Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Donald Trump: What other choice have we got?

I don't suppose so, mes amis, but perhaps you've heard about the Russian Special Forces commando who, when surrounded by ISIS fighters in Palmyra, Syria, called for an airstrike—not only on the savage sub-humans surrounding him, but himself as well?
You see, this is what real men do, not the effeminate, meggings-wearing, Harry Styles haircut-copying "males" you see all over the place these days. Honestly, have you taken a look around you lately at the little Peter Pans flitting from place to place and seriously thinking they're legitimate? Real men shit, shower, shave and split. These guys probably spend more time in the bathroom preparing their pretty, darling little selves than their girlfriends (if you can actually believe they're straight).
Now, contrast the Russian solider's actions with that of our President, the one who wouldn't leave a baseball game on the pretense that it's letting the terrorists disrupt our lives his fun, and then who flew to Argentina to do what was supposed to be the tango. Talk about the ugly American. But, of course, we had the media smooching his backside, tittering at the President's footwork in South America while black smoke continues to pour out of Brussels.
Who cares, though, right? Just a bunch of stupid white people. Belgians are white. The Americans at the American Airlines counter were probably all white. A bunch of bitter clingers with racism in their DNA. You expect the President to care when he can dance and party with the bigots in charge of Cuba and the Argentines who are the whitest people in South America? This President is anything but consistent, but never mind. He still needs his ass kissing.
I had the extreme displeasure of seeing ITV (one of the British stations) reporting on the President's attempt at Argentina's national dance Thursday night. You don't need me to tell you that it was all "oh, isn't he clever?" and "tee-hee-hee, we're all so lucky this guy's the leader of the free world." It's obvious the British media wants nothing to do with sympathy for Brussels either. Keep filling blank and gullible heads with mush so that they cannot realize a disgrace when one presents itself—it's the name of the game for the media.
And now, the six-million dollar question: What do you think Obama would have done in Palmyra? Defense secretary Ash Carter? Or these oh-so heroic saviors of the Republican establishment: George Will, Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol, Rich Lowry or the fat girl who never turned down a donut, Erick Erickson? I'll sum it up, shall I?
1. Poop in the pants.
2. Copious tears and pleadings of "no, no, no!"
3. A head going one way, a body going the other.
And there you have it. American leadership as we know it today. Aren't you proud? Too bad the Russian commando wasn't wearing a skirt and pantyhose with his combat boots and crowed for all the world to hear that he is a transsexual or was "suffering" from gender dysmorphia. Then news of his demise would have been unavoidable.
A real man takes his enemy out with him. A loser, a fairy, a nogoodnick parties while others suffer. Yeah, I said it! And people who like to pretend that they're intelligent plot to steal the election from the overwhelmingly popular, front-running candidate for the party which, need I repeat, made him take a pledge of allegiance to them.
Oh, you purists—who would rather have John "Do You Know Who I Am?" Kasich in office than Donald Trump—do us real proud with your kvetching that the Trumpster is not a conservative. This, despite the fact that the main points that he has run his campaign on—stopping illegal immigration, challenging phony trade deals, criticizing illegal, "nation-building" wars that do nothing to spread democracy to regions that have never known it—are as conservative as can be.

Exhibit A: A man who fancies himself influential, but ought to concern himself more with the unity between his inseam and his waistline than candidates for the GOP.

