Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's all celebrate the number 2011!

Well, happy new year, dear reader.
Allow me to ask some questions: Did the sky turn green? Did conifers turn red? Were humans suddenly able to sprout wings and fly? Did solar panels and wind turbines miraculously provide all the power we require?
So, essentially, you celebrated a number—"2011"—at midnight on Saturday morning? Well, golly gee for you. I hope you had fun.
I'm more excited by the fact that it's the month of January, because we cannot possibly get through this miserable season known as winter until the new year is in effect. I'm counting the weeks, then the days, till I no longer have to worry about slipping on ice during a run and suffering from SAD.
So, as the entrails of that big number in the sky that doesn't exist dissipates in the cold, dry air, I wish you a happy new year. For what it's worth.

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