Friday, May 11, 2007

As if we don't have enough problems!

Sometimes I can't help but feel totally unsurprised that support for the British National Party—a National Front-style party that's as anti-immigrant as they come—has risen slightly in the U.K.
I speak of this. Half a million illegals demanding amnesty so they can stay and work? I understand why they came—sure, they just want a better life. But are their problems necessarily ours?
Britain needs to learn from America's experience. The moment we say it's OK for them to stay, that would open the floodgates for some "family re-unification" style immigration policy where even third cousins once-removed can enter. This would be disastrous. And are there enough jobs for them? As if. Hop on the gravy train, folks, there's room for everyone. Welcome to the U.K.!
Britain is a relatively tiny island that has to provide living space for 58 million people, land for agriculture, land for the ever-growing prison population, land for nuclear power plants and waste disposal, and protected areas like some forests, wetlands and coastlines.
The housing market in this country is very tight. People wait years to secure a foot on the property ladder. The national health-care system is showing severe signs of overburdening. How many more people does this government think it can cram into this space before it compromises the environment and everyone's way of life?
Furthermore, if something is worth doing, then it's worth doing right. Yes, I too am an immigrant, but I came through legally. I had to jump through every hoop the Home Office told me to. And I did so without complaint, knowing that every nation reserves the right to take precautions. I had to wait two years to gain permanent residency and work rights here; before that, I had to make due with temporary visas. I was also told not to even think about taking state benefits lest that compromise or even endanger my eligibility. Not that I wanted it anyway, mind you. But the point, I trust, has been made.
Legal immigrants sustain a nation. Illegal immigrants are a strain on that nation's capabilities. Granting illegals amnesty is rewarding them for breaking the law. That is, if the law means anything and, living here, I seriously question whether it does.
We're already facing a rapidly growing native-born population of undereducated and unemployable young adults. So let's compound the problem by adding to this underclass? Britain needs to find a way to provide for its own native population of potential no-hopers, not worry about accommodating law-breakers who think they have an automatic right to live and work here.
And you have to love the hypocrisy of those demanding amnesty for these illegals. Take singer-activist Billy Bragg for instance. He was asked, during an interview with one of the papers, since he praises and values multiculturalism so much, why does he live amongst well-to-do whites in a posh Dorset? Bragg responded, "You know, that reminds me of the question they used to ask, which was, 'if you like socialism so much, why don't you go to Russia?' It's irrelevant." Actually, Billy, it's a damn good question, but I'm hardly surprised that you lacked the cojones to actually answer it. Do as I say, but not as I do, eh, Billy?
The BNP are vile, racist scumbags who deserve no place in a civilized society. I'd rather die than ever cast a vote for them. But, again, I honestly can't blame some people in this country who feel they have no choice in who they vote for anymore. This country's lack of a cohesive policy to deal with illegals as well as its "soft touch" reputation is driving a lot of British folk to the brink of dark desperation.

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kristen said...

I found you through Eden....she was bragging about you.

Great post. I found myself saying "Amen brotha!"

What I don't get is how illegals in America feel they can take to the streets in protest, demanding rights. Uh, if you're not here legally you have NO rights. Sick and wrong.