Sunday, March 1, 2015

Please, no more hand-wringing over so-called humanitarians

On February 10, U.S. authorities confirmed that Kayla Mueller, a 26-year-old American aid worker who was serving with Doctors Without Borders in Aleppo, Syria, had been killed by ISIS, who had captured her in August 2013. It is not known how Mueller died, just that her death has been confirmed.
Accounts paint Mueller as a humanitarian with strong Christian beliefs. She had a boyfriend in Syria, who was released by ISIS but attempted to rescue her. Mueller wrote in a letter to her family dated November 2, 2014 that she had faith in God to put things right, admitted that she caused her family suffering by having gone to a war zone, that she didn't seek forgiveness from them and that she absolutely did not want to burden her family with the negotations for her release as it was not their duty.
The Muellers, Carl and Marsha, have criticized President Obama for waiting too long and preventing them from doing more to save her. Special forces had informed Obama of a window that had opened in the spring of 2014 in which to get her back, but the President waited too long and didn't give the rescue order until July, by which time, the militants—with Kayla in tow—had disappeared. Carl Mueller also said that the administration's policy of swapping prisoners for captured Americans, as it did with the deserter, traitor, Muslim convert and best buddy with the Taliban, Bowe Bergdahl, allowed ISIS to up the ante. They were not allowed to pay ransom, even if they could have gotten the $6.2 million that ISIS demanded for her release.
What you probably have not been told, at least not by the so-called mainstream media, is that Kayla Mueller was quite the anti-Semite. Just like Rachel Corrie before her, Mueller was not just pro-Muslim, but stood avidly against the Israeli state and people.
You remember Rachel Corrie, right? She was an American protestor, active with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a group founded by Palestinian activist Ghassan Andoni. In 2003, she was attempting to stop a bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian neighborhood in the Gaza town of Rafah and was run over by said bulldozer. (Cue comic laugh track.)
The driver of the bulldozer, an Israeli of Russian extraction, said that it is difficult to see or hear very well when operating those vehicles and that all he saw was some earth being scooped up. He claimed to have no idea that Corrie was on the pile of rubble that the bulldozer was heading toward. Even the Left-wing Mother Jones opined that the driver's account of not being able to see Corrie was credible. Two weeks ago, Israel rejected an appeal of their 2012 ruling that upheld the findings of the 2003 investigation.
Back to Mueller. She too was a supporter of ISM. She wrote in one of her letters that she did not hate her captors. Was she being a good Christian by claiming that, or was it because she sympathized with them? It is known that she spent time in Palestine itself and was vocal in her support for Hamas. She was involved in protests concerning the Israeli West Bank barrier, a high-tech electronic border fence that has kept almost to zero the number of Palestinian suicide bombers that have gotten into the country since its construction. A charity that has been set up in the wake of Mueller's death, Kayla's Hands, includes a link to a page that describes her work for ISM and the radical Palestinian campaign.
So, dear reader, wish the Mueller family well in getting over their grief, but do not mourn the loss of Kayla. Who knows how she acquired her anti-Semitic convictions, but she could have been exposed to anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish sentiment in college, which would not be surprising. All I can do is mirror blogger Debbie Schlussel: "Buh-bye, Kayla. Have fun with your 72 Yasser Arafats."
The lesson here, dear reader, is this: Do not trust any MSF or other assorted "aid workers" who are in Palestine or Syria or Iraq. They are almost always exposed as pawns in ISM's terror-abetting game. I don't want to hear any more about any Americans captured by ISIS or al-Qaeda. I'm done with that. They are on their own and if they get captured, so be it.
Kayla Mueller wrote that even in the darkest places, God's light shines through. So let these "humanitarians" be satisfied with that when they're being led around on a leash by Islamic militants.

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