Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump has refined position on illegals, not abandoned it

So apparently it's all doom-and-gloom in the Trump camp. His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, caused a stir when she suggested that a deportation force for illegal aliens may not be realistic. Trump himself has suggested a softer approach on illegals. This has offended many Trump supporters.
This is all Trump needed. He not only has to fight the media, fight the Democrats, fight the establishment Republicans, but now some of his own base.
I see things differently. Trump is letting his voters know now that sending all illegals back is not as straightforward as they have been led to believe. It's better to hear Trump discuss this now instead of looking like a promise-breaker once in office.
Here's the deal: We know who the illegal aliens currently in our prisons are. They can easily be shifted. If the countries from which they came don't want them back, then the U.S. can threaten to withhold foreign aid. The next step is to stop the flow of benefits, social housing, health care and driver's licenses to illegals. Once Uncle Sam and the dumb gringo stop providing the incentive, once everything is no longer free for them in America, a phenomenon of self-deportation will occur.
At that stage, we simply enforce our immigration laws. We let border control and ICE do their jobs.
It is folly to think that 40 million Elian Gonzalez-style raids will erupt across the country if Trump wins the presidency. It won't work like that and it can't work like that. The American people are too sensitive to ever allow it.
Trump is informing us, with three months left until Election Day, that Gestapo tactics are not only unnecessary, but they are wrong, ill-advised and inhumane. Why does anyone have a problem with that?
And, as talk-show host Michael Savage has pointed out, we still need the guest workers to work the fields and build the houses. Americans will not do these jobs even if the pay is commensurate with their expectations. Illegals cannot take jobs from Americans if Americans are not willing to do said jobs. If they come in on a limited-time guest worker program that does not entitle them to the same benefits as citizens, then there should be no issues. Even Switzerland allows foreign nationals to do the labor that the Swiss themselves won't perform.
So, Trump supporters, relax. Trump is not going back on his word. He is just letting us know that "send 'em all back" is not a viable policy if it involves kicking down doors.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

It shouldn't be this difficult to tell which candidate is the true monster

When the pot calls the kettle black to the degree that Barry Hussein Obama did last week, you know that the bias in the government/media complex cannot possibly be any more naked than it currently is.
Last week, Bozo the Big-Eared Boob gave a press conference during his suck-up junket to Asia, telling a crowd of reporters in Singapore that Donald Trump is "unfit to serve as President." With respect to the GOP's support of Trump despite the candidate's bluntness—though some would call it refreshing honesty—Obama rhetorically asked Republicans, "What does this say about your party?"
Do I have to go over what having Hillary Clinton, especially after eight years of this complete failure of a President, says about the Democrats?
She has been a complete hack—what the Left, her defenders, laughably prefer to call a "public servant"—her whole life. Hillary could never have achieved any sort of power if not for her marriage to Bill Clinton, without which she would have been a complete loser her whole life. She was jettisoned from her job as a House Judiciary Committee staffer in 1974 for being what Watergate investigation chief counsel Jerry Zeifman called "a liar" as well as "an unethical, dishonest lawyer" who was seeking to deny Richard Nixon the right to counsel during the investigation. Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster, Benghazi. She defended her rapist husband by referring to his victims as "nuts and sluts". E-mail scandals and using an unsecured private server as Secretary of State. Although FBI director James Comey did not recommend indictment or had her testimony under oath, he has said that "it is possible that hostile actors gained access" to information on her server.
She has solicited the support of Khizr Khan, a charlatan, an immigration lawyer whose job it is to get Saudis and Pakistanis into the country—basically profiting in visas for rich Muslims—a proven sharia law-supporter, based on his past writings, who is tied to the Clinton Foundation and whose career would pretty much tank under Trump's proposed ban on foreign Muslims. Khan alleges that Trump has never made any sacrifices, a truly laughable accusation to aim at a prominent businessman, but hasn't detailed any sacrifices that Hillary has ever made. (Oh wait, there aren't any.)
Also supporting Hillary is Seddique Mateen, the father of a jihadist mass-murderer who shot dead forty-nine people just months ago in the same city where Clinton was holding a rally that he attended. Mateen was seen sitting just twenty feet away from Clinton, pretty much front-and-center at the event in the Orlando suburb of Kissimmee. When interviewed by a gobsmacked member of the local media, Mateen said, "Hillary Clinton is good for United States [sic]." Allahu akhbar! You dumb infidels, heh heh heh. You can just picture Mateen's Saddam Hussein-style moustache rising up and down with each vicious chuckle.
Yet when Patricia Smith simply wants to know why her son, former information officer Sean Smith, was killed and why she was lied to about the events leading up to his death, Clinton cruelly dismisses her and won't talk to her any further. There is no outrage by the media. The Trump people are being so horrible to the "Gold Star" Khan family, but a complete lack of justice for Patricia Smith bothers no-one in the elite. Smith told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon:
She purposely treats me like dirt, and will not answer any questions that I have. And then I see her on TV, saying 'It was not my bailiwick.' This is the only person I've ever heard of who doesn't have a bailiwick when you're running the whole darn department! If it was her department, and it's not her bailiwick—why? Why can't these things be answered to me? Why did my son have to die, if it's not her bailiwick? Whose bailiwick was it? Who gave the order to pull all the security? I guess it's not her. I need these things answered, and I think I have the right to have them answered. What happens is, I get—people tell me, people until very recently told me that they put a hit on me, because they don't like the way I talk. Well, I'm still here, people. I'm still here, and I still want to know why my son is dead.
But the media and the establishment of both parties just wish Patricia Smith would go away. What a pain in the ass for poor Hillary! That's right, I said both parties, because Paul 'RINO' Ryan, Mittens Romney, Lindsey 'Grahamnesty', Glenn 'Cheeto Face' Beck and all these other Republican "heroes" can jump on Trump's case over the Khans, but they say nothing about the Democrats' total rejection of Patricia Smith's requests for answers to her inconvenient questions.
At long last, some justice may come Patricia Smith's way as she, along with Benghazi victim Tyrone Woods' father Charles, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court against Hillary Clinton. We shall see what comes of this. As usual, Hillary will probably take her place in court with that snarky bitch-face of hers, wondering why she must once again be made to answer for something.
Seriously, what has Hillary Clinton ever done, for anyone but herself? Donald Trump, along with Tony Schwartz, authored a book in 1987 called The Art of the Deal. With respect to that book, a reviewer for the New York Times said of Trump, "He makes one believe in the American dream again." In 2006, Trump teamed up with well-known motivational speaker, self-help guru and investor Robert Kiyosaki to author Why We Want You to be Rich. And what has Hillary given the world? Two self-pitying bitch-fests entitled Living History and Hard Choices and a tome in which she argues passionately for Big Daddy Government to bring children up, 1996's It Takes a Village. I know which books I would rather read. I would learn something constructive from Trump. It Takes a Village would school me in deconstruction of sorts, and I don't care for that.
So, to get back on track ... Let's see, I am supposed to feel horrified that Trump called on Russia to give back Hillary's e-mails. Right. That's so appalling! It defies the narrative from the diabolical neoconservatives, who wish to send more of America's young men and women to perish in far-off lands so they can make their blood money from contractors. Yeah, I'm really pissed off about that. Yep, yep.
Then I'm supposed to rethink my support for the Trump campaign because he expressed the thought that Mr. Khan's wife, Ghazala, didn't speak at the DNC convention because the sharia law that her husband supports doesn't allow her to. I refuse to buy the media narrative that she can't speak of her son because she'll get too upset. No, she'll be smacked across the room by Khzir once they get home if she does. Trump is 100 percent correct in his observation.
Now I'm expected to be furious because the media insists that Trump subtly called for Hillary's assassination at a rally in North Carolina. OK, let's have a look at what Trump actually said:
Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick her judges [for the Supreme Court], nothing you can do, folks. Although for the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know.
The media has treated this comment, taking out of context as they always do, as a sort of "wink, wink" suggestion that Hillary get a cap in her mammoth ass by gun-rights loonies. It is clear to anyone with a brain that what Trump meant was that the government is not going to take away people's Constitutionally protected right to self-defense without a hard fight. Second Amendment supporters know where they stand and they will defend the principles in the Bill of Rights, especially since they know that once the Second Amendment falls, the First won't be far behind. Freedom of speech will officially give way to political correctness, to be enforced in a style that would make Stalin cry with pride.
If you want to play the game involving veiled threats, I've got some examples for you, dear reader: In May 2008, Hillary Clinton herself referenced Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 assassination to explain why she was still running in the Democrat primaries against then-Senator Obama. Where was the media to accuse Hillary of pulling the "wink, wink"? Last month, Elizabeth Warren told Stephen Colbert that it was imperative that her base—the hardcore Left—must, with regard to Trump, "take him out now." Now, I'm sure the good whiter-than-white Native American senator from Taxachusetts did not intend to suggest that Trump be assassinated, nor was it necessary for her to clarify. But, by the media's standards, it sure can be interpreted as a threat, no? Establishment GOP hack consultant Rick Wilson, who looks like a goddamned pedophile if I may be allowed to say, opined last summer that the donor class must "put a bullet" in Trump. The reaction to that was, of course, complete media silence.

