work now? 
In the final week of the campaign, they're going to go back to the old playbook. Trust me, you're going to still hear about Russia, Alicia Machado, the taxes—and I'm sure they'll bring up some other floozy bimbo that they'll get out of the recycling bin.
Woodson is right. Will this circular file of losers and wasters that are contained therein be tapped once more by Clinton and the Dems? They had better hurry up and roll out the next slob to accuse Trump of being a big meanie.
Have fun with this while it lasts, dear reader. There's never been an election like this one in the American experience and it will most assuredly make the history books. As much as we need to dispatch with Hillary Clinton for good so we never have to hear from her again, ride this one out for all it's worth. It is as precious as it is pathetic.