Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hoping the Prince trumps Algore

Prince Charles is currently working on a book entitled "Harmony," due to come out next year, in which he sharply criticizes big businesses for thinking only of profit and nothing of the environment.
It is said to echo Algore's "An Inconvenient Truth." But whereas we all know Al Gore is a hypocrite—his Tennessee home gives off lots more CO² than Dubya's Texas ranch—and a man who just wants to be regarded as a serious political force to reckon with, Prince Charles' screed may carry more weight. He's the prince, after all, so he's got no clout to lose.
I look forward to the release of "Harmony," and the impact that will have on how businesses and the environment are regarded. If the Prince of Wales avoids obvious political grandstanding, long-winded pontification, doesn't fall into the Green = Red trap, and uses scientifically backed evidence to present his claims, then I am all for it.
There's no doubt that many businesses do put profit over people and nature. (Think, if you will, about whether all that plastic packaging for food, toys and other commodities is really necessary.) And so often might—in the form of money—makes right, dooming nature reserves to become yet another concrete jungle. Is business good for the community and society? Yes. But do they go too far in their pursuit of profit? Often times, yes.
I'm all for a successful business environment, as long as the businesses in question don't ride roughshod over the individual character of a community or downgrade the environment surrounding it.
I hope Prince Charles will succeed in brandishing his sword on behalf of nature and community without simply becoming another Al Gore.

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East of Eden said...

Hi Dragon :)

I agree with you on this one. The main thing that bugs me about Al Gore, is he does not live what he preaches! Grrr!

As for big business and the environment...I think it's ok to use the earth's resources, but I also believe it's very important to be a good steward of those resources.

You'll have to tell us all how the book turns out. :)