I is in ur internets
Getting ur young boys to play with me

Two key points:
(1) I'm supposed to take offense to an apparently succinct reference to Hillary Clinton's assassination when this bitter, dried-up, barely living period stain is responsible for at least SEVEN murders? Those would be former White House deputy Vince Foster, Benghazi victims Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri, and Democrat National Committee staffer and Bernie Sanders supporter Seth Rich, who, as a result of his righteous rage, was prepared to blow the whistle on the Clintons, exposing their delegate-stealing, vote-rigging modus operandi. Seriously, I am? Go fuck yourself.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has vowed a $20,000 sum for whoever comes forward with any provable information regarding Rich's death and I hope it produces a result very soon.
(2) The bitch is dying anyway, and right in front of our eyes. Constant coughing at the podium. Weird brain freezes and head jerks. She nearly referred to Trump as her husband recently. (I'm perfectly sure that gave the Donald some screaming abdab-laden nightmares.)
But, for the mother of all proof, Clinton couldn't even walk up six friggin' stairs. Six. Stairs. Not six flights of stairs. Six damn stairs. Staff had to help drag her pathetic, solar eclipse-causing butt up to the landing. She is 69 years old. Not 89, not 99. I don't buy for one damn minute that a 69-year-old can't climb six stairs, unless it's already obvious that they're seriously sick. And that's Hillary. Sick in the head since birth, but now very sick in body. She is ridden with blood clots. Some medical experts have theorized that Hillary is prone to a pulmonary embolism, which would (thankfully) finish her off.

"Jesus Christ, this damn whore would weigh only 100 pounds if it weren't for that 50-pound caboose of hers!"

As always, I continue to be perplexed not only by the reluctance of the media to tell the truth, but of the Hitler-in-the-bunker, establishment Republicans who continue to see Trump as the embodiment of all evil when all he's done is construct buildings and say out loud what most normal people are thinking, when we have a demonstrable monster as his opponent. This is impudence on the grandest of scales.
Just for the record, all you "Never Trump" shitheads? Yeah, I'm still blaming you if Hillary wins in November.