Thursday, June 4, 2009

One dead, many spared?

All right, I'll be the first to admit that I find anyone who is both a church-goer and a doctor who's willing to perform late-term abortions to have a very strange relationship with his conscience. I do not, however, think that he should be killed. I am anti-abortion myself, but I do not subscribe to the militant pro-life hypothesis that one life killed is many spared.
George Tiller was no angel given the slaughter he engaged in. I understand that the very thought of his work is truly cringeworthy—and I certainly don't comprehend how you could have a relationship with God while tearing a person apart in the womb. It is positively grotesque.
But George Tiller needed to answer to God for that. As long as late-term abortions remain legal, he could not be tried for murder. But for Pete's sake, take it up with your Congressman; no matter how disgusted you may be by Tiller's profession, you are not the jury, judge and executioner in his case.
The far-Christian Right whackjob that shot him was clearly in that frame of mind, and he is far from alone. These people do honestly frighten me. If they had their way, we'd be living in a theological state no different from that of Saudi Arabia or Iran. (Only, our God would be better than their God, and we know that to be true because we said so!) Pardon the pun, but God help us.
(If me having said that, in light of yesterday's entry endorsing the Christian Party, seems strange to you, just know that I consider there to be a great deal of difference between Christian values versus Christian fundamentalism. I revere the former; I despise the latter.)
Ask yourself if you feel sympathy for animal rights campaigners who kill researchers and bomb their laboratories. No? They're insane, and they're terrorists, you say? If I am disgusted and disheartened by vivisection (which I am), you're saying that I must work within the law to express my outrage?
Well, I agree, but tell me why, exactly, is that not also true in the case of abortion clinics and the doctors who work there?
The fact remains, Tiller was a person already out in the world, someone whose life was still technically sacred. How can anyone say that he would not repent for his crimes later in life? You cannot kill to prevent killings, except in war. And honestly, folks, is that what this whole putrid abortion debate comes down to?
At a Wichita memorial service in memory of the late doctor, one mourner's sign read: "Tiller's Killer Is A Terrorist Hypocrite Coward." I whole-heartedly agree.

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East of Eden said...

totally agree with you 100% on this one. What really concerns me is that when stuff like this happens, it makes the rest of us who have a normal view of the stituaion look crazy too.