Thursday, October 21, 2010

Voting for the "shock wave"

BOSTON, U.S.A.—Today, during my last day on my old stomping ground, I voted in the 2010 Massachusetts elections. I voted a straight Republican ticket, including Charlie Baker for governor, Dr. Gerry Dembrowski for Representative, William C. Campbell for Secretary of State and Karyn Polito for Treasurer.
There were no Republicans running for Sheriff of Middlesex County, so I wrote in Tony Blair for the position. Even his detractors would agree that he'd make a good cowboy.
There was also no-one from the GOP running for District Attorney. I wrote in Ted Crilly, the well-meaning but accident-prone priest of Father Ted fame.
I voted "yes" on all three ballot questions. A Yes on Question 1 would remove the sales tax on alcoholic beverages, where the sale of such beverages or their importation into the state is already subject to a separate excise tax under state law. Yes on Question 2 would repeal a state law allowing the issuance of a single comprehensive permit to build housing that includes low- or moderate-income units. And, most importantly, Yes on Question 3—the ballot question whose result I'm most interested in—would reduce the state sales and use tax rates (which were 6.25% as of September 2009) to 3% as of January 1, 2011. YES ON 3!!!
Now I'm as prepared as I'll ever be to return to England with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that I played my part in what will hopefully be a Republican "shock wave" and the beginning of era of lower taxes reverberating across the Bay State on November 2.


goddessdivine said...

Woohoo! Always vote yes on lower taxes!! ;-)

I'm thinking this election cycle will be more like a hurricane or tsunami. Let's hope so anyways!

Nightdragon said...

It's great, isn't it? Remember how in the wake of Obama's election, we were told the Republicans were dead in the water, it would take them at least a decade to recover, blah-de-blah?

Well, just two short years later, we just might witness a nationwide Republican landslide. Hmmm, maybe Obama is the Messiah, after all! He's certainly delivering one campaign promise -- change!

rocslinger said...

Why do hate so much? ;)

Do you take food from starving children and poisen pidgens as well?


If Tony Blair gets the sheriff position do you think he'll hire his good friend GW as his deputy?

Nightdragon said...

Yeah, by supporting lower taxes, I'm only thinking of myself. Certainly no-one else is going to benefit. ;-)