Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kennedy, Kopechne and karma ...

As controversial as he was—the drowning at Chappaquiddick, support for the I.R.A.—the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy gives me pause for thought.
If I admire anything about Ted Kennedy, it's that he continued to fight for what he took seriously—even if the rest of the nation didn't—despite not being very well for several years. He still went to work and fought for the mandate that his fawning "Massholes" gave him. He was almost tireless when he should have been constantly falling over from exhaustion.
I'm also glad that he's no longer in any pain. A brain tumor is rough (my wife witnessed her father suffering from one) and I feel a tad guilty for mocking his alcoholism with my entry the other day ("Kennedy's Been Hitting the Bottle ...") It was, I admit, an inopportune time to pick on the man.
Nonetheless, you can't help but feel karma at work here. Drowning is also a rough, and very scary, way to die. Given that he did not die painlessly of old age in his sleep, dying from cancer was Kennedy's comeuppance.
Justice, at long last, for Mary Jo Kopechne.


East of Eden said...

I feel the same way for Mary Jo. Too bad her parents did not live to see this day.

East of Eden said...

Oh FYI too....I did get all your comments. Anytime you comment, even on a really old entry I get an email telling me what entry it was for. Thanx Dragon... :)

goddessdivine said...

Don't feel too bad. While we shouldn't necessarily rail on the man during the days of his death and funeral, I'm bothered that he is being heralded as some sort of hero.