Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cinderela declares Scalia shall not go to the ball

Imagine, dear reader, if—to borrow this scenario from Michael Savage—Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was found dead at a remote ranch under very suspicious circumstances.
What if Ginsburg: 

  • Was considered healthy at the time of her trip to the lodge and had the trip OK'd by doctors who declared her fit enough for the excursion
  • Had not stated any intent to retire soon
  • Was found with a pillow over her head 
  • Was wearing pyjamas that were unwrinkled 

And what if:

  • The ranch owner, who found her and reported her death, was a conservative, a Republican donor and someone who had been honored by George W. Bush
  • The county judge declared her death by telephone and did not order an autopsy
  • Ginsburg's bodily fluids were disposed of by the funeral home
  • There was an expressed desire by Ginsburg's family to not have an autopsy and to cremate her corpse
  • Ginsburg was elemental in a recent Supreme Court decision that set back a Republican President's agenda
  • The President did not attend her funeral and was far too keen to offer a nominee for the Court to take her place 

Now imagine liberals, progressives and socialists nationwide—more than certainly in the media—stating, "Hold on, we cannot say that Justice Ginsburg's death was in any way connected to the President or his administration. Let's not indulge conspiracy theories." Does that sound likely? No, I don't think so either.
The media and the liberal cognoscenti would hardly be likely to posit, "Oh well, she had been battling cancer for nearly twenty years. We guess she lost the fight." Instead, "Demand An Autopsy" fever would be gripping the nation.
It was, in fact, conservative, constitutionalist, 79-year-old Judge Antonin Scalia who was found dead. Scalia had just voted to stall implementation of President Obama's Clean Power Plan which would have unleashed the full force of the EPA on the electricity sector. He was in a remote location. His host, Cibolo Creek ranch owner John Poindexter, had been honored by Obama. His family claim to have not requested an autopsy. Why? What kind of close family relatives do not wish to know the full details involving the death of one of their own?
Also, did county judge Cinderela Guevara not order an autopsy based on the family's alleged desire or was this an independent decision on her part? She did rule that an autopsy was not necessary without seeing Scalia's corpse.
So, no autopsy necessary for a Supreme Court judge. Do you think the same policy would apply to illegal aliens, who have not served the country in any way conceivable? Somehow I think they would unconditionally merit one.
One thing you need to know about Cinderela Guevara is that she appears to decree as she sees fit. In 2013, she ruled a recently married woman's death a suicide. The woman in question, one Melaney Parker Rayburn, had been run over by a Union Pacific Railroad train, yet a representative for Union Pacific told investigators that it appeared her body had been laid over the tracks while she was unconscious. Guevara did not order either a sexual assault evidence kit or an autopsy simply because a doctor told her that the cause of death was obvious.
I do not accept Guevara's recent declaration that Scalia died of a heart attack. Is that also "obvious" to her? Again, she has not even seen the body, yet she is fully prepared to pronounce a cause of death and that there is no evidence of foul play. The people of Presidio County, Texas either have a moron or someone with an agenda in charge. That's something that fits the definition of obvious.
Here's something this genius may have thought to consider. If Scalia's death was caused by a heart attack, is it possible that a drug that induces cardiac arrest but leaves behind no metabolites had been administered to him? Judge Cinderela could not even pronounce "myocardial infarction" at a press conference last week. 
Guevara has said that the official death certificate for Scalia will be permanently filed in Presidio County. Guevara told local media,"After I did my job, yes, I kept playing it over and over in my mind and thought, 'Oh my God. History is being made in Presidio County'." An important man is dead and all this judge can concentrate on is the death certificate of a member of the Supreme Court being filed in her county. History will also show that Presidio County, under her jurisdiction, did not properly investigate the death.
It is clear that justice will not be done for Antonin Scalia. The media, or what passes for it, will not allow it. The President does not even attend Scalia's funeral while telling all and sundry that the Senate must consider any nominee he chooses, while the Senate does not have a duty to entertain a lame-duck President's wishes. Chuck Schumer himself told us that when, in 2007, he called upon the Senate to block all Bush SCOTUS nominees. Schumer's reasoning was sound as the precedent for rejecting Supreme Court nominees during a President's final year in office is evidenced throughout the country's history.
Alas, now he tells us that it doesn't matter what anyone said in the past regarding the issue. That man is a slimeball.
I will refrain from pointing fingers at anyone. But I will be damned if I'll be told that regarding Scalia's death to be a suspicious one is harboring a conspiracy theory. The evidence of a cover-up—from the county judge refusing an autopsy, the media declaring nothing to see here, folks, move along and President Barry ceaselessly making the case that we are duty-bound to consider His Highness's "qualified" SCOTUS pick—is just too overwhelming. My advice to judges Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito is, watch your back, fellas.
As Savage recently said on his show The Savage Nation, it's possible to understand, in light of this, why Judge Roberts voted that Obamacare was constitutional. The administration showed a pillow to him hours before the Court's decision on that issue.
I could be wrong. But with no autopsy, the flushing away of Scalia's bodily fluids, and the plan to cremate him despite the fact that this form of corpse disposal is not favored by devout Catholics, as Scalia was and his family are, we shall never know.
"It's something I'll never forget," Guevara said of Scalia's passing.
Nor will the rest of us, Cinderela.

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