Thursday, July 30, 2015

For every imbecilic parent, there should be a Darla Neugebauer on stand-by

Damn. So much has happened over the course of the five weeks since the last time I reported on here:
Dylan Roof and why it is criminal to give your inbred, severely troubled son a gun as a gift.
The senseless, discriminatory and insensitive ban on the Confederate flag.
CIA diversity training.
The trendy Supreme Court decisions on Obamacare and gay marriage.
Ariana Grande's bratty "I hate Americans" comment.
The continuing, self-aggrandizing saga of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.
The severe beating of a white man by black youths in Cincinnatti on Independence Day that predictably enraged no-one in the Obama-media or our liberal elite.
The Chattanooga recruitment center shooting by yet another American Muslim terrorist.
The judicial tyranny in Oregon gagging the owners of the now-closed Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery—shut down because of gay bullies—who now can't even speak about their ordeal.
MTV airing a show called "White People", engineered to make Millennial Caucasians feel guilty and hate themselves.
Donald Trump and the flak he has had to endure for telling the truth about how Mexico deliberately takes advantage of a complete breakdown in U.S. immigration policy to offload their troublemakers on to us.
The fallacy and danger of sanctuary cities, and how it cost Kathryn Steinle her life.
The continued spinelessness and uselessness of the Republican "opposition".
And, the most humorous topic among them, Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy not knowing how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere when asked by a senator. (The answer, as any competent third-grader could tell you is 0.03 percent.)
All good topics, but if you know me, then you should know where I stand on every single one of them. The hot-button story I want to comment on here involves one moonbat couple from New York and their two-year-old daughter, who had apparently never experienced a disciplining, in a Maine diner.
Tina Carson and her husband brought their young daughter into Marcy's Diner in Portland. The girl whined, cried and hollered for not just a few minutes. By most accounts, the child screamed non-stop for about 40 minutes, by which time patrons of the diner had definitely taken notice.
The Carsons' daughter was causing a ruckus because the parents ordered pancakes but wouldn't give her any. The situation was so bad, driving customers out of the diner, that the establishment's owner, Darla Neugebauer, eventually stormed over to the Carsons' table, slammed her hands down on it and shouted at the kid, "This has to stop!" The young girl immediately stopped her bawling.
Predictably, the parents were outraged. Tina Carson said in an interview that she had never before witnessed behavior like Neugebauer's. Yes, Tina, we can tell. I believe you. Your parents obviously let you scream your head off too.
Neugebauer said in her defense, "It made her shut up, which made me happy, it made my staff happy, it made the 75 other people dining here happy." Hallelujah, sister.
Despite the outcry manufactured over this "incident," Neugebauer has, refreshingly, received the support of thousands of people on Facebook and Twitter. The inanity of not giving the pancakes they ordered to their obviously hungry daughter was not the central issue. It is rudeness, plain and simple, on the part of the parents to not even try to calm their daughter down. Could they not have had some Cheerios on hand (as one Facebook post suggested) to feed her or taken her outside until she did settle down?
Why have we become a society in which we are expected to accept squalling infants as part of the background wherever we go? Because of hippies like the Carsons who wouldn't dare tell their precious angel to pipe down. Let them scream, it's natural, they say. Yep. And so's the end product of angelcake's digestive system in her diaper. Why don't you just let her smear that all over the walls, you brainless breeders? That, apparently, is natural child behavior as well. Then you will have something else to kvetch about to the media when the restaurant's owner understandably loses her temper.
People like the Carsons are the reason why I don't like to go out. You would think a dinner and a movie would constitute a great night out, but then you have airheaded so-called parents who ruin both excursions for you by tagging along their cantankerous progeny. When exactly did we become a society that apparently regards babysitters as obsolete? Why do the rugrats have to go EVERY-DAMN-WHERE with mommy (and daddy, if he exists) these days?
There are other types of morons who will easily ruin a day or night out for you as well (I submit Exhibit A for proof of that), but people who lose all sense of the world around them the moment they have a kid are the worst.
Just yesterday, after checking out at the supermarket, I had stop short for a woman who decided, in the middle of the store's exit corridor, to feed her child in its pushchair. When I said "excuse me," she pulled the pushchair away the tiniest bit. I only just got through with my carriage. You see what I mean? These people are either certifiably cretinous or they no longer acknowledge the world going on around them.
Or they are quite possibly just arrogant and self-entitled and need the unapologetic ass-whooping of a Darla Neugebauer delivered to them.

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