Friday, January 2, 2015

The "new year" won't be new until we fight change

Happy New Number, ladies and gents. In celebration of this shiny new figure, I have a quote for you:
"We're against everything that's 'good and decent' in honky America. We will burn and loot and destroy. We are the incubation of your mother's nightmare."
A student leader, perhaps from Harvard, announcing the latest wave of "protests" coming soon to a city near you? A statement of irrationality that could only be born of the 2010s?
No, no. That was John Jacobs, leader of the Weathermen and Students for a "Democratic" Society, 46 years ago, shortly before the Weather Underground's "War Council" blew up a townhouse in Greenwich Village. This insiduous garbage has been around all my life—literally.
Eventually the country healed. By the late 1970s, nobody thought they'd ever hear this sort of speech again from any American. Most of the violent revolutionaries were either dead or in exile, on the run. By the late 1980s, the whole revolutionary '60s ethos and milieu was history, rear-view mirror stuff. People shuddered when you wore a hippie costume to a Hallowe'en party in 1985, because it was truly scary. They remembered the madness of the era, and had no desire to go back to it.
Unfortunately, the further we got from the '60s, the more the cognoscenti painted a picture of it for my generation: Green grass, flowers, acoustic guitars, holding of hands, blue sky, drifting clouds. A hearty rendition of "This Land is Your Land". A toke or two to ensure you didn't lose the vibe. Isn't that just lovely? Who couldn't want to live in such a decade?
While we were busy daydreaming over a manufactured image, the creeps slowly crept back into our lives, largely because the fervor never died. It survived in academia. The older the intelligentsia got, the more power they had. They owned the Clinton administration and, as Hillary Clinton attempted to make clear in 2008—as if to wash her hands free of such filthy associations herself—former Weatherman Bill Ayers and Barack Obama worked together on urban educational reform in Chicago.
Ayers wished for a "free schools movement" in which no report cards or test grades existed and teachers were addressed by their first names. Grades still exist, though they have been curved so radically that you must remember that today's "A" is yesteryear's "C". This is not your father's "A", dear reader. If you're my age, it's not even your "A".
Educational reform is a necessary first step to tearing down a healthy respect for authority, and the hard-Left academic elite knew it. Former Obama administration member Van Jones could tell young people to forget about respecting their elders and that they were all gods.  This served to illustrate what Government-run education amounts to.
One wonders why one of the students didn't stand up and say, "Well, if that's the case, stop lecturing us and get off the stage, old man!" Would Van Jones have approved? We'll never know since this audience of students had one critical link in their thought processes missing, one that was robbed from them by the powers that be.
We would be foolhardy to be surprised that, in 2015, there are young and even middle-aged people calling for the upheaval of law and order and the murder of cops. The suspension of reality, in which facts must be regarded as irrelevant whenever there is a good work of civil-rights fiction to be concocted, is possible because today's kids were never taught critical thinking and never allowed to ask questions. They are being controlled by the Bill Ayers' and Bernadine Dohrs' of the world.
This hard-Left bile has come around full circle because we never eradicated it. The country moved on for a bit, but we were being tailgated the whole time by a sickness which has caught up with and consumed our society even stronger than it did the first time.
You know things are bad when someone with an apparently somewhat grounded mind like Pharrell Williams is forced to apologize by a fan base who would accuse him of betrayal for daring to opine that Mike "Gentle Giant" Brown was "bullyish".
New year?  On the contrary.  It's been 1968 for far too long.
If 2015 is to be new in any meaningful way, the silent majority must refuse to be silent any further.  They must stand up to this domestic terrorism.  This must be the year our citizens stop being so concerned with America's Got Talent and Survivor and Eminem's latest collection of profane, self-absorbed rantings, laughably referred to as an "album", and start concerning themselves with the dawn of a society that will benefit no-one but the academic elite if brought to fruition.
Young "protestors" must be made to realize that they will not be part of whatever change they're demonstrating for. They are useful idiots to be thrown on the scrap heap when the war is over. They will realize the true nature of what it means to be white and middle-class, re: ignored. Nothing much will change, we just won't have a productive private sector or a Constitution. We will, however, have gulags.
Happy 2015.

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goddessdivine said...

Well done Dragon. It's almost scarier that these thugs walk around spewing their anti-cop/anti-everything crap with immunity. They're practically being adored by the leftist elites. We have seen a major cultural shift in America that I'm afraid we may never come back from. Ugh.

On a brighter note, Happy New Year!