Thursday, April 29, 2010

Screw the Arizona boycott!

Everyone's up in arms over this new law in Arizona that will make life mighty tough for illegal immigrants. Our Messiah of a President, Democrats, Hispanics, and liberal citizens are appalled. Boycott Arizona!, they demand.
But it's not that easy. This was a long time in coming. The Feds sit on the border, contemplating their navels, because they have very little power to detain people coming north. The Minutemen, brave, patriotic men and women who patrol the border themselves, have never had any endorsement or help from any administration, Republican or Democrat. The way to deal with illegal immigrants, we hear, is to grant them amnesty and set them up on the fast-track to citizenship.
Break the law, get rewarded for it. What a country.
In case the more sensitive citizens of our nation have spectacularly failed to notice, Mexico is in the grips of a vicious drug war. Any ability to spread out and extend the war into U.S. territory will be seen as a first-rate opportunity to the Mexican gangs and drug cartel.
Arizona is a "hot spot" for illegal immigrants and has the most problems with border crossings and it is taking its toll on the state, its resources and its ability to provide: for the safety and concerns of its residents and those of the immigrants themselves.
If Arizona sorts the problem of illegal immigration out through this law, might California, New Mexico and Texas all follow suit? Is that what scares Mexican-Americans, the President of Mexico (whose condemnation of the law was predictable), and all their related Hispanic brethren already in the country who so passionately believe in America's future destiny to para hablar espaƱol?
As we say in should-be de facto American English, "you betcha."
But no strong-arm tactics in defense of American property or values pass politically correct muster these days. This whole furore over Arizona's law means that lots of Americans believe their country has no right to a secure, stable future. And that is sad beyond words. The Obama-effect, I call it.
So, f*** you, all you liberal, dickweed, Messiah-voting c*nts. You're the reason Arizona took these drastic measures. Boycott Arizona, you say? Well, I'll be going out of my way to purchase Arizonian products. A tall glass of Arizona Iced Tea, anyone?


Duane Jones said...

Mark, do you really think this law will stop illegal immigration?

As you pointed out, there is a drug war in Northern Mexico. That war is because US citizens want their drugs, but drugs are illegal in the US. So, like during Prohibition, gangs are controlling the production and distribution. Loosen the drug laws and the gangs' power will wane, just like when Prohibition was lifted. Then, stability will return to that region.

But back to this law, do you really think these illegal immigrants are terrible people who should face incarceration and fines just for trying to find opportunity for work? There are 15 million illegal immigrants in the US. Are they really a such a menace? There are other real problems that the US faces. Illegal immigration is not one of them. It's a reaction to high unemployment.

Finally, how will you verify who is a legal citizen and who is not? If I recall, US citizens do not have ID cards. Arizona accepts a driver's license as valid proof, but I don't have a driver's license. So, how do prove that I have the right to be in Arizona?

Your liberal, dickweed, Messiah-voting c*nt of cousin.

Nightdragon said...


Maybe it's high time most Americans in general, and espcially those in Arizona, considered getting what is called a passport. Then border control can specify who's a citizen and who isn't.

Arizona's law is tough, no doubt about it. But too many years of lax immigration policies have led to this situation. I'm willing to concede that perhaps this is locking the stable door after the horse has bolted, but I still think the law is a message that needs to be sent.

I used to agree with you about Prohibition and the drug war. But we're fooling ourselves if we think the drug cartel and its gangs will just go away. They'll simply try to feed the legal market, or compete against government-sanctioned drugs by offering shittier-cut drugs with lower prices, and still kill anyone who gets in their way.

And you're not a c***, you're my cuz, and I respect you, despite your politics.

goddessdivine said...

I would fly to Arizona in a heartbeat to buy Arizona products. They are doing the right thing. I love how the libs scream "civil rights!" when all this law does is reinforce a law already on the books. Last time I checked, someone who breaks the law is supposed to account for it. This whole controversy has me up in arms. And Duane, with all due respect....illegal immigration is HUGE problem. They are sucking this country dry with entitlement programs and filling up about 30% of our prisons. Bottom line: They are breaking the law!

Duane Jones said...

Passports are meant for international travel, not for proving citizenship. But, I understand your point. However, to suggest that US citizens get identification to prove they are citizens violates their rights. The burden is on the state to demonstrate guilt. And that is why I am opposed to the Arizona law.
I don't disagree that illegal immigrants should be deported when caught. However, I don't think it's worth sacrificing my rights to innocence before guilt to enforce the law. And, whether by design or not, the Arizona law is racist.
And I didn't take your jab at liberals personally. It was in jest.
I disagree that illegal immigration is a big problem. I don't see how illegals can suck government programs dry. (If illegals are able to take advantage of government programs then there's a problem with the process.) I would hazard a guess that most of the 15 million illegals are hard-working, and otherwise law-abiding citizens who are looking for opportunity. Nothing wrong with people looking for opportunity. It happen in the Roman Empire and it happened to the native Americans (who I think would find the complaints about illegal immigration rather ironic if their fate weren't so tragic).

rocslinger said...

I don't mean to pile on here but a country that cannot maintain its sovreintry soon fails to be a nation. Yes, their are hard working illegals in our country but it would best if we could keep track of them by guest worker programs. Their are also those unwanteds who are passed on to us by the Mexican government and let us not fail to mention the terrorists that walk into our country through the southern border (I can think of eight deceased for example. Another problem is the depression of wages because of the flow of Illegals, we're not just talking agriculture jobs but construction as well as restaurant and service jobs. AZ law by itself will not stop illegal immigration but it certainly sheds light on the failure of our federal government to do it's job. Where was this outrage when it was the feds job to do what Azizona is now steping up to the plate to do? Oh thats right, the feds wern't.