Monday, January 30, 2017

Bleeding hearts condemn Kurds for torturing ISIS "children"

commercial photography locationsIt has been reported that soldiers of the Asayish, the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq, are accused of having beaten and tortured some children of ISIS, some of them as young as 11 years old. This was reported in several news sources, but I've chosen Yahoo! "News" because it is where I first read about it and because Yahoo! is risible 99.99 percent of the time. The report says:
At least 17 childrenall but one of which are Sunni Arabs from former Isis-held territory in northern Iraqhave alleged abuse and torture at the hands of Kurdish security services after being rounded up at a refugee camp 40 kilometres south of the Kurdish capital of Erbil. 
They say that the Kurdistan regional Government (KRG) security forcesknown as the Asayishpunched and kicked them, held them in stress positions and beat them with plastic pipes and cables. Nine of the young boys claimed to have been subjected to electric shocks. 
A 14-year-old boy told Human Rights Watch that he was threatened with rape unless he confessed to being affiliated with Isis, while two others said they had considered suicide because of their treatment by the Asayish.
Now we have the angle, ladies and gentlemen. We can definitively state the reason behind this news story. Human Rights Watch is involved. There you have it.
Like any normal person, who knows that ISIS brings its children up in an atmosphere of poisonous hatred from the day they are born, who knows that an 11-year-old in ISIS is a stone-hearted killer and nothing like 11-year-olds in the West, when you hear that the Kurds tortured these mini jihadists, you think, "Alright, good news for once!"
But alas, the liberal luvvies, the do-gooders, the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch parasites—who have nothing to say when Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria are being systematically wiped out and when Israelis minding their own business are blown up by Hamas missiles and who offer no words of condemnation when Germans and Swedes are raped and assaulted in their own countries by barbaric invaders—want to condemn the good guys in the Middle East, the Muslims that we should be embracing. I have no words for this level of stupidity, I really don't.
Human Rights Watch couldn't give a stuff when the British people suffered as a result of George Soros sinking their currency in 1992, when he caused the UK Treasury to lose £3.2 billion. This thoroughly evil man bets against currencies everywhere and funds subversive, violent groups across the world with his ill-gotten trading gains, but the Remainiacs, the anti-Trump lunatics, the global citizen types are just fine with that. I guess their claim to want to "stick it to the rich" is absolute bunk.
What is Human Rights Watch's position on the carnage of September 11, 2001? Does Amnesty International take a side regarding the death of innocent American Kate Steinle who was killed by a five-times-deported illegal alien in a place where she should have been safe? Does the International Crisis Group or the International Red Cross and Crescent by any chance care to pontificate on the horror of the Pulse nightclub slaughter in Orlando last summer? Inquiring minds would love to know.
What I do know is that these contemptible boobs want to declare the Kurds war criminals. Not Turkey who've spent their entire history as a distinct nation trying to eradicate them. I'm sure Human Rights Watch has a lot to say about Erdoğan's continuous assault on Turkey's secular constitution, right? Of course not, because sharia law is so liberating, especially for women and homosexuals.
These same Commies who want to push the Israelis into the sea so that "Palestine" can have its (terrorist) state would never entertain the idea for the formation of an officially legitimate, world-recognized Kurdistan.
Yahoo! "News" (as well as CNN, MSN, etc.) publish these stories, with the typical progressive/suicidal/self-loathing slant, in the hopes that many people will respond with "OMG, the Kurds are so horrible! So what if the children are from ISIS? Brutality is brutality!" This is what these clowns from Reuters and the Associated Press count on. They are the kinds of people like the reporters from the mainstream media who ask Donald Trump what he means by keeping America safe, because they are so remarkably thick-headed.
But the responses from most of the readers—who live in the real world—must come as deeply disappointing and disturbing to them.
Some assorted gems from the news story comments thread: 

