Thursday, April 26, 2007

Please, just start shooting the bastards!

This is just one of the many things about life in this country that drive me mad. Welcome to Britain, where the criminal dictates to the police, not the other way around. This has got to be the fourth such story I've heard in the past year. No kidding.
This wasn't a hostage situation, was it? But given the way police pussy-footed around and catered to his trailer-trash ass for six goddamned hours, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was the hostage situation of the century. I tell you, anywhere in America that this young shit tried this, he'd have been shot with a stun gun and the police probably would have stood back as he tumbled off, allowing him to break an arm or a leg (or hopefully both) in the process. I know that's exactly what I would have done. (In fact, I personally really wouldn't care if he'd split his head open upon impact, but alas, that could never be official police protocol.)
Instead, this waste of precious oxygen demanded a cigarette and McDonald's food from the police. Aside from the very unsurprising fact that this loathesome tracksuited dipshit considers McDonald's food a square meal—he also probably listens to rap and pretends he's a "brutha"—what is even less surprising is that the police catered to him.
The pussies that our "law enforcement" officers have become under eight years of soft-touch Labour has left them unable to act even in situations like this. They've got to respect his human rights, even if in this case, said rights apply to a sub-human species of primate as opposed to a genuine human. I repeat, if this kid had tried this in the U.S., he'd have been shot off the roof less than a minute after police arrived. It would be nice if the police in this country took law enforcement even half that seriously.

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sid said...

yeh - but whenever police use tasers all we get is "he was only 17" and "he's never any trouble" etc...