Ted Cruz, that stud, if National Enquirer can be believed—and I believe it can given that it's a more reputable news source these days than FOX News or Lowry's National Review—talks about handing a victory to Putin and ISIS if NATO is done away with. As if the Russian President and the radical Islamic savages are one and the same.
Remember, folks, "real" conservatism wants you to regard Russia as our biggest enemy—despite the fact that, golly gee, Russia is the only country in Europe, except for perhaps Viktor Orbán's Hungary, that stands up for Christian values and ethics. There are no gay lobbies, with the help of subversive judges, putting bakeries out of business for not baking gay wedding cakes in Russia. Yet, the neocons who wish to hitch a ride on Cruz's wagon wants us to know that the Bear is as much of a threat to us as it was in 1962.
If that's conservatism, then please, by all means, label me as a "populist-nationalist". I don't give a damn anymore. I want someone who can realistically beat Mrs. Pantsuit. Ah, but Trump is not a conservative, conservative, conservative, cluck-cluck, cluck, bwak-bwak-bah-BWAK! Could you please knock off this crap already?
Cruz-bots, at what point did your education cease? Are you familiar with numbers and aware of how they work? If so, then you could jolly well see for yourselves that Teddy boy is not getting anywhere near the White House. Not in this election, anyway. Enough with the nonsense.
Ted Cruz notes that "Republicans are uniting against" Trump. You mean as with the rest of the GOP Establishment, Teddy? I was with Ted Cruz. He was my guy. Until I read this. In 2014, Ted Cruz, well before he started establishing himself as a firebrand conservative, joined radio's Mr. Weepy (and, by all accounts, Mr. Ever-Expanding Waistline) Glenn Beck to hand out soccer balls and teddy bears to border-crossing illegals.
According to the article: "A Cruz spokesperson announced to The Blaze Thursday that Cruz would be 'glad to join Glenn Beck' in McAllen, Texas to 'provide some relief from the suffering this administration is causing.'" O-o-o-K, then—apparently the way to relieve the suffering of those in the ceaseless flow caused by Obama's open doors is to encourage them to accept freebies courtesy of dumb gringos at the border, ready to pat their heads and give them a free lunch.
Give ... me ... a ... break. How exactly was treating these law-breakers as welcome guests "a statement against President Barack Obama's non-enforcement of immigration law"? I don't want nice guys giving illegals soccer balls to kick around. I want a tough guy like Trump to tell them, step over that line and you're getting shot. With real bullets, not beanbags.
Ted Cruz, you are a phony. End of. I don't trust you anymore. You did a nice acting job, especially with having called Senate Leader Fishface a liar. But you voted for the TPP, intent on giving Obama his executive privilege to decide trade deals. You keep harping on about the need for NATO, when American troops are a lot more needed at the southern U.S. border than in Germany. You said you had no choice but to accept Obama-care, because it was the law, even though you damn well knew it had been mis-sold to the American people and was therefore vulnerable to a legitimate challenge. What're you going to do next, team up with Jonathan Gruber to tell us that we must follow the law, as determined by one quisling SCOTUS member?
Ted, the fact is, you did not support true conservative challengers to Mitch McConnell in 2013/14, and you supported the Corker-Cardin Amendment to the Iran Deal.
Dear reader, here's how this works: Ted Cruz works out a deal with Mitch McConnell to shine his shoes with his tongue for the rest of his career so that when it comes to the race for President, he can look like an "outsider". It's similar to what's happening here in Britain. Labour mayoral candidate for London Sadiq Khan works out an agreement with national Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn to paint Corbyn himself as anti-Semitic, unpatriotic and wanting to harm Britain's financial institutions by implementing a "windfall" tax on British banks. This way, voters can be fooled into thinking that Khan is a maverick. They do not, and will never, know about the secret handshake between the two men. 
Don't believe the hype.
When a good-ol'-boy, goober simpleton like Lindsey Graham and Señor Amnestio, Jeb Bush, run to Ted Cruz, that tells me all I need to know. Chris Christie may be a big cafone, but at least he knew which way the political wind was blowing by endorsing Mr. Trump. 
I'm looking forward to Cruz trying to lend any sort of credence to the risible claim that the Feds have been so effective against ISIS in Iraq and Syria that it explains why they're targeting Europe. C'mon, Ted, let's hear it. NATO, NATO, NATO, Putin and ISIS, Putin and ISIS, Putin and ISIS ...
What the GOP establishment and highbrow, garbage-headed, fifth-column "conservative" commentators/sissies like George Will and Charles Krauthammer spectacularly fail to acknowledge is that if the Republicans had been strong all this time, had protected people's jobs, taken care of our own nation's children, cut off welfare for domestic and foreign layabouts alike, slashed foreign aid, stopped the endless, pointless, illegitimate military conflicts and criticized the Dear Leader and Madame Hilary with as much enthusiasm as they have 2016's front-runner, then Donald Trump would have no reason to exist. Now would he?
At this point, the Nightdragon has no choice but to endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States. You don't have to love the man, but he's all we have.

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