  • Some of the 'children' have been accused of beheading babies.
  • Be careful Kurds, the Liberal lefties will start protesting and demonstrating against you and you know how torturous that can be.
  • Are these the ones the media and lefties want Trump to let in?
  • OK, so what is the point of this press release? Is it to sum up some sympathy for ISIS?
  • What kind of world are we living in,when the do-gooders worry more about terrorists than our own people? The Kurds torturing those kids who would cut your throat as soon as look at you. Thanking the Kurds is more like it.
  • Good, I hope they kicked the #$%$ out of them.
  • To be perfectly blunt, I don't care, if there [sic] old enough to walk into a packed market with a suicide vest to wipe dozens of innocents, beating by comparison is nothing.
  • Who is funding the goons of Human Rights Watch? It seems to me if you pick up a gun to play a man's game, then you have to be prepared to accept a man's punishment when caught!
  • I have no issue with this.
  • Oh no ... They are getting tough treatment ... Oh no, this cannot happen, the lefties will want to have them sent to Germany or Sweden to kill and rape there. Tough justice is all this cult will get as they have caused endless horror in the Middle East, all paid for by Saudi Arabia and Obama's covert arms and funding madness!
  • Dreadful but good to hear it's out in the open. In the UK the mass rape of little girls by Muslim men has been kept under filthy political wraps by the socialist councils and media.
  • What so-called "Human Rights Watch" would you report that 1000s of Kurdish Yazidi child girls as young as age 3 have become sex slaves by ISIS terrorists?
  • Thank you Kurdish soldiers. Great job getting rid of this #$%$ by any means necessary.
  • These ISIS kids would have no hesitation in putting a bullet in an innocent person's head so tough #$%$, stop crying out when the table is turned.
  • These are NOT kids. They are soldiers. Soldiers that will kill men, at the drop of a hat.
  • Don't take prisoners just shoot them, kill them and let the animals eat what's left and it's cheaper option for you, better than jailing them.

And the most salient point of all?

  • Well, you reap what you sow.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

President Trump's first week in office: Executive orders and other various sundries

commercial photography locationsWe have a new President of the United States, dear reader. For the first time in eight long-ass years, we have one that will speak to us, not at us. A President who, much like Mr. Reagan 30 years ago, will talk because he genuinely wants to address the American public and not because he views it as a mere formality to be delivered devoid of emotion in a near-monotone. One who can go off-script and explain himself or his policies without the "uhhhhhh"s, "errrrrr"s and assorted squeaks and whistles that accompanied Obama at the podium.
Klunk from Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines was an entirely competent speaker compared to Asshat the 44th. Hell, Muttley himself, with his "rassa-frassa-frassa," could deliver a more lucid argument than B. Hussein Obama ever could without TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States).

Muttley: Compared to Barry Hussein Obama, a polished speaker of renowned eloquence

