Friday, August 29, 2008

Is the "freedom cage" the ultimate litmus test for Lefties?

There's something at the Democratic National Convention in Denver called the "freedom cage," and that some of the rhetoric spouted from within is decidedly anti-Obama in nature.
"[D]on't put all your hopes in Obama," said one Adam Jung, an organiser with the Tent State University protest group. "He's not an anti-war candidate. He's billing himself as that. It's not true."
I need not say anything else about this except, just how far to the Left would you have to be to regard Barack Obama as the antithesis to all the hopes, aspirations and principles you hold dear to your heart as a committed pinko? Cripes, didn't the man score 100 percent with the ACLU? (Just kidding, I know it's only 79 percent.)
Better tell R.E.M. Those dudes are flashing images of Mr. Obama on the screen behind them at their concerts. They ought to rethink that. In fact, I would actually derive great pleasure from hearing Michael Stipe tell foreign audiences, like the one in Ireland the other day: "We love our country, but hate our government. And it's not going to get any better over there. Just as Bush stole the Presidency from Gore, Obama stole the Democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton!" You want to get political, shiny happy people? There you go!
But, seriously, speaking of Barack Obama—I have nothing but the most serious contempt for the backward, toothless, rednecked crackers who attempted an assassination on him. It's about as dispiriting as things can get.
Bad enough trying to kill someone simply because you don't like their politics or way of doing things. But to qualify your reasons for attempting to take someone out as "because he's the wrong color?" It just blows my mind.
I certainly don't like Barack Obama, but I don't wish him dead. I don't even want him to stub his toe. (I even pulled for Bill Clinton during his heart troubles.) I am content that he lives a long, happy life should he be so blessed.
I only hope that he loses his bid for the Presidency.


kristen said...

Guess I'll be throwing away my R.E.M. albums (actually, I don't have those anymore). Stupid celebrities.

We will always have crazies pulling assassination attempts. Maybe this will push Obama to go for stricter punishment on criminals.

Nightdragon said...

Actually, I was quite surprised to learn the other day that Obama supports the death penalty -- but, alas, only in extreme cases.

East of Eden said...

Don't you think though, if Obama does become president that there will be an assination attempt by some idiot like those arrestd in Denver? I just see so many parallels to's kind of scary. I don't want him president, but I don't want him dead either....

The Ugly American said...

You see what heppens without a freedom cage? Those riots outside the RNC yesterday....some people just need to be kept in cages!