Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A few reasons to smile ...

Things here in London seem to have gotten much brighter, literally and figuratively. Indeed, I have two major things to smile about:
1. The gloomy, rainy, breezy and cold garbage that has passed for weather around here for far too long has finally blown away to be replaced by warm sunshine. I may even sunbathe later today! With temperatures forecast to be around the 75° mark, I'm loathe to miss out on the opportunity.
2. We now have a Conservative mayor of London! That Hugo Chavez-embracing, Fidel Castro-worshipping dictator Ken Livingstone is now out of a job! Nothing makes me happier than that. Boris Johnson may be a little buffoonish, but I have every reason to believe he'll be much better than Red Ken at providing Londoners with a safer city, one to truly be proud of.
And 3. Labour got pounded in local elections nationwide. The Conservatives won 44%, the Lib Dems 25% and Labour, in third place with 24%! We may just be witnessing the rise of Conservative rule again in Britain! Gordon Brown says he "gets" the message and will turn Labour around, but I really don't believe him. Even if he does, it's only because he fears Labour and himself losing power; it's a cynical move. Let me put it to you this way, Gordon me chum: unless your re-branding of Labour, your Cabinet reshuffles, your revised proposals put more money in our pockets and gets these tin-Hitler council busybodies off our backs, there's no way you're getting elected two years from now. Notice I didn't say "re-elected," because you weren't elected in the first place. We have Tony Blair to blame for you.
All this is assuming, of course, that Labour doesn't oust Brown before 2010. But then they'll stick us with that Eurocentric David Miliband, and I fear that Miliband will be an even worse nightmare.


The Ugly American said...

I haven't been on a nice, or Nice vacation in forever! I was over there years ago on a big gray thing...actually, a medium sized gray thing...

Enjoy yourself MEM and thanks for the great comment you left on my blog!

kristen said...

Having conservatives in charge is always something to smile about. I hope we have the same luck here (although I'm doubtful).

Enjoy the vacay!