Friday, April 25, 2008

Photo: Drunken ratty glow-eyes

Whenever Star drank too much, her eyes glowed!

Heh, not really. But that's how it really looks, eh? And, don't worry, we never let her drink too much! Star understood and responded to five words: her own name, "sweeties," "mummy," "papa," and "enough!" LOL.


kristen said...

Dude, you fed your rat alcohol?

Nightdragon said...

1. Thank you for your concern, but
2. Rats are perfectly capable of handling alcohol, if it's in small dosages. You see how Star is licking from the rim of the can? Well, I would take a sip of beer, carefully leave some beer at the rim and Star would lick that up. We used to let her lick the remains four or five times after I'd taken a sip, and then we'd refuse to let her drink anymore.

bigkidsid said...

the little boozer!