Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump has refined position on illegals, not abandoned it

So apparently it's all doom-and-gloom in the Trump camp. His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, caused a stir when she suggested that a deportation force for illegal aliens may not be realistic. Trump himself has suggested a softer approach on illegals. This has offended many Trump supporters.
This is all Trump needed. He not only has to fight the media, fight the Democrats, fight the establishment Republicans, but now some of his own base.
I see things differently. Trump is letting his voters know now that sending all illegals back is not as straightforward as they have been led to believe. It's better to hear Trump discuss this now instead of looking like a promise-breaker once in office.
Here's the deal: We know who the illegal aliens currently in our prisons are. They can easily be shifted. If the countries from which they came don't want them back, then the U.S. can threaten to withhold foreign aid. The next step is to stop the flow of benefits, social housing, health care and driver's licenses to illegals. Once Uncle Sam and the dumb gringo stop providing the incentive, once everything is no longer free for them in America, a phenomenon of self-deportation will occur.
At that stage, we simply enforce our immigration laws. We let border control and ICE do their jobs.
It is folly to think that 40 million Elian Gonzalez-style raids will erupt across the country if Trump wins the presidency. It won't work like that and it can't work like that. The American people are too sensitive to ever allow it.
Trump is informing us, with three months left until Election Day, that Gestapo tactics are not only unnecessary, but they are wrong, ill-advised and inhumane. Why does anyone have a problem with that?
And, as talk-show host Michael Savage has pointed out, we still need the guest workers to work the fields and build the houses. Americans will not do these jobs even if the pay is commensurate with their expectations. Illegals cannot take jobs from Americans if Americans are not willing to do said jobs. If they come in on a limited-time guest worker program that does not entitle them to the same benefits as citizens, then there should be no issues. Even Switzerland allows foreign nationals to do the labor that the Swiss themselves won't perform.
So, Trump supporters, relax. Trump is not going back on his word. He is just letting us know that "send 'em all back" is not a viable policy if it involves kicking down doors.

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