Saturday, September 18, 2010

And you may wonder why I'm not a card-carrying Tea Party member ...

The Montana Republican Party wants to criminalize homosexuality by making it illegal. Montana's long-standing anti-gay policy was struck down in 1997 by the state Supreme Court, but the state Legislature never repealed the law, which Republicans now wish to confirm. The state's GOP chairman Will Deschamps confirmed that two-thirds of Montana Republicans voted in favor of the statute.
Way to go, guys. That's the spirit. A real winner, a sure-fire method of getting people on the GOP's side.
Why don't you outlaw daydreaming as well? I'm sure if someone tried hard enough, they could control the urge to visit Cloud 9. If they don't, that means they just don't care about society's good standards. Lock 'em up. They clearly show a desire to not live in the real world and we simply cannot tolerate that sort of deviancy. It's a threat to our way of life.
Why not criminalize homosexuality? Sounds like a great idea. It falls perfectly into line with the sort of platform that deems Creationism sound educational policy and the idolatry of a bully with too much space between her ears.
As if society doesn't have enough misfits who deserve locking up, Montana Republicans wish to protect their desire to create more criminals.
Honestly, I'm sick and tired of the extremists calling the shots. Is a Republican Party dedicated to law-and-order and free-market economics as well as personal liberty and a right-libertarian platform too much to ask?

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rocslinger said...

I agree with you that this kind of extremist thinking is counterproductive. Even though I am a christian I am not usually a social issues conservative. I would like to think that their are more conservatives that have a live and let live (libertarian) philosphy than their are of the, "let's make a new law banning behavior we don't understand", variety. Maybe I'm fooling myself.

The Tea Party movement is a very broad based movement and I don't think that it's members can be type cast into one narrow mold. I am hopeful that most Tea Partyer's would not be in support of Montana GOPs platform.