Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Adjusting to the Disunited Bolshevik States of America

commercial photography locationsSleep isn't coming easy to me tonight. And it's no wonder why. A five-hour session of housework and a two-mile run haven't put me any closer to drifting off. Then, when you realize that you've lost your country, that you're absolutely no longer living in the world you grew up in, it's difficult to have the peace of mind to snooze.
I need to ask, does anyone who's decent, who isn't a black-clad THUG, give a damn about anything other than the fare they view on Netflix and the fare they fill their stomachs with? Is there anyone out there who cares about anything other than their big barbeque, big TV, big car, big salary and big dick? Because you sure as fuck weren't there at the Boston Free Speech rally on Saturday.
Let me fill you in on what you missed, because you obviously did—all you brave keyboard warriors, all those of you who on Monday will be bitching and kvetching over the phone to Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Jeff Kuhner, et al., and pretending to care. A handful of libertarians, a few of them left-of-center like Garret Kirkland—a former Occupy Boston leader, for Chrissakes—were chased off the bandstand on the Boston Common, outnumbered ten to one, before they so much as said "First Amendment".
Sure, you did have some borderline insane speakers like the self-named Augustus Sol Invictus. I don't know his real name; it's probably something like Bobby Blankenheimer or Waldo Fritz Crustenpantz. He has some admittedly pretty far-out-there points of view, a reactionary who is also a pagan and who once sacrificed a goat. Believe me, I have no reason to like this individual. But if he's a white supremacist, then prove it—until such time, he has a right to say whatever is on his tiny mind to whatever audience has the dubious pleasure of being subjected to him.
The organizers of the rally, the Boston Free Speech Coalition, could not have made it any clearer where they stood:
We denounce the politics of supremacy and violence. We denounce the actions, activities, and tactics of the so-called Antifa movement. We denounce the normalization of political violence.
Maybe, just maybe, if these people had been given their permit without quibble, the media hadn't paid any mind to them, it hadn't been ratcheted up as the latest Charlottesville by the mayor and governor, things would have been just fine. It would have been a picnic in the park. But, no. The rabble must be roused. It's the American way. That's who we are.
Given the ferocity of the counter-protest led by the new fascists, the free speech rally collapsed on its own and its speakers ushered away under police protection, all the while being mocked by the new brownshirts. In its wake, every media source you turn to reports that a "far-Right" rally in Boston was shouted down by peaceful, loving Bostonians. You know, the Antifa and Black Lives Matter (Only When White People are Involved) folks, the communists, the Alenskyites and the Marxist professors. Real good apple-pie-and-mom Americans with their signs announcing "White People Suck!"
And what did the billionaire-in-chief have to say about this? Why, this sort of thing will bring "our country" together! After initially accusing the anti-Free Speech rabble of being "anti-police agitators," which was the truth, he completely turned on himself and opined:
Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need protest in order to heal, & we will heal, & be stronger than ever before! I want to applaud the many protestors [sic] in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. Our country will soon come together as one!
Got that? Resisting free speech is "speaking out against bigotry and hate". Gee, thanks, Mr. President. That was very helpful. I'm sure the regressive Bolshevik Left is very grateful and of course won't acknowledge the gift you just handed them. Now that Steve Bannon, the only person in this entire administration who kept (or tried to keep) Mr. Trump on track and on message, has been shown the door, who is advising this President? Binky the Clown?
Nobody, of course, would ever suggest we clamp down on the subjective speech on CNN, MSNBC and Fox. The only speech we need and require is that of Jim Acosta, Joy Reed, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith and the like. C'mon, dear reader, you know it's true. Otherwise, we risk becoming a white supremacist nation full of hate and division and wounds that never heal! Forgive me while I emit a short but sharp girly squeak of horror. You see, I have to learn how to sound like a Leftist because it's apparent I will be completely absorbed by them soon. This is the lesson we should all take from Boston on Saturday. But, of course, we won't learn from that experience. That would be expecting those with brains to actually use them. And that, sure as shit, never happens.
