Thursday, April 7, 2016

More campaign news, more nonsense ...

Congratulations to Ted Cruz for his double-digit figure win in Wisconsin. If Trump had won that contest, things would pretty much have been locked up for him. Cruz's win has ensured that the Republican race for the nomination remains competitive and interesting. Not that I want "competitive" or "interesting". If I want competitive, I'll watch sports. If I want interesting, I'll people-watch in the park. Turns out, I'm not interested in either. I want a nominee and I want one now. The novelty of this campaign wore off long ago.
Trump, very much not to his credit, has said that he does not see the need to focus on Hillary until he's knocked Cruz out. Wisconsin has come and gone—and he hasn't come any closer to doing that.
Perhaps I was a bit mean-spirited in calling Mr. Cruz a phony in my last entry. I'm angry because there are elements to Cruz's past that I am not impressed with. Why did he not support more conservative challengers to Mitch McConnell in 2014? Cruz supposedly has such monumental right-wing purist credentials, but when Matt Bevin could have used this maverick's help, well ... Cruz wasn't such a maverick or "outsider" back then. That bothers me, and it bothers me immensely.
Cruz supported granting Obama fast-track authority with regard to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), known as Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), with his May 2015 vote in the Senate. In early June, he claimed TPA did not "give the President more authority" with regard to negotiating trade deals. Later that month, when the issue came up for a second round of voting in the Senate, after the House rejected TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance), Cruz said that he suspected that "Republican leadership had promised supporters of the Export-Import Bank a vote to reauthorize the bank" before it expired and therefore voted against the measure. I appreciate this vote and his stance, but can I—or anyone—be confident that this wasn't a ploy concocted to allow Cruz a platform on which to distinguish himself for a Presidential run?
"Hey, look, people, I called Fishface a liar on the Senate floor," Cruz could tell us. But will he ever tell us about the subsequent praise for Cruz's acting performance, expressed through a pantload of pats on the back, by McConnell behind closed doors? Don't tell me that this is not how politics works. You know damn well that it does.
Trump has been dirty and is all too keen for gutter brawls, I won't deny this for one second. It exasperates me. He is 70 years old and so often acts like he's 17. I do appreciate his off-the-cuff remarks, it definitely separates him from the so-called "professional" politicians. But it has also gotten him into trouble, as with the abortion issue brought up during a recent interview with Chris Matthews. Trump said in the instance of Roe vs. Wade being overturned, in any state in which abortion could then be declared illegal, there would have to be "some kind of punishment" for women who get them—which is as low as low can get. I don't care if you're pro-life or pro-choice, that is one nasty-ass thing to say. You won't stop abortion even when it's illegal. Before 1973, women were getting abortions, in back alleys and often dying from botched operations. They, obviously, are not to blame.
Trump then more accurately pointed out that it's the doctors who would have to face punishment. But it was too late. The damage was done. It's not so easy to tiptoe backwards from this kind of bomb once the fuse has been lit. Chris Matthews may be a puke, but he'd boxed Trump into a corner and it was almost effortless on his part, because Trump keeps ad-hoc'ing his positions.
Mr. Trump, before you sink your campaign, please start listening to advisers. If you don't have any advisers, then get them. You can no longer wing it. Think of it like a video game. Perhaps you can fudge your way through the first few levels and kick butt. But then actual skills are going to be needed for the upcoming levels or you'll either fall behind or get a "game over".
Time to learn some debating skills, Donald. It's no wonder Cruz is saying you're afraid to debate him one-on-one. When it comes to verbal sparring, Cruz is an expert. But Cruz, debate champion that he is, has not exactly taken the high ground either throughout all this. Every time Trump tweaks him, Cruz engages.
Come on, Cruz-bots, if your man is as pure as the driven snow, then how come he does not simply dismiss Trump as a bore and focus on the real issues of substance? Is that not what Reagan did? We don't have one idiot dragging down the Republican nomination process, we've got two.
I declared my support for one of these idiots because I do believe that once the smoke has cleared from this exasperating campaign, Trump will be the leader his supporters believe him to be. Cruz would too, except for this, dear reader: Cruz, like every other Presidential contender before him, is not self-funding. He had to take a bank loan to fund his US Senate bid to represent Texas, so how has he gone this far? Well, thanks to the aforementioned Fishface, for one thing. And, for another, donors. So this man will have to pay the pipers—the donor class with all of its BS—once he's in office.
There you have it. This is exactly what Trump supporters like me are tired of.
Before I let you go, dear reader, I want to address this complete nonsense, as if we haven't had enough of that already, regarding the female Breitbart reporter at Trump's rally in Jupiter, Florida. I won't address her by her real name, because she's had more than enough attention and she's obviously a whore for exactly that sort of thing. It's Nightdragon policy to not mention terrorists or psychotics by name. So, I'll just call her Ms. Cantakeat (for "Can't take the heat).
Cantakeat is a known troublemaker. She previously called out police at an Occupy Wall Street event in New York City for pushing her to the ground when she was, in fact, in the way of their attempt to arrest some of the bums there. I do not exactly feel sorry for morons who get in the way of the police. Now she is calling out Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for doing the same thing.
Lewandowski never even came close to doing such. He grabbed her arm to keep her from further approaching Trump, who she'd already accosted. Trump said, "She was actually—if you look at her—she's grabbing at me and he's acting as an intermediary and trying to block her from doing that."
That is exactly what the video shows. Trump is walking up the aisle and Cantakeat is right there, touching him, in an attempt to get an answer to some lame question she'd posed. Lewandowski steps forward, grabs her arm and leads—not pulls—her out of the way. Ms. Cantakeat doesn't even stumble, never mind tumble to the ground. She may have experienced a very slight misstep upon Lewandowski grabbing her. That's it.
Yet Cantakeat filed charges with the Jupiter police who arrested Lewandowski with a charge of battery. Trump replied that he would not ruin a man's life over much ado about nothing by firing him and said that, in fact, he ought to consider filing battery charges against Cantakeat. I wish you would, Donald, and teach that brat a lesson.
Political reporting, indeed, any kind of reporting, is a rough business. You get grabbed, you get pushed, you get intercepted. It's rarely personal, but getting the news very often involves rugby scrums. If Lewandowski had grabbed a male reporter, we wouldn't have known about this. Most women reporters would have been mature enough to understand why Lewandowski acted as he did.
Ms. Cantakeat, either learn to take the heat or get out of this business. No-one wants to hear your accusations of misogyny in the field except Hillary supporters. If you want to play with the big boys, then learn how to deal. You have absolutely earned the wrath of Diamond and Silk. Give it to her good, ladies!

Cantakeat should team up with Roger Ailes's bint, the one Michael Savage calls "Martha Washington", and start their own FOX chat show. Two pretend conservative chicks clucking about how terrible it is for women in the media. The Establishment would embrace that in a New York minute.

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