Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Forty-nine dead in Orlando: Guess who's to blame?

As you may have guessed by now, dear reader, the world does not have "slow news days" anymore. Many people imagine that such is the case, which is why they read celebrity gossip magazines or throw themselves into the battle for phony civil rights causes such as allowing male predators into women's restrooms and partying like it's 1964.
So much to discuss ... The usual media/liberal hypocrisy surrounding Donald Trump and the Latino supremicist judge in the Trump U. case, which shouldn't even be a case as it no longer has a lead plaintiff. Girls wearing gym shorts underneath their uniform skirts at school because they're facing an ever-growing problem of physical sexual harassment from boys—another great result from the gender warriors to be proud of. Try to deny boys their sense of masculinity by taking away most avenues with which to display it, and this is the predictable result. The continuing lunacy of the Italian coast guard rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean. Europe doesn't have bigger problems, including the migrants that are already there by the hundreds of thousands? I guess not, because they have to save the lives of even thousands of more "refugees" who will go on to terrorize Germans or Swedes or amass in the fetid "jungle" in Calais, engaging in brutal knife-fights with each other, to try to break into Britain. How about the fresh wave of half-truths and pretext agitprop being engaged in by David Cameron, George Osborne and the rest of the Remain loonies because support for the Leave campaign has surged.
(As an aside: I finally but firmly chewed out the fine folks at the Britain Stronger In Europe gang, who I referenced in the first installment of my series on the Leave side and my immutable support for it, and threatened them with Citizens Advice action if they did not stop sending me e-mails. Well, they stopped!)
Yet it seems that almost every time there's already a plethora of stuff on my template to write about, some douchebag loser goes on a shooting spree. So, yes, we're going to talk about Omar Mateen and his takedown of forty-nine innocent people at the Orlando gay nightclub, Pulse. Fifty people died, but that includes Mateen himself, so I am more than happy to exclude him. He doesn't count. Living advertisements for abortion never do, in my none-too-humble opinion.
For starters, Dear Leader Barry Hussein Obama, as always, refused to condemn this deadly rampage as Islamic terrorism. Barry from Honolulu told those assembled