Let's backtrack to Mssr. Bannon, if we could. I suppose the writing was on the wall for him ever since John Kelly became Chief of Staff. Yet, Ivanka and Jared, whose swanky metropolitan faces I could not possibly be more sick of if I tried to be, remain. Gen. Kelly apparently does not see a problem with obvious, naked nepotism in the White House. Kellyanne Conway—not to be confused with Gen. Kelly, this isn't the Rocky Horror Picture Show although it is a whole slew of other unmentionables—remains. This Cruz loyalist, this woman-child who had nothing good to say about Trump throughout 2016, this stick-figure who sat on the Oval Office sofa like an eight-year-old on her bed listening to One Direction in front of the dignified and learnéd men of the historically black colleges who were meeting with Trump. She's still there. Gary Cohn, that loudmouth, remains. Oh sure, he was "disgusted" with Trump for disbanding an advisory council of CEOs who did nothing but severely criticize and squawk at the President. Yet Cohn hasn't walked, nor has he been shown the way out. But it's all fine and dandy, because Trump is sitting in the main chair, so you know the country is going to just magically materialize into that right-of-center, libertarian, laissez-faire paradise you thought you would be getting. The problem, mes amis, is you still think you're going to get it.
Bannon, after his removal from the White House, said that the Trump administration that its supporters worked so hard to have is now over, and he’s spot on in that assessment.
Now then, in the aftermath of the failed Boston free speech rally, Mr. Trump also thanked Mayor Marty Walsh, that pinky-ringed union thug, for his so-called good work. The same Walsh who continually portrayed that rally for what it was not. The same Walsh who threatened to shut it down the moment some idiot's feelings were hurt. The same Walsh who opposed Trump and has vowed to defy the administration's stance against sanctuary cities. It would be nice to see Boston's reward for peacefully opposing bigotry be a complete revoking of the federal funds it receives. But it won't happen. I've been hearing about this threat to sanctuary cites for what feels like forever, so I'm not expecting it to actually be carried out anytime soon. Much in the same vein as "drain the swamp."
It certainly doesn't help that this President appears to have no capacity for learning from experience. He endorsed John McCain when Kelli Ward really could have used his support instead. He endorsed Paul Ryan. He endorsed Mitch McConnell. He backed every establishment stooge in the GOP that he was told to, ensuring that the "MAGA"-chanting Trumpbots would not primary any of these completely useless minions of the new world order. Now, proving he's learned nothing, Trump is backing McConnell's boy Luther Strange over the real conservative-minded reformer Roy Moore in Alabama. But don't tell the red baseball cap-wearing automatons. America is being made great while Antifa and BLM (OWWPI) constantly run riot without consequence nor punishment and free speech is given the bum's rush in Berkeley, in Boston and everywhere in between.
As for you Trump-bots who claim you will help him drain the swamp and clean up Washington, how will you do that? You can't attend or even support a simple free speech rally, you dumb fucks! I know, you had too many beers to drink while scratching your butt. “Family time,” I think they call it.
When will BLM and Antifa be defined and treated like the terrorists that they are? What more will it take? Where the FUCK is Jeff Sessions's DoJ on this? For all you oh-so level-headed people out there wanting me to calm down, WHEN. IS. THE. FIGHTBACK. GOING. TO. COME??? Could you actually answer that question, in your best estimation (if you have one), instead of merely telling me that I'm irrational and disjointed? You expect me to be happy and think a great job is being done when small armies of violent agitators assault people and rack of tens of thousands worth of damage and always get away with it? Yes, I'm the irrational one, quite clearly.
We can't be quicker to condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists as domestic terrorists. And let me be honest: We are RIGHT to do so (no pun intended). I have no love whatsoever for these pathetic inbreds nor for any kind of horrific society they would create. These peckerheads would make ISIS look respectable. Believe me, I love the sight of a neo-Nazi's head being cracked wide open. I could watch that shit all day.