Do you want to know how committed this allegedly mysogynistic Grand Wizard of the KKK President of ours is to America and its people? Get a load of the executive orders Trump has signed since taking office last week:
(1) He has fulfilled his promise to halt arrivals from hotbeds of Islamic terrorism by banning immigration from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Saudi Arabia should have been included on that list, but what they hey, I'll gladly take it.
(2) He has sought to clamp down on "the unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens" of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. This is the first step in dismantling the bureaucratic nightmare of Obamacare so that a more equitable and free market-based health care system can be hashed out by the Republican Congress.
(3) Trump has re-instituted the so-called Mexico City Policy which bans the U.S. from funding the global abortion industry, preventing non-governmental organizations from encouraging abortions. The policy is named after the location of a U.N. Conference on population in 1984 where President Ronald Reagan first announced the strategy.
(4) An order was signed to start rebuilding our military in the wake of all the plunder and neglect it suffered under the Obama administration.
(5) Mr. Trump signed an executive order which put a freeze on governmental regulations until they can be fully read and researched—and rejected if they do nothing to advance energy independence, business or job creation. Another executive order was signed freezing the federal workforce. Both were long overdue.
(6) At long last, the Keystone/Dakota Access pipeline has been approved. Another milestone on the road to American energy self-sufficiency.
(7) Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the Trans Pacific Partnership, which was designed to be the Asian/Pacific Rim equivalent of the European Union. Also, the North American Free Trade Agreement will be renegotiated, if the Mexicans don't withdraw from that. More on that in a bit.
(8) Trump has cut federal funding to sanctuary cities across the country. Another measure that is long overdue. If the mayors of these cities will not follow the law, then Trump is absolutely right to break them by refusing government funding for their cities. The policy is working. Already, Miami has capitulated.
(9) Last but certainly far from least, "the Wall" is being built and, with Trump in charge of the project, the whole thing will be done in three months with no sacrifices in quality.
Mexico says it will leave NAFTA if work on the Wall doesn't cease and the policy is not immediately reversed. That's supposed to be a threat? Hey, Mexico, you made a $60 billion trade surplus from NAFTA over the past seven years, but you refuse to stump $15 billion for the Wall, which will stop Central Americans from flooding your country because they won't be steaming northward anymore? Good, we don't need your narco-state mooching off America's generosity anymore. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you, amigos. We'll trade L.L. Bean flannel shirts with the hockey-heads to the north of us instead and we'll be just dandy.
Mexico says that the construction of the Wall is an assault upon its dignity. That's odd, because I didn't think it had any considering it is a one-party oligarchy whose presidents, including the current Enrique Peña Nieto, are controlled by the nation's drug cartels, and won't even allow its citizens to possess equalizers. How dignified of you, Mexico.
This country has, since NAFTA was signed 24 years ago, become an exporting powerhouse. It exports practically everything. Factories left the American Rust Belt to reöpen in Mexico, sometimes just a measly ten miles south of the border. Its exports are worth $400 billion per year. Yes, I'll say that again: Mexico's exports are currently worth 400 billion dollars a year, with 80 percent of those exports going to the U.S., tariff-free. And Mexico wants to throw that all away because of an assault on its "dignity"? Talk about unhinged. Go ahead, Mexico. Honestly. Make the gringo's day.
Now then, no true conservative wants a President to operate with just a pen and a phone. It is because Obama ran his occupation of the White House this way which merited a similar response from the new President, to reverse some of the damage. I'm in no mood to attempt to pursue any of these things through Congress only for McConnell and Ryan to stall their progress and pontificate to the oh-so-unbiased media from the high moral ground that they think they have, and I'm not alone. Screw Congress. Get some major, policy-shifting stuff enacted now and let's see if Congress doesn't eventually get dragged into the nationalist zeitgeist. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and, with these numerous executive orders, this is just what Mr. Trump is doing.
Make no mistake about it, this is excellent work by the new Prez and it demonstrates that he is standing by his campaign promises and acting on the issues that allowed him to connect with the electorate.
Although too much power in the hands of any President is a negative, especially as the Constitution does not allow for it, Trump's first week has seen him sign executive orders that are absolutely conservative, not "populist". They are conservative because they address the nation's economic health, its security and its respect for life as well as its robust rejection of globalism.
If you "purists"—you Glenn Beck, Bill Kristol and George Will types—refuse to give credit where it is due, if you cannot rise above your petulant jealousy of this man's wealth and the fact that he was more famous thirty years ago than you can ever hope to be, then I can't help you. You are clearly in league of your own—one that, rest assured, I'll never be seeking to join.
