Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The "ballad" of Barack Obama

While doing the dishes, a chore I loathe and so usually try to entertain myself while doing it, I made up the following scenario in my head:
Barack Obama addresses the crowd on Inauguration Day in January. He looks solemnly over the cheering audience and intones:
"Ladies and gentlemen, you voted for change. Change is paramount and will be an essential part of my administration. I solemnly promise to give you that change. But, first: Yo, hit that shit!"
Obama immediately launches into a rap:

"Barack Obama, that is my name
Celebratin' ma victory over John McCain
Proved to everyone that I was man, not mouse
Tell me everybody—who in da House?
Bush, yeah cuz, he won't be back.
I won the election 'cause I is black.
I gonna spend fo' years just spendin' and taxin'
And I gonna do it without first axin'.
Now break it down!"

Then Obama starts breakdancing and body-popping while the crowd goes wild.
Honestly, it's just the sort of thing In Living Color could've done.
If any of you out there wish to add to Barry's rap song, please feel free. Let's try to stretch that motha' out.


goddessdivine said...

Too funny. And I'm laughing cuz you thought this up while you were doing dishes.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I'd love to see that! I bet SNL could convince him to do it (if they weren't so politcally correct).

Nightdragon said...

Glad you liked it, goddess.

PCC, isn't it ironic how a mostly black comedy troupe would consider doing something like that whereas the stuffed shirts at SNL most likely wouldn't! (Added you, by the way!)

East of Eden said...

That was a good one! By the way, did you get to vote by absentee?