Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ballgame commercials and "four things" meme

I tried to watch the All-Star Game tonight, but quickly realized how annoying commercials are, especially during televised ballgames—all those beer and fast-food ads. The beer ads I can understand, though. As irritating as they are, beer commercials speak to all baseball fans; who doesn't enjoy a cold one while watching a game? But to think that some people actually stuff burgers and fries down their cakeholes while watching multi-millionaire athletes strutting around the field is a bit disturbing. What the hell kind of message does this send? If you're not good enough to play for a Major League team and earn the annual equivalent of Spain's gross national product, then you might as well pack on the pounds while watching Major League Baseball? I don't get it; I don't think I ever will. But, alas, as with much of society these days, we're dealing with pure idiot logic. Then you've got all those bank and insurance and mortgage and prescription drug commercials which get so much airtime over the course of a three-hour game that you pretty much know the entire scripts by heart, word-for-word. You could recite them in your sleep. I'm actually feeling pretty good that I don't get to watch ballgames much anymore. Sometimes I just want to run away and hide forever from this awful consumerism.
Then there was the specter of watching the San Francisco fans cheering on Super Cheater, Barry Bonds. It's just sickening. I know San Francisco people are from another universe altogether, but this just confirms it.

Anyway, I got tagged by Kristen to do a meme, so here you are:

Four jobs I’ve held:
1) Typist/transcribist for medical insurance company, Boston, MA, 1999-2000
2) Paginator (graphic layout designer) for newspaper franchise: Concord, Woburn, Lynn and Somerville, Massachusetts (I got around with this job!) most of 1995
3) Examinations Assistant for Undergraduate Medicine Office, Imperial College, London, 2002-2004
4) Sales assistant in domestics department at department store at a Greater Boston area mall, 1986 (hated it so much that I was glad to be fired from it!)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
1) 2001: A Space Odyssey
2) Pulp Fiction
3) Major League
4) Eight Men Out

Four Places I’ve Lived:
1) Boston, Massachusetts
2) Amherst, [Western] Massachusetts
3) London, England, U.K.
haven't lived anywhere else

Four Places I’ve Vacationed:
1) Chicago, Illinois
2) Boca Raton/Miami, Florida
3) Nice, France
4) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Four of My Favorite Dishes:
1) Grilled fish (swordfish or tuna) with rice
2) Nachos with chopped tomatoes, refried beans and jalapeños
3) Minestrone soup with cheese sandwich
4) Pasta or gnocci with a good, thick tomato sauce

Four Sites I Visit Daily:
1) Wikipedia (no end of things that I'm curious to look up there)
2) or
3) Blogcritics
4) any number of pages on Blogger, including my own

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1) Right here in my folks' home is fine! but
2) exploring Australia
3) exploring Alaska
4) With my own kind, in a lair far up high, well away from any human population.


kristen said...

I LOVE gnocci; I can't believe I forgot to put that on mine! Thanks for playing.

Commercials just suck all around. I personally hate the advertisements for ED prescriptions. Gag! They seriously do not belong on television.

Nightdragon said...

LOL. Well, if humans weren't so bloody sex-obsessed, perhaps there would be no need for ED ads at all. Men just wouldn't care, and they would simply get on exploring all the other things life can offer instead of being hung up over their "manhood." (But, then again, as a male myself, I can say a healthy-sized ahem is a matter of great pride! But I guess that's just the human-trained part of my brain speaking.)

Tusk said...

Mmm Gnocci are delicious. Haven't had them in months!

What is it with Americans and weather? They say British people are obsessed, but actually going online to check it!?