My problem is, when these heads get cracked by those who have viciously assaulted others in the same manner, just for supporting free speech or for respecting Civil War monuments or daring to be a fan of the current President (many of whom voted for Obama twice, I would like to point out), I get very angry. I would like to start observing some cracked heads on the other side, but golly gee, it never fucking happens. We can't make these thugs, who give Hitler constant wet dreams in Hell, pay for their crimes or intolerance or bigotry. Why, that would be insensitive and not the American way. Mitt Romney, John McCain, Marco Rubio and others in the Establishment swamp have said so. These people are standing up against hatred! My God, don't even think of touching these precious snowflakes, they are the cornerstone of this country's democracy.
When Trump correctly pointed out that both sides in Charlottesville were at fault, and that the jack-boots of Antifa had no permit while the neo-Nazis did, he was decried as a defender of white supremacists and an apology from him is demanded by the high priests of political correctness. Because legitimate protesters come armed with sticks, helmets, shields and homemade flamethrowers, am I right?
Furthermore, consider this, dear reader. The organizer of the so-called Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville was one Jason Kessler. This man has no previous record of right-wing activism prior to Donald Trump’s election. In fact, he was an Obama supporter and affiliated with the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center, partly funded by George Soros. We’re to believe that Mr. Kessler became an alt-Right, white supremacist/nationalist maniac in the space of just a few weeks? This whiffs of the same inharmonious and extremely dubious air that Bashar al-Assad gassed his own people just days after Rex Tillerson announced that the U.S. would allow Syria to sort itself out. There was no proof whatsoever to demonstrate that Assad was responsible, that it wasn’t another false-flag operation to further American involvement in the Syrian civil war and antagonism against Russia. Now we are expected to earnestly and unquestionably believe that Kessler’s Virginia rally wasn’t a set-up to make white Americans look vicious and unstable? I guarantee you that if the roles were reversed, the media would be demanding verification beyond any shadow of doubt.
For those of you who read this blog and may even enjoy it, I thank you. However, I need to go in a different direction. I can't keep writing about Trump and Congress and the great stuff that isn't getting accomplished. I can't continue to discuss pipe dreams and a reality I would love to see that isn't forthcoming anytime soon. I'm just slowly killing myself heartbreak by heartbreak. This kind of constant disappointment is not healthy and I need to remove myself from it.
I will take a hiatus, maybe for as long as a month, and when I write again, I will focus on the more arcane aspects of the news, both in Britain and America—things that you may not have heard. Maybe I'll share more personal stories with you all. I don't know, I have to figure it out. I'm not giving up this blog, it just has to go in a different direction for the sake of my sanity.
I'll leave you with a perfect example of what I mean. Barcelona—a beautiful city that I have been to twice—was hit with an Islamic terrorist attack. How long over the course of this blog's history have I repeatedly condemned these terrorists and called out the governments that do precious little to prevent or combat it? Too long.
By the way, I would like, at this juncture, to repeat my call for vehicle control. It’s obvious that these things are indiscriminate killing machines that too often fall into the wrong hands. Vehicle control NOW! I’m just trying to use liberal so-called logic to try to defeat the terrorist threat and save lives.
Seriously, I feel for the dead and injured in Barcelona and I dearly hope justice will be done. But I cannot write about it, because it's beating a dead horse. I really have no idea what to say about it that I haven't said a hundred times before.
And now I have nothing more I feel that I can constructively say about the lunacy of government, be it in the US, the UK or anywhere in the West. It is what it is and I think we'd better learn to live with it, because it's obvious it is not changing. Not while George Soros bankrolls everybody who fits into the hundreds of splinter groups he's created. Not while the generals the President surrounds himself with are stalwart defenders of geopolitics circa 1945. Not while Jeff Bezos is swallowing up every aspect of our lives through Amazon and linking arms with rabidly anti-free speech technocrats like the heads of Facebook, Google and YouTube.
If you think that sounds too conspiracy theorist or "irrational" for your tastes, go have some cookies and milk, find your safe space and report me to the relevant authorities for being a big meanie. I’m sure my own free speech rights are next in the line of fire.