Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh (bloody) Canada

They're at it again.
Canada may be nowhere near the category China finds itself in with regard to human rights, but both countries are ignorant when it comes to animals, and both are deserving of some kind of boycott. China abuses animals in zoos for stupid people's pleasure, and, every April, Canada's government sponsors drunken Newfie hicks to slaughter hundreds of thousands of seal pups. These Canuck rednecks actually skin the pups alive.
Ottawa replies that it's simply helping the seal population because it otherwise wouldn't survive due to low fish stocks. Way to go, Canada! Overfish your waters and then blame a species of animal. Works for humankind everywhere, you're clearly in on the ages-old game.
Informed people know the truth: Canada is feeding at the trough of the fur trade.
I've written about this several times already (here, here, and here), so I've not got a lot more to say about this barbarity that I haven't said already.
Except this: If you agree with me that this annual seal cull is indefensible and outrageous, then act upon this belief and don't visit Canada. I don't care if you've got friends up there, if it's a great place to get high, or whatever. Don't go, don't contribute to their economy. Boycott Canadian goods. If your local deli is selling Canadian fish, request that they stop doing so.
Many American food suppliers have already refused to stock Canadian fish, and a year ago, Britain backed Belgium, Italy, Mexico and the U.S. in rejecting the cull and any products derived from it. In fact, the European Union is currently considering trade sanctions against Canada.
Of course, Canada reacted angrily to the British move, dismissing it as mere moral posturing and not based on scientific evidence. Evidence of what? That Canadian blood runs cold? The Canadians themselves may be sanguine about this seal cull, but it doesn't mean the rest of the world has to be.

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kristen said...

I've never been to Canada, and probably never will. There's a lot of things about them that are screwy.