Meanwhile, President Trump has also launched an investigation into voter fraud. For those of you who think he is needlessly bringing up the election again, keep in mind that it was not he that started this. The media, in all its perversity, insisted on spreading the narrative that Mr. Trump's presidency is illegitimate and that he did not win the popular vote. I personally believe that I have heard the expression "the popular vote" more times in the past three months than I had in the forty-six years of my life which preceded them.
We know that the Democratic party machine brings in illegals to vote. In New Hampshire, for instance, they got bused into the polling places in Manchester and Nashua, entire hotels full of them. They all voted for Madame Hillary. The pantsuit stole New Hampshire, she stole Virginia and she possibly stole Colorado as well. Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta opined, in one of those now infamous e-mails of his, that it was fine for illegals to vote with driver's licenses. If we had media in this country with any integrity, this would be brought up. But as we absolutely do not, we have to go with what we know.
And what we know, courtesy of a study conducted by Professor Jesse Richman from Norfolk, Virginia's Old Dominion University, is that over 800,000 non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton on November 8. Of the estimated 20 million illegals in the United States, Richman discovered 6.4 percent of them cast their votes for the Democrats, a number that equals 834,381. These are only those who were willing to admit it. And we're supposed to believe that Trump is wrong when he said 2 million illegal alien votes granted Clinton the popular vote? Give me a break.
In the brilliant words of Dan Bongino, who filled in for Mark Levin this Friday, "A survey was taken, and we all know that when it's a liberal survey that advances a liberal narrative, 'it's gold, brother. Just rock'n'roll with it, man. It's a liberal talking-point, of course the survey's real.' ... But what about when you ask people if they voted and they say yes and they weren't supposed to? 'No, no! No! Not that survey! Not that! There's no voter fraud. I can prove it! How? I don't know, I'm a liberal. I said it, and the media will say it, so it's gotta be real. It was on CNN, so it's definitely true. I saw it on MSNBC, that means that it actually happened, c'mon.' Oh, OK, yeah, that sounds legit."
Since the Democrats and their media lapdogs won't try to prove to us that this many illegal aliens didn't vote, we must pursue the proof that they did. Trump is on the case and, ladies and gentlemen, these law-breakers and frauds in the Democratic party will get exposed. I fully support this investigation.
Finally, I have to say, it's amazing just how hateful the Democrats continue to be in the wake of Trump's election victory and inauguration. Bad enough they would consider a racist/anti-Semite like Keith Ellison, every bit a radical community disorganiser as Obama, for chair of the Democratic National Committee. Now we have a Caucasian woman from Idaho running for the role named Sally Boynton Brown.
If you want to talk about the sick obsession with race that these unfortunates have, listen to Brown. At a Washington D.C. meeting of the seven candidates vying for control of the DNC, Brown told all those assembled:
My job is to listen and be a voice and my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt. My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, "Oh no I'm not prejudiced I'm a Democrat, I'm accepting." My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege and until we shut our mouths and we listen to those people who don't, we're not going to break through this.
Brown also implored the audience of malcontents to consider the fact that "we are so white" in Idaho. Great. Bravo. That's some really keen political insight there. I'm still trying to figure out what the problem is, though I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that Boise and Twin Falls haven't been totally taken over by young Afghan and Somali men yet.
Sally Boynton Brown has since reported that, in the wake of her vile observations at the DNC candidate conference, that her family has been threatened. Alright, well, I'm going to go ahead and say that this woman can't possibly love her family too much anyway to have said things that are so contemptuous of their race. What does it say that she wants a job so badly that she has to sound even more loathing of white people than Ellison or Black Lives Matter (Only When White People are Involved) in order to try and secure it? If I was any son of hers, I'd run far away from home, only after leaving a note behind reading, "Dear Mom, sorry I'm a white boy. I have gone to Africa in an attempt to figure out how the black race is so much better and superior to mine. Goodbye."
What kind of pathetic, milquetoast of a man would be married to this shrew? Honest to God, don't tell me this woman isn't fantasizing about somebody else or somebody else's, if you get my drift, every time they hit the sack. Kind of ironic that her last name is Brown. Just thinkin' out loud here, folks.
Disgusting beyond belief. Sally Boynton Brown, you and your type are the real deplorables in this country. But hey, good luck on becoming DNC chairwoman. It'll ensure a conservative-nationalist in the White House for quite some time to come.
And on that note, mes amis, if you're going to tell me that I am obligated to learn lessons about respect for the gentler sex from women wearing hats that look like vaginas and cheering a genuine mental case who couldn't stop mentioning the p-word and how that is integral to women's success, then I say in all sincerity: Get on your knees and blow me! Or grow up. Let the record show that I'll eagerly accept either.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fake news is alive and well in the waning days of Obama's occupation of the White House

