Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just don't call me "comrade"

What's the definition of a letdown, dear reader? The midterm election results in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Sure, I'm happy that Republicans re-took control of the House and that we have a new Speaker. The fact is, the rest of the nation had to do it for us. Because Bay-staters apparently love high taxes and bloated bureaucracy.
How else to explain that every Democrat, from auditor to treasurer to governor to representatives, got re-elected, including incumbents? Ed Markey, the man who wants to push fuel bills into the stratosphere, won by 66 percent! And Barney Frank, with his two twins Freddie and Fannie, won by 54. What about governor Deval Patrick, who, in this time of economic worry, champions a graduated income tax? A nearly 50 percent winning percentage. Wow. Doesn't get more surreal than that. I suppose to win in Massachusetts it doesn't matter what nonsense you support, you just have to be a slick campaigner.
What were voters thinking when they went to the polling station: "So this guy wants to bend me over and ram me up the behind until my sphincter ruptures? That's fine. After all, he sounds like he cares. I'm sure he'll do it gently."
Scott Brown's election to the Senate in January seems like nothing short of a miracle given these results.
Then there's the "no" vote on Question 3 ... We could have had a solid "yes" vote on Question 3 if only the mush-heads that make up the majority of the state's electorate didn't believe the scare tactics of the moonbats who said it would cripple police and fire services and that our bridges would suddenly become unsafe. Congratulations, Mr. Masshole, you just voted for more welfare funding for illegal immigrants.
The "no" camp even recycled the same claptrap slogan from the similar Question 3 in 1990 (which would have rolled tax rates back to 1988 levels): "I'm mad but I'm not crazy." No, you're mad as in insane. Or brainwashed.
I'm also disappointed that the law concerning Question 2, in which developers have been given free reign to build low-income housing wherever they and the State House bureaucrats like, passed. Because, gee, we all want low-income housing for seniors, don't we? No, this question didn't involve Section 8 housing whatsoever.
Well, at least Question 1, which will repeal the extra excise tax on alcoholic beverages, passed. Hmmm. Think there's a connection there, dear reader, or do I need to spell it out?
I think that's the only way this shockingly abysmal state election can be explained.


goddessdivine said...

Seriously. What in the world is Barney Frank doing to get reelected so many times? Maybe you guys have some serious voter fraud going on. Or the folks are just plain stupid.

Don't feel too bad; California didn't do much better. Boxer? Really? Jerry Brown for governor? And it's going to take a freak Botox accident to get rid of Pelosi. At least she got booted from her pedestal.

And don't even get me started on the Nevadans with Harry Reid....

Nightdragon said...

Well, in the weeks before the election, John Kerry was saying the voters of the state were "stupid," and that Massachusetts was entering a new age of "know-nothingness." Turns out the man was right!