Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tragedy in Paris

It is disgusting beyond belief what occurred in Paris last night. A series of coördinated terrorist attacks in the city have left one hundred and twenty-eight dead and ninety-nine injured. A bomb went off outside the soccer stadium where France and Germany were playing an exhibition game. A restaurant in the 10th arrondissement was fired into and hostages were taken and killed in a concert venue. The eight terrorists are also among the dead, seven of them by suicide bombs.
French President François Hollande named Islamic State as the perpetrator, called the barbarity an act of war, tightened the country's borders and promised a tough response.
Perhaps this is what it takes to get Europe to re-think its suicidal policy regarding Muslim refugees? Maybe now European leaders everywhere will be given pause to reflect on what a terrible idea it is to encourage the invasion. Dare we hope that the European Union will mobilize whatever passes for its defense force, and allow individual countries to prepare their own armies, in tackling what is a blindingly obvious problem?
Muslim "migrants" brag about out-breeding Europeans on their own soil and demand housing and other benefits that they never lifted a finger to earn.  Not to mention the establishment of Sharia law in ever-widening plots of no-go areas. 
If no-one else has the guts to name call and point fingers, I will. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to blame for last night's savagery in Paris. Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy is to blame. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is to blame. The United Nations and its High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres is to blame. And Barry Hussein Obama is to blame.
Call me nuts. Laugh at me. Say that I'm not being tolerant and not respectful of diversity. But I see things in actuality and with logic, while the rest of the world equates the terror in Paris with the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition and claims that if we Westerners would only treat the Muslim community and all the invad ... er, newcomers with kid gloves and feigning deference then we would have no problems.
I'll give you a perfect example of what I mean. On the radio this morning, the terrorist massacres in Paris was understandably the topic of the morning. The host noted that a French woman living in London sent an e-mail explaining that while London was more enlightened with respect to minorities—i.e., political correctness is much stronger in Britain than in the Gallic nation—brown and black people in Paris and the rest of France face prejudice in the form of rude service at establishments and suspicion in the workplace, etc. In other words, reading between the lines: Paris had it coming. The 128 dead deserved it.
Remember the automatic response among the young in Australia during the Lindt café terrorist siege last December in which two innocent people died?  Sydneysiders created the "I'll ride with you" hashtag to let the poor Muslim community know that they shouldn't feel any guilt whatsoever. And screw the innocent people who only wanted a hot chocolate or Christmas spice cappuccino. Serves them right for thinking about coffee and the joy of being alive and free in a first-world nation and not about the intolerance and other assorted hardships faced by the peace-loving Muslim community!
I don't play that game. And if we're ever to have anything remotely resembling peace and freedom and normalcy in Europe, neither will its leaders. The time to act is now.

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