commercial photography locationsI want to see if I've got this right, dear reader. The torture of some worthless raghead jihadists in Abu Ghraib was in the headlines everywhere as the most evil thing that the U.S. military had done since the Tet Offensive or assisting Britain in bombing the bejesus out of Dresden. Just awful, soul-sapping stuff, y'know? We Americans could never live that one down. We know this was a massive human rights fiasco because the usual suspects who judge such things—the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International—told us so.
The torture of a young mentally disabled white man by four mindless thugs appeared in the news on a fractional basis only and the media was desperately trying to cover it up and put their typical spin on it. And when I say "typical spin," you know that it is as far removed from unbiased journalistic integrity as you can get, right? Does Amnesty International have any comment on this? I thought not.
Anyhoo, some hack called Don Lemon opined on air that he didn't consider what the four yout's put the disabled chap through to be evil. It was just "bad home training," don't you know. As if they're wayward puppies, though I do have to say that I'm surprised their crackhead mothers—let's not even pretend they had stay-at-home fathers—took the time to toilet train them. To Lemon's point, that's probably the best home training they had ever received. Oops, there I go being judgmental again. How dare I?
First of all, why we even stop to regard these anchors and reporters or whatever they're supposed to be with as much time and consideration as we do is beyond me. I could never give a stuff about Don Lemon. I know that being both gay and black is a huge plus in the media and therefore an instant elevator to having you narrate the goings-on of the latest riot that the "news" corporation you work for helped to foment. I'm not big on identity politics though, so again, give me a reason to care about his tequila-swilling ass, please.
On New Year's Eve, Lemon was live on the air, supposedly working for his unproportionate fame, and he was telling the Clinton News Network viewers—and shame on them, incidentally, for providing the ratings—between hiccups that he might be in a relationship again and he's going to have some personal new year's resolutions and blah-de-blah. Don Lemon—or should we refer to you as "Don Lime" henceforth, as Texas talk-show host Chris Salcedo suggests?—let me be frank: You could walk off a cliff tomorrow and the only way I'd know about it is because talk-show hosts would be citing it as if it meant anything to we the listeners' lives. Honestly, I would not care one iota.

