Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I don't know about you—but I am unequivocally Charlie Hebdo

Say what you will about France, dear reader. Its citizens still have patriotism and principles. In America, we have people gathering at the site in Brooklyn where two innocent cops were executed, shouting lines from the works of fiction whipped up by the Obama rumpswab media: "Hands up, don't shoot" and "I can't breathe!" Neither of which, by the way, was actually ever said.
In France, they are marching and protesting, chanting "Je suis Charlie" and "Not afraid". This is in response to the savage attack on staff of a notorious left-wing satirical publication called Charlie Hebdo. (Pronounced "sharlee-ebdoh".)

In America, right now, those who aren't demonstrating simply for the sake of demonstrating, endorsing the killing of cops and the evil white man, are shuffling about, talking about the latest episode of ... whatever, I don't even know what shows are popular in the U.S. anymore, nor do I care. Or they're chatting about sports. Who cares about Charlie Hebdo and a blatant attack on Western ideals of free speech and free expression? The Seahawks could win back-to-back Superbowls, damn it! The first time an NFL team has done so since ... since, well, I don't know, but it's important! How can we show up at our jobs on Monday not knowing about every footfall taken on the gridiron over the weekend?
"Dude, that, like, happened in, like, Paris.  Sucks to be them, I guess.  So what're your picks for this weekend?"
Of course, we've seen no marches in support of Parisians here in London either. People who protest and riot over the shooting of a drug dealer or because the Government is cutting the fat out of the bloated public sector can't concern themselves with real threats to their livelihoods, you see. Who cares about some Frenchies who got shot at the offices of a magazine they'd never heard of? It's so much more important to show solidarity with Americans by conducting a "die-in" at the Westfield mall in Stratford. Black lives matter. Not other lives.
Just to give you some background, in case you're one of the dumbbells who was too busy with fantasy football to notice the news: Charlie Hebdo is a very anti-religious publication, satirizing nearly all religions, especially Catholicism. They got in trouble, however, when they made fun of Islam, the prophet Mohammed in particular. Their previous office was firebombed in 2011 in revenge for less-than-flattering drawings of him, in particular, one showing him as the magazine's editor and promising lashings if its audience did not laugh. Actually, you could draw Mohammed in the most flattering way possible, and these fanatics will still kill you, so the point is moot.
Anyhow, not satisfied with the first attack on the publication, two Islamofascist gunmen broke into the "new" office on January 7 and slaughtered twelve people. They also seriously wounded eleven. How can we be clear that this was an Islamic attack? Because the two gunmen—stick with me here—shouted "Allahu akbar!" and "the Prophet is avenged" (also in Arabic). I don't know how much more proof would be required at this stage.
Before their escape they also shot a moderate Muslim police officer in the head. The officer had pleaded for his life. To no avail.
Naturally, even those outside France who are commenting on the Charlie Hebdo attack see this issue as a clear-cut case, not of Islamofanaticsm, but of Islamophobia. In a piece which is entirely representative of how the Left views such incidents, which they never refer to as terrorism since that could never be associated with "The Religion of Peace," published in The Huffington (Puffington) Post, Alexandra Chaloux writes that the French outpouring of outrage over the attack on free speech is close-minded and hypocritical.
In France, if you are a Muslim female teenager and you decide to express your identity by wearing a headscarf—not covering the face, just a headscarf—you will be kicked out of school. Permanently—until you agree not to wear it again. If a grown woman decides to wear the Niqab, French law renders her a prisoner of her own home, subject to arrest and hefty fines for simply walking down the street ... And we talk of free speech. The truth is, you are free to express your identity as long as it's our identity. As long as you aren't one of them. We don't want them. We don't care when they die. We don't like their religion or their culture, and when it tries to sit beside ours, fear-mongering newspapers burst into flames of indignation. When they commit crimes, we call them 'terrorist', because there are laws to protect criminals, but you can do anything you like to a terrorist. The recent CIA torture report made that crystal clear.
One, in France, there is complete separation between church and state. It's true that Muslim women can't wear the garb which demonstrates their acceptance of submission. Christians can't wear crosses around their necks, nor can Jews wear Stars-of-David or yarmulkes. This prohibition on religious symbolism applies to everyone.
Two, the actions of the CIA, even if you were to consider it true torture considering it's what Navy SEALS go through as part of their training, was requested by Congressional Democrats spooked by the anthrax attacks in 2001. They gave the green light for the authorities to do whatever was necessary to get those who had been captured to talk.
Three, it is ridiculous irony to want to defend on free-speech grounds those who would completely remove free speech. Most of the speech we would find offensive is protected because it normally does not threaten our right to express ourselves as we see fit. But by stipulating that sharia has a place at the round table of free thought is contrary to the ideals we hold dear, as it threatens the entire table. Allow that a spot in the marketplace of ideas and you will soon find yourself without one, and you will be killed for questioning its disappearance.
Now for the million-dollar question:  Would you trust a person like this to stand up and be counted on behalf of your freedoms and way of life?  I thought not. Chaloux is demonstrably willing to submit to those who would force sharia on her.  But I am not.
The fact of the matter is, Parisians—as well as people from all across France, even across the whole of Europe—saw it as their duty to protect their freedoms and way of life. Anti-Iraq War marches in Paris in 2003 saw barely a million. The march in response to the attack on Charlie Hebdo on Monday, January 12 totalled 3.7 million—over three times the anti-war numbers.
Leaders from all over the world, including Britain's David Cameron, were in attendance. Where was Mr. Hope and Change, our Messiah and Dear Leader, Barack Obama? Nowhere to be seen. There was not even a representative for him in attendance. The lack of any American participation or support for this march was starkly obvious.
At least the French, who initially thought the Americans were such wonderful people for electing this boob to the Oval Office, can finally see for themselves what a vainglorious but gutless wonder the man truly is.
We need more of this response to Islamic fundamentalism. The monolithic crowd in Paris was not grandstanding; they meant it. There was no #illridewithyou shite in the wake of the massacre.  They were lucid in their indignation.  It'll be up to France, apparently, to save the way of life we cherish. The only thing that remains is for the Gallic nation to arm its police, every one of them.
Don't look to America. Its fat, stupidly happy and willfully ignorant citizens concern themselves with sinister imaginations and breads-and-circuses. And they are led by a candyass political establishment that cares only about control and manipulation and beset by moral cowardice. And the rest of the world knows it.
Protesting to protect what actually matters? Ain't no-one got time fo' that!

Postscript: Up until the 15th of January, for two days after this piece was published, an image of the "offensive" cover of Charlie Hebdo that had caused all the controversy and revenge attacks could be seen on this page, in the midst of the entry.  I was not one bit afraid to post it.  I have removed it at the request of my wife, as she had misgivings about it.  I stress, this is the only reason why I censored my piece.  I was at pains to do so, but my wife's concerns must be met.   If you want to see the image for yourself, dear reader, just do a search for "Charlie Hebdo Mohammed" and you'll know it when you see it: He is pointing and saying that there will be "100 lashes if you do not die laughing".  Long live freedom of speech!  NOT AFRAID!

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goddessdivine said...

Yeah, our president is an embarrassment....once again. What's even more outrageous is that our PC police chief Eric Holder, who was already IN Paris, was too "busy" to attend said rally. What a joke.

This admin is so bassackwards I can't stand it. They have no problems high-fiving crazy protestors in Ferguson or NYC; but they can't condemn terrorism.