Friday, September 12, 2008

The Friday night mish-mash: Sarah Palin, Ground Zero photo, Russell Brand vs. The Jonas Brothers, advertisements and ratty birthday cake

■ I know that I gave voice to some considerable reservations that I've got regarding Sarah Palin, but what Obama had to say about her—"you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig"—is hitting very below the belt. Mrs. Palin seems like a genuine woman, a hard worker certainly, and someone capable of landing on her own two feet. I disagree with several aspects of her lifestyle and what she may promote, but my screed the other day should not have been interpreted as a total condemnation of her. At the very least, no-one should be under any doubt that I'll still be voting for McCain. Palin seems to be a very good fit, and it's drawing in more votes for McCain as white women abandon the Obama campaign by the truckload.
I don't know if Obama is really that bitter or really that stupid, but that quote really reveals the true man behind the messiah mask. I'd vote for a lamppost before I'd ever vote for him.

■ There was a picture in one of the English papers today showing a crowd gathered at Ground Zero to mark the seventh anniversary of 9/11. And it was one hell of a poignant picture.
You had a diverse mix in that crowd. And while I'm not one to bang on about the "beauty" of diversity like all the politically correct liberals do, I can certainly appreciate the sight of Americans from all backgrounds coming together to solemnly remember a tragedy that affected them all in profound ways.
We tend to forget that we're all basically one stripe—American. That's all that should matter.

■ Russell Brand, an English comedian, made quite an impact on the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. In addition to calling George W. Bush a "retarded cowboy" while urging everyone present to vote for Barack Obama, he took a swipe at Disney's Jonas Brothers, the teen pop group who wear purity rings and have taken pledges of virginity.
Now, if you're not familiar with Russell Brand, count yourself lucky. The man is a talentless sack of crud. He made his name in the U.K. by hosting a pre-Big Brother programme. 'Nuff said about his credentials or the intelligence of the audience he appeals to. He also constantly brags of how many women he's bedded during his career.
So it's no surprise that this fop of a man-boy would take digs at a wholesome pop group. I'm not one for rosy-cheeked boy bands myself, but I think the Jonas Brothers are a blessing, a positive influence in a negative culture. Nick Jonas said there were no hard feelings and that "it's cool to see that he recognizes we are gentleman." Jordin Sparks, a supporter of the Jonas Brothers, really hit the nail on the head when she opined: "Not everybody—guy or girl—wants to be a slut." Amen to that, sister.
May the Jonas Brothers outlast Russell Brand, that's all I have to say.

■ OK, I work in advertising, right? Seeing that advertising is my work, the way I earn money—what precious little of it I have, that is—it only seems appropriate that I want nothing to do with that garbage on my time off.
But even if I didn't work with advertisements, my jaw would still drop at the very existence of ads to watch on Yahoo! Have you seen them? On the home page of Yahoo!, you'll sometimes see, in the middle right of the page, a commercial just begging to be watched. "See our new advertisement!" the company implores.
I don't get it. Who on earth would spend their leisure time watching a frigging commercial? Most people—OK, let's clarify that: most normal people—use the break afforded by TV commercials to either turn the volume down and tune out until their programme re-appears or to go make a cup of coffee or preen in front of the mirror or whatever.
Paper advertisements are not much better. I continue to be amazed at just how many stooges they use to try to convey what a wonderful purchase or service the company offers.
I don't imagine that I'm inclined to say, "Hey, look at this happy couple with their eight children enjoying this £500 sofa from DFS! You know, I really connect with them and their upper middle-class lives. They've convinced me to get this sofa!" And then when the DFS salespeople ask me, for statistical purposes, why I intend on purchasing the sofa, I can tell them, "Because the family in your most wonderful advertisement in the Pick-My-Ass Gazzette convinced me it was a necessary embellishment to my life."
Ugh. Just spare me the bullshit. If you want to sell me a sofa, show me a dude with three day's growth and shit-kickers sitting on a sofa holding up a sign announcing, "PISS OFF, THIS IS MY SOFA!" and then perhaps we'll talk, because at least that is a lot more realistic. Or, at the very least, I can identify with it a lot more.
With that, I'm off to bed ...

■ Actually, before I disappear, I'd thought I'd share this:

Just kidding. She'd happily share some with any who wished her many happy returns.
Happy 2nd, Saffy.


The Two Of Us said...

Happy BD, Saf.
Very nice blog.

kristen said...

"I'd vote for a lamppost before I'd ever vote for him."

'Nuf said. That right there just made my day.

And that Brit sounds like a real A-hole. I actually just posted on my political site about Hollywood idiots. Why they feel they have to share their ignorant and denigrating crap with the rest of us is beyond me.

Mouse1972 said...

Sapphire is quite the cute ratty! I don't know how old any of my current rats are, as they're all rescues from work.

Perhaps you could tell Squirrel to post some pics of your ratties on my rodentclub group?