I'm Don Lemon. I'm a superstar because I'm gay and black and am oh-so-concerned about "fake news"

It's the same deal with Kelly Megyn. Or Megyn Kelly. Which is it? Damned if I know. The bint is "Me-Again Kelly," as far as I'm concerned. Again, I have no idea why I'm expected to care about her to any measurable degree—which, rest assured, I do not—but surely her true colors have come out now? She was a conservative to advance her career at FOX. Roger Ailes wanted her to flick her hair and pout for the camera and she did like the good little filly that she is.
Once Kelly started letting her own mind, inasmuch as she possesses one, take over, it is obvious where she stood: Pro-Hillary Clinton and anti-"deplorables". She could have no further career at FOX, the presence of Shepard Smith be damned. The moment she called the hacks at NBC News, her new home, "journalists" and said she had great respect for them, I knew I had the ultimate confirmation of her Leftie credentials that I'd been fuming about for a year to date. Yet there are still some people that will remain loyal observers and follow her tail anywhere. Well, if they want to waste their lives like that, let them. Just goes to show the hypnotic power of good female legs for men and some nebulous embrace of girl-power for women, I guess. 

Megyn Kelly's legs have great respect for the "journalists" at NBC. Or would that be the other way around?

One of the more troubling aspects of British life, that has now started to trickle down into American life, is the building up of people only to tear them down later. It's like a bloodless form of throwing miscreants to the lions, the sporting event that so delighted the Roman citizenry. It used to be that you'd say it reflects badly on the Brits because their misplaced affection for socialism meant that they had no respect for success outside of government. That is still true to a certain extent—and no wonder that trend has taken off in Obama-nation.
However, I'm beginning to realize that there is an upside to it. We build up people, who have no business being celebrities in the first place, and we tear them down when they overstep the line. Like Lily Allen and Gary Lineker, here in Britain, who think that just because they're household names that they can lecture the British people about our responsibility to those precious migrants pouring into Europe—you know, those hordes of stout-hearted young men who burn churches and shout "allahu akbar" while looking for women to sexually harass and accost? I do feel that a slapdown, which is what so many of these entertainers, be they singers, musicians, actors or newspeople deserve, is entirely merited.
How am I to have any faith in these people when they cluck about "fake news," but present "hands up, don't shoot" as if it actually happened? When they told us that Hillary Clinton was up by twelve points with a month left to go before the election and there was no way Donald Trump could win? When they routinely sweep stories that defy their childish narrative of "it's not fair" under the rug and willingly embrace the creation of a Ministry of Truth so that anyone who dares not to be a moonbat can be silenced and prosecuted for challenging the portrait painted by the powers-that-be? First Amendment? LOL, what First Amendment?
This media covered every single instance of made-up "hate crimes" committed by people who, golly gee, just happened to be obvious Trump supporters. And have we got an apology from Don Lemon or Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper or Brian Williams or any other brilliant apparatchik "reporter" for any of this truly fake news? The hell we have!
Some dumbass YouTube user claimed he was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight because complaints were raised by fellow passengers that he was speaking Arabic. Oh the horror! You were an obvious racist if "news" of that did not enrage you and ruin your day and whereupon being notified of it, you did not immediately search for the nearest thobe-wearing, dark-bearded individual you saw, of which there is absolutely no shortage in the Western world today, and exclaim rapturously, "My brother, my fellow world citizen, have you heard about the bigoted indiginities suffered by brother Adam Saleh?!"
In the words of Oliver Darcy writing in The UK Business Insider
Many outlets, however, negated to note an important fact: The individual in question was a YouTube prankster known for pulling similar viral stunts. Only after the prankster's claims were disseminated across all corners of the internet did his past enter the picture in a meaningful way. Delta eventually denied his claim.
How about the media adopting the line that Trump is anti-Semitic even though his son-in-law, Jared Kushner is an Orthodox Jew, his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry him and that his grandchildren from this marriage are Jewish? How about the fact that Donald Trump's White House will feature a kosher kitchen? Ignore all that. He's anti-Semitic because Steve Bannon is his chief strategist and senior counselor, even though there's no evidence of any anti-Semitism on Bannon's part either.
Is this "fake news" enough for you yet?
This same media that is so concerned about Jews—which I suppose is why they coddled the Muslim Brotherhood Leader-in-Chief for eight long years—had nothing to say about the egregious anti-Semitism of John Kerry when he recently told Israel that it could not be both Jewish and democratic. This administration exclaimed in front of the United Nations that the Jewish people are incapable of democracy unless they get hip to the concept of being pushed into the sea by their hateful neighbors, and what do you got? Nothing to see here, folks, move along.
Don't even get me started on this whole Russia hacking nonsense. Yes, Russia hacks us. So has every other rogue country the world has to offer. Madame Mao left secret information out in the open on a banquet plate for them to pick from, for Chrissakes. But, to push an angle that benefits the narrative and not the truth, which is that the DNC was hacked by a fed-up Bernie Sanders supporter who was soon after conveniently murdered, the Democratic party machine and the media who dances to its every beat has to pawn electoral incompetency off on the machinations of Vladimir Putin. You see, we can call Vladimir Putin evil. That's okay. That's just dandy.
Even Rolling Stone, a bastion of fake news if ever there was one, has had enough. On December 30, Matt Taibbi wrote, in a piece sub-titled "Nearly a decade and a half after the Iraq-WMD faceplant, the American press is again asked to co-sign a dubious intelligence assessment": 
On one end of the spectrum, America could have just been the victim of a virtual coup d'etat engineered by a combination of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, which would be among the most serious things to ever happen to our democracy. 
But this could also just be a cynical ass-covering campaign, by a Democratic Party that has seemed keen to deflect attention from its own electoral failures. 
The outgoing Democrats could just be using an over-interpreted intelligence "assessment" to delegitimize the incoming Trump administration and force Trump into an embarrassing political situation: Does he ease up on Russia and look like a patsy, or escalate even further with a nuclear-armed power?
Thanks, Rolling Stone. Keep this up and you just may make up for the college rape epidemic BS that you pushed and the disgusting lionizing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that had Margery Eagan and moonbat women everywhere drenching their knickers while indulging Jane Austen-style scenarios involving Flash Bang himself.
Forget John McManiac and Little Lindsey for the sake of sanity. We know they're beholden to the defense industry and all the contracts that flourish under it, so the case for wanting war with Russia, and the subsequent prolonging of efforts against ISIS for several decades, that they're making is obvious.
What gets me is the whole "17 intelligence agencies" BS. I was honestly unaware that the United States, as admittedly and horribly bureaucratic as it is, not only had seventeen members of the "intelligence community," but that apparently even more exist with which to point the tip of the greater-than symbol at. In other words, to say that seventeen intelligence agencies agree on the Russian hacking of "our democracy" insinuates the presence of a few rogue agencies, who I'm sure if they existed would eventually be batter-rammed into line. After all, only John Brennan was spouting this nonsense. Then James Clapper and James Comey piped up. And there's your "seventeen intelligence agencies".
You see, the seventeen intelligence agencies confirming the Russian hacking of the 2016 election in favor of Trump must be every bit as accurate as the sixty-five member coalition that Obama has fighting against ISIS. What made the government choose the number seventeen for this story? I don't know, it's probably a reference to Joe Biden's IQ.
And yet, if the evidence against Russia is so overwhelming, just where the hell is it? Why must this godforsaken government under Obama be so secretive about every damn thing? We couldn't know the details of TPP and now we're told to believe these incompetents with regard to the tipping of the election toward Trump because of Russia despite the lack of any public dissemination of proof. 
Here's the thing: Out of all the nonsense being alleged in this phony report, the one thing that isn't is that this Russian interference changed the vote count. Clapper has said there is no evidence of this. So what is this anti-Russia angle all about then? It's about the heads of all these agencies, all five of them (not seventeen), all of them globalists, merely trying to discredit the nascent Trump presidency. That's all, folks. Simple as that.
By the way, where is the pantsuit on the torture of the young white man in Chicago? She informs us that Putin holds an obvious grudge against her, that Trump is "spouting the Putin line," and that we must believe in the sanctity of the Russian hacking report. When it could really benefit her, and the Democrats in general, to have something to say roundly condemning the bitterness, hatred and division consuming the country—that they entirely causedand explicitly expressed in the beating and torture of the 18-year-old special needs man by those who forced him to yell "fuck Trump" and "fuck white people," she is silent. Keith Ellison is silent. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are silent. I'm not surprised. They're no doubt searching for more fictional stories about Muslim women getting their hijabs knocked off by white men wearing "Make America Great Again" baseball caps to scream about.
Jeepers, I could just scream. I certainly have every night in my dreams since November 5, 2008.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's news and reviews

