Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News demonstrates the predictable result of allowing the feckless and feral to fornicate

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If you, faithful reader, knew nothing about Britain and went by what you read in the current headlines over here, you might very well conclude that the neglect, beating, torture and even killing of young children was as much a British tradition as high tea.
We have the recent case of the single mother whose two young boys died in a house fire that they may have inadvertently started. It is quite likely that she was too stoned out of her gourd to properly supervise them. Their mom, you see, loved to party which didn't leave much time for parenting. She was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and child neglect.
Next we have the case of the mother who drowned her four-year-old daughter because she, the "mom," was embarrassed by her cerebral palsy. Another mother killed her two sons in order to better love herself. Well, that's what she told the police. She is, obviously, currently being assessed in a mental health facility.
In 2007, a "mother" by the name of Karen Matthews organized a kidnap of her schoolgirl daughter Shannon by the uncle of her live-in partner. The live-in partner, incidentally, a retarded-looking lowlife by the name of Craig Meehan, was prosecuted for possessing child pornography soon after the kidnap story broke.
I'll give you just one more example, but this one is the most galling and most disturbing of them all. A 16-month-old child, known to us only by the name Baby P, was routinely beaten and eventually killed by his mother's boyfriend and the couple's lodger. Baby P's mother now brags confidently that she'll be out of jail by Christmas. Despite the baby's horrific injuries, social workers kept accepting the mother's lies about how the toddler incurred them. A 15-year-old who lived in the house, but was too scared to come forward before now, has revealed the full horror behind the child's torment and eventual death. It makes for gut-wreching, stomach-turning reading.
What really boils my blood is that these people will not know anything approaching the terror that the infant routinely felt during his 16 short months of life, unless they receive vigilante action by fellow inmates in prison, which I most sincerely hope they do. They certainly won't be put to death by the legal system, as they should be, as Britain abolished capital punishment in 1964.
Now, the question for you, dear reader, is this: How on earth does a mother kill her children "in order to better love herself"? How on earth can any parent think it's alright to party till the small hours when she's got two kids to look after? How does a mother fake the kidnapping of her daughter simply for attention or for greedy purposes? And how does an infant boy get treated so viciously, for so long?
The answer: We permit morons to breed. Plain and simple. We are allowing children to be born to people who—and I'm being kind here—are better off dead, because they barely have the brainpower and social skills necessary to conduct a transaction at the convenience store for their booze, cigarettes and lottery tickets (bought with welfare money, of course), never mind having and raising children. But have children they do and in ever-depressing numbers. And we allow it. Despite knowing what desultory sort of life these children must be leading, we continue to cling to the liberal notion of, "Well, we can't tell others how to live their lives."
We are talking about the third and fourth generations of violent layabouts being born to parents who were themselves the victims of hedonistic, immoral, alcoholic, drug-addled cretins with no sense of social responsibility whatsoever. And this is why children are being neglected, tortured and/or killed everyday across Britain and why the cycle will simply continue, because we aren't sterilizing these wastes of space and resources as we should be doing.
Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn nails it perfectly when he writes, as he did on November 14: "Britain seems to have cornered the market in welfare layabouts, drug addicts, feral gangs of obese children and hideous, drunken scrubbers, littering the gutters of even our more genteel suburbs. The women are the worst of the lot, giving birth to a procession of bay-bees by different, transient fathers and expecting—nay, being encouraged by—the state to pay for their upbringing."
And there you have it. Decent, hard-working people, who so often cannot afford to raise more than one child of their own, have to support the ever-growing underclass of imbecilic filth who can have as many children they like, most of whom would have to consider themselves lucky if they make it past the age of 10.
Which, of course, according to public school education, is just the right age to start the next generation of scum. After all, they've long become a British tradition.


goddessdivine said...

We permit morons to breed.

Ok, this had me cracking up....along with the rest of the paragraph. Personally, I think it's the breaking down of our society as a whole. Morals and virtue have been tossed out the window, and the idea of self-reliance has become a joke. What needs to be done is to crack down on welfare recipients; the whole idea of it just churns my butter.

While I think that there are too many idiots who are reproducing, we can't take away their choice to be idiotic. However, we could alter the consequences. As stated above, if we restrict and pull the reins in on welfare, and heaven forbid use stricter punishments for these heinous crimes, perhaps (just maybe) some of these losers will think twice before their one night stands and/or inflicting harm on their kin.

What's sad is that there are thousands of good couples who can't even have children; yet there are thousands who really shouldn't even be parents.

RightKlik said...

The inevitable result of social welfare programs: Idiocracy. I recommend the movie, by the way.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I loved your alliterative headline. Thanks for stopping by my site the other day.