Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meme: "I am ..."

Even though she did not tag me to do this, I will still complete this meme that Eden did, because I agree with her that it, as she wrote, "fills the voids in my brain when I need to blog." As far as I can tell, you have to say as much about yourself using the phrase "I am." So here goes:

● I am the possessor of a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography.
● I am a speaker of French and Spanish, though by no means fluent in either (and better in French).
● I am very thankful for my wife, my best friend and more. We've been married 8-and-a-half years.
● I am a cynic.
● I am politically incorrect most of the time (and proud of it).
● I am right-handed.
● I am a Bostonian and a rabid, die-hard Red Sox fan.
● I am a lover of nature.
● I am politically conservative.
● I am still registered as a Republican, although I am considerably disappointed in the G.O.P.
● I am also a conservationist and environmentalist.
● I am NOT a fan of Al Gore, however. The man is an opportunist as well as a hypocrite. It's up to every single one of us to do our part for the Earth, not place all our faith in one man who simply wants the limelight if not power.
● I am (if you didn't know it already) a vegetarian, though I do occasionally eat fish.
● I am not religious but I do believe in a higher power.
● I am a "T-shirt and jeans" type of guy. (Form-fitting jeans, that is, not that baggy "urban" crap.)
● I am long-haired but also like wearing baseball caps.
● I am a runner, who prefers long-distance over speed.
● I am half-Irish, half-English. Meaning, I've never known which side of me to beat up! My father's mother was born in Montreal, so I guess I have a bit of French-Canadian thrown in there too.
● I am short, but I do experience those precious moments when I tower over others.
● I am nocturnal and, as such, a third-shift worker.
● I am most fond of the sound of birds singing during the early morning hours of a hot summer day.
● I am an introvert and someone who likes long moments of solitude.
● I am perfectly capable of entertaining myself.
● I am, like most males, only capable of crying over something sports related.
● I am obsessive-compulsive, though not to a degree that impacts negatively on my life. My OCD is annoying but manageable.


kristen said...

Fun to learn more about you. And a Bostonian who is conservative! Rare indeed. I too am a registered republican, but am a little disappointed in the G.O.P as well. They're not conservative enough for me.

Thanks for sharing more about you.

Nightdragon said...

Rare, yes, but not totally unheard of. My entire family is conservative, so, after my brief flirt with Lefty liberalism in my early 20s, I started taking on my father's conservative viewpoints. It's funny because when I first started writing for the university newspaper in my sophmore year, I was left-wing and caused no controversy. By the time I was a senior, I was right-wing and p***ing everyone on campus off! Heheh, those were fun days.

As for the Repub's, I think they're conservative enough, but they became corrupt. I think they've violated their own Contract with America. I remember that and it enthused me. But now it's as if they can't be bothered with accountability and personal responsibility. It's been a disappointing second Bush administration to say the least.

East of Eden said...

Dragon, I am glad you wrote this meme! :)

I am going to agree with you that the GOP has violated their promises to us.

I am hoping the Sox have a good season, and I will pray that the Cubs will to--but I'm not holding out for that :)

Noelle F. said...

I wish my OCD was a bit more manageable! How do you do it?

Nightdragon said...

Hi Noelle, welcome to my blog. Well, antidepressants have helped considerably, but even before I got on meds, it wasn't drastic. I think it's possible to have OCD or at least obs-com tendencies without it spiralling out of control. I don't think this sort of thing is subject to will power, it's just a matter of how badly I was afflicted with OCD which, as I point out, has not demeaned my quality of life but does get irritating at times.