Sunday, February 10, 2008

Star: July 2006-February 2008

Last Tuesday, we faced the sort of decision that we never look forward to: having one of our furry, twitchy-nosed kids put to sleep.
Star, one of the most affectionate, people-friendly rats we've ever had, had to be euthanized. You see, rats are very prone to a bacterial infection known as mycoplasma. Eventually, it ravages their respiratory system and it's just a matter of time until they become lethargic and struggle to breathe. Star had two days at the veterinarian's office, spending that time in an oxygen tank. But it was too late, the mycoplasma infection had done its irreparable damage. We were hoping antibiotics and oxygen would help her out and allow her a few more months, but it was simply not to be.
It's so unfair because Star was only 19 months old. Usually, mycoplasma doesn't kill until a rat is around 24 months old.
I still remember the way Star would playfully nip me whenever I flipped her on her back and scritched her belly. I laugh everytime I think about it.
Star really was a star. She won The London Paper's Pet of the Month award last February. Everyone who had the pleasure of making her acquaintance would never see rats the same way again. You never saw a creature so happy and full of life—until that hellspawn bacteria in her lungs took her life.
Godspeed, little Star. Mummy and Papa enjoyed every single second we shared with you.


kristen said...

It's always sad when a pet dies. I'm sure Star will be missed.

Nightdragon said...

Thank you, K. She was a good girl, a real gentle soul.

Mouse1972 said...

Sorry about the loss of your pet rattie :-( My rat Mr. Black died today :-(

Nightdragon said...

Sorry to hear about Mr. Black. My condolensces.