Monday, June 16, 2008

What part of "no" does the E.U. not understand?

Voters in Ireland rejected the European Union treaty, 53 to 47 percent, on Friday. Ireland was the only European country to be allowed a referendum vote on the proposed charter, known as the Lisbon Treaty.
The Lisbon Treaty is virtually the same as the EU Constitution that was rejected by French and Dutch voters in 2005.
Yet the European Union is insisting that, despite these rejections by the French, Dutch and now the Irish, it does not spell the end for the superstate project.
It doesn't matter how many nations cry foul and how many majorities who, when given the vote, shoot it down, the EU will still press on with their squalid Constitution—a joke when you consider that this so-called constitution involves unelected, faceless leaders who are accountable to no-one.
The EU is ignoring its own rules, under which only one "no" vote was enough to kill the treaty. Yet, as expected, the EU will turn a deaf ear to the Irish and pretend that their "no" was actually a "yes."
If the EU doesn't continue with the Lisbon Treaty, then it will once again disguise their oligarchic plans under the earlier Nice Treaty.
The European Union reminds me of a brain-damaged egomaniac, the sort of person who happily thinks everyone loves him, no matter how many people actually scream obscenities at him. The sort of person who, despite being thrown off a train station platform onto the electrified third rail, continues to think "gee, how gorgeous am I?"
Well done, Ireland. The message you sent won't be heeded in any way by your Brussels-dwelling lords temporal, but at least you told them just what you think of their fascism.
And, dear Ireland, at least you got the vote, which is more than the British can claim.

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