Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gay bullies: The First Amendment is discriminatory

Bonjour, ladies and gents. Hope you had a pleasant Easter. And now the news:
Have you had enough of the gay mafia running this country yet?
Mike Pence, who is one of the stars of the true conservative class of Republicans and the Governor of Indiana, elected just this past November, has taken considerable heat for signing into law the state's Religious Freedom act. Twenty states already have religious freedom laws, including two New England states, Connecticut and Rhode Island (if you can believe it). Ten other states are proposing the same. It's been Federal policy since 1993 when Bill Clinton signed it into law. Futhermore, Indiana's act that Pence signed is the same version of that which Barack Obama voted for Illinois as a Senator for the state in 1998.
The religious freedom law simply emboldens and clarifies the First Amendment rights of religious Americans. According to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, supported by Chuck Schumer and Ted Kennedy, "ensures that interests in religious freedom are protected." The bill passed unanimously in the House and was opposed in the Senate by only three members and President Clinton signed it.
How did freedom of religion become in the space of only twenty years something the Left was happy to support to what they now believe is a poisonous charter? Because the law extends to businesses run by Christians or other people of faith the right to decline a service to someone based on any objections they may have, the Left is referring to it as an "LGBT discrimination law".
Predictably, the White House has registered its dissatisfaction, claiming that it is different than the Illinois law as Indiana's "seems to legitimize discrimination, it's important for everybody to stand up and speak out," according to spokesman ... spokesperson Josh Earnest, who answered the question of Obama's former support of similar legislation by announcing, "If you have to go back two decades to try to justify something that you're doing today, it may raise some questions about the wisdom of what you're doing."
Since the signing of the law, several organizations have protested including but not limited to Apple, Yelp, the NCAA, the NBA, including the Pacers, the city of Seattle, Twitter, GAP and Subaru.
"Is tolerance a two-way street or not?" Governor Pence parried. "There's a lot of talk about tolerance in this country having to do with people on the Left. But here Indiana steps forward to protect the constitutional rights and privileges of freedom of religion for people of faith and families of faith in our state, and this avalanche of intolerance that has been poured on our state is just outrageous."
Is this all about religion though? What about property rights? What about the right of a private business to establish what it will tolerate and what it won't? For those of you who believe I am a homophobe because I support Indiana and Governor Pence, I have something for you to consider.
In 2011, the Sircuit Bar in Melbourne, Australia won the right to ban females from its premises as they had a habit of harrassing its gay male clientele. According to the establishment's general manager, "predatory" females would try to turn homosexual men straight, making them feel uncomfortable. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal found in Sircuit Bar's favor, finding that the business's proposal to ban women "is to ensure that gay men are not subject to attempts to change their sexuality, which reduce their comfort in the venue, which includes being fully accepted for who they are."
How do I feel about this decision? I am in full support of it. Sircuit Bar is a private business. Its customer base was unhappy. It did what it had to do and the law rightfully had their back. It was a refreshingly common-sense decision by the VCAT.
This furor over Indiana's religious freedom law is the worst sort of hokum. The gay militants and their Lefite masters are lying about it and convicing Americans that this is akin to a Jim Crow-style backlash against members of the LGBT community and lifestyle. They are so obsessed with discrimination against them that they cannot see that they are the proponents of discrimination themselves.
As proof, consider the recent experiment by comedian Steven Crowder in which he pretended to be a homosexual looking for a gay wedding cake at a Muslim-owned bakery in Dearborn, Michigan. They declined with one baker saying, "No, no, I don't want it." It, of course, referring to the job of baking the cake. Mr. Crowder was obviously attempting to show that it is not just Christian bakeries that are turning down gay wedding cake orders.
In response to Crowder's prank video, Blue Nation Review's John Paul Brammer said, "There are bigots in every religion and we gay people should just consider ourselves lucky that we're not being lynched for being gay. Even though plenty of gay people have been lynched in this country, it's swell that it's not happening everyday anymore."
I'm sorry, Mssr. Brammer, but do you have any examples of gay lynchings that occurred every day in America? Or even once? If you're going to tout that nonsense, do us the courtesy of providing examples. And don't give us Matthew Sheppard, who was tortured and killed by young men who already knew him, one of whom had even shared his bed as an occasional sexual partner. Sheppard's killing was about a drug deal gone wrong, not him being gay, despite what gays and progressives want you to believe because, golly gee, Sheppard's story and what you're expected to believe about it wouldn't involve an agenda, now would it?
Back to the point, gay people should feel lucky that they're not being picked up off the sidewalk, taken away and beaten or lynched? It used to happen every day and, apparently due to the unyielding militancy of the Pink brigade, it doesn't anymore? Talk about fictitious victimhood. Honestly.
It's such a shame that a good man, a man of principle, like Governor Mike Pence has to suffer the indignity of having his name tarnished forever due to the inane histrionics of the progressives.


goddessdivine said...

Oh the intolerant "tolerant" crowd is at it again.

Pray tell: What if a Westboro Baptist person walked into a sign-making company, owned by gays, and wanted said company to make some anti-gay signs to use at their next protest? I'd be willing to bet my beloved Mini Cooper that said company would turn it down. Would there be the same uproar?? Again, betting on my beloved Cooper, there would NOT be.

Those screaming fowl are the biggest hypocrites. I'm so tired of them. A company has a RIGHT to refuse performing a service for any given function. And these "victims" should not be allowed to turn around and sue, putting hard-working business owners out of business.

Some of these gays ought to move to the Middle East. They'll be so grateful for the US of A, they'll happily come back faster than you can say "gay wedding". (Stoning anyone??)

Nightdragon said...

Definitely don't ever put your Mini Cooper up for grabs in a contest to test the consistency of thinking of the Left. You will definitely lose it. :-/

There is no targeting of Muslim bakeries or florists. Not that they're very numerous, granted, but the Pink brigade could descend en masse on Dearborn and start a "civil rights" ruckus there, couldn't they? Oh, I forgot, they're just pretend warriors, not real ones. They only pick fights with Christians whom they know can't fight back because no-one in the country has got their backs.

That comedian pranks a Muslim bakery and films the response and the reply from some tiara-wearing rent-a-response is "Well, fair enough, all religons are intolerant, but Christians this and Christians that ... we're lucky we're not getting lynched every day anymore!"

Wow. Dear me, talk about ignorance. They have no idea about which they speak.