Thursday, October 27, 2016

'Captain America' to the rescue?

Awww, bless. Joe Biden wants to engage in fisticuffs with Donald Trump. At a speech in Pennsylvania, Biden said that rather than wishing he could debate the Republican nominee for President, he would "take him behind the gym." Isn't that cute? He must be confusing Trump with Paul Ryan, the stooge he whipped in the 2012 vice presidential debate. 
Never mind that "Mr. Tough Guy," as Donald is now referring to him, would run all the way back to Delaware in his Depends to hide behind his deadbeat constituents if Trump simply flicked him hard on the nose, batted him behind the ear or punched him in the arm.
It won't happen though. After Trump essentially told Biden "after you ...," the incumbent veep chose to reason his way out of a physical confrontation with the billionaire by telling Chris Matthews on Softball Hardball, "The point I was making is he is trying to dumb down, he's insulting everybody in the neighborhoods I come from and the people who played ball," Biden told Chris Matthews. "And that was the point I was trying to make. This is just absolutely unacceptable behavior, period."
Joe Biden doesn't need to back out of a brawl with the Donald to prove that he's a ... what's that "p"-word again, Amtrack Joe? The fact that he apparently didn't hang out with alpha males who talked like normal young men already proves the case.
There is a huge difference between "locker room" banter and actual intent. In fact, uncouth talk among virile fellows in the men's room, changing stalls, the bar, the worksite, etc., is a way of working out certain desires in a harmless way. In mixed company, it is unacceptable. In places of male-only refuge—if you can find them these days—it is par for the course.
If men can work off their hot blood by having an indecent laugh among themselves, isn't that a good thing? Again, liberals, tell me again how human beings are perfect? Seems to me nature gave human males a healthy way to offset what might otherwise be unfortunate, predatory behavior.
Simply ask the women of Germany or Sweden if they prefer "locker room" talk or the sinister, deliberate acting out of debased desires. Ask that unfortunate 10-year-old Austrian boy, even. That's what happens with "pure" men who wouldn't dare talk dirty for fear of offending their maker. They just rape and defile women instead.
Alas, a party and a political class that embraced Ted Kennedy, John Edwards and Bill Clinton can hardly be expected to know the difference.

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