commercial photography locationsYet more philanthropic acts committed in the name of the Religion of Pieces. Thirty-nine people have so far died from a New Year's Eve gun massacre at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul. And even though the city's governor outright called it a terrorist attack, most of the media outlets are saying that the incident "is believed to be a terrorist attack." 
Gee, ya' don't say! And there I was thinking, when I first heard about it, that some used car salesman just had a bad day.
This media really is outstandingly moronic. Thank goodness we now officially have an Obama Ministry of Truth to keep shielding people from reality. The best gift ever to jihadic slaughterers. Makes you so proud, does it not?

*   *   *

Has anybody seen Mitt Romney? Where are his thoughts on Russia and Vladimir Putin, the monster who wants to swallow up the entire world?

*   *   *

Barry Obama has said to the nation in his final New Year's address that "it has been the privilege of my life to serve as your President".
Mr. Obama, I say as sincerely as I can, just go. "Retire" to that $5 million D.C. mansion of yours and I don't want to hear anything from your skinny, phenomenally lazy ass ever again. Nor that of your wife, Mrs. Pouty Lips, nor your degenerate, pot-smoking, bratty progeny. How's that, eh? Now send the damned IRS after me, you freak.
Your presidency has been a privilege for you and that of the corporate masters and heads of the identity politics industry that you served, Obama. No-one else.
You, sir, need to be thankful every day—not that I believe for one moment that you will or ever could be—that so many "bitter clingers" across the country voted for you because they were hammered since the day they were born with instructions to feel guilty and that they had no choice but to vote for the black guy, and that alone, sir, is the only reason you got two terms. White guilt. Not white privilege. White guilt.
Well, that, and millions of illegal aliens who poured into the country since January 20, 2009.

*   *   *

I'm serious, where's Mitt Romney? We desperately need your suggestions with regard to Russia, sir.

*   *   *

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said that sanctions against Russia launched by the Obama administration are "overdue". In a statement he issued, Ryan said that the actions being sought against Russia represent an "appropriate way to end eight years of failed policy with Russia".
Not to be outdone, John McCain opined that the Democratic fairy tale that is the Russian hacking of the election on November 8 is "an act of war." McCain seeks a Congressional Select Committee to investigate allegations of Russian interference.
Senator Lindsey Graham also chimed in, all 5-feet-2 of him, waving his arms at the back of the Senate chamber, noting that "bipartisan sanctions will hit Russia hard, particularly Vladimir Putin as an individual."
If there's one grievance I hold against President-elect Donald Trump, it is that he did not attempt to oust Paul Ryan as House Speaker. He should never have endorsed Ryan's primary campaign nor that of McCain.
John McManiac, Lindsey Grahamnesty and RINO "Eddie Munster" Ryan, all best buddies with Obama to the bitter end. How pathetic.

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Mitt? Mittens? Would the real Mitt Romney please stand up, please stand up, please stand up ...