Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hey, ho, Shambo won't go!

Everyone knows I'm fond of animals, so it's no surprise that I'd react with glee at the news that Shambo the Bull received a reprieve from slaughter by the National Assembly of Wales.
But there's another, totally different reason why I'm gladened by Shambo's new lease on life.
For years now, the British Government has been placating Muslims to the extent that some communities in this supposedly Western country are operating under sharia law. The government is so afraid of the big bad Islamic bogeyman that if a Muslim complains about a cartoon pig or the swirl of a Burger King ice cream looking like the word "Allah" written in the Arabic alphabet, immediate action is taken. In fact, I would say that when Muslims demand "bend over," the Government asks "how far?", but alas, I know that jihad applies to homosexuals as well. But you get the point, dear reader. It hardly matters anymore who's doing the raping—be it an imam or government official—we're all getting fucked up the back passage, at least those of us who believe in freedom with brains uncontaminated by psychotic prophets or political correctness.
Yet, until recently, a regional government of Britain wanted to tell the Hindu community where to get off. You can hear the National Assembly of Wales' line of thought here: "Well, you people are Hindu. You're peaceful. You don't go around declaring jihad or bombing anyone. So what are you gonna do if we slaughter your sacred cow?"
I can understand the assembly's concern about disease, but Shambo is limited to his own containment pen at the Skanda Vale Temple. He does not have contact with any other cattle, or any other animals at all. How exactly is he going to spread tuberculosis to other animals?
Wales, like any other country, has the unpleasant job of eradicating diseased animals lest they cause an epidemic, but Shambo was unlikely to be the cause of such. The Assembly was faced with two choices: either defer the implementation of its slaughter notice on Shambo or petition the Government to reverse its policy of appeasement toward the Muslim community so that Shambo's slaughter would not look as if it was riding roughshod over British Hindus. Naturally, the Assembly opted for the former.
The Government's policy of appeasement toward jihad-crazy Muslims remains a challenge, but at least another religious community in Britain dared to have a victory at the expense of insensitive bureaucrats.

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Tusk said...

Hate to break it to you, but we killed Shambo today.