Thursday, June 7, 2012

Walker survives recall: A step in the right direction

Great news indeed that Scott Walker has been allowed to retain his seat as Governor of Wisconsin by a vote of 53 percent despite the effort engineered by public-sector union thugs to remove him.
It was stupid that Mr. Walker had to prove himself in a recall election. What did he do but try to save public sector jobs through his budget repair bill? Even under Walker's reforms, public-sector pensions still require a lower amount of employee contribution than those in the private sector.
Honestly, did Walker's opponents really think that the money will never run out? Are they as selfish as the Greeks, believing that the money to keep them in the manner to which they've become accustomed will just be found? At whose expense will this money be "found"? Do they consider the struggles of the private sector and how their demands stifle entrepreneurship and investment? The answer to that, dear reader, is of course: Hell to the no.
The unions are their own worst enemy. That they cannot predict the laying off of thousands of state employees speaks to their collective naïveté. Their hallmark is the total inability to coöperate with logic and hard choices. It is mind-blowing how arrogant these people are. The re-election of Scott Walker, as unnecessary as it was, is a positive sign. It's one to be carried forth into November.

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goddessdivine said...


Seriously. It's a shame Gov Walker had to waste time with this whole debacle instead of continuing to focus on the real issues. The public unions prove once again that they are only a distraction.....with a really loud voice. I hope this win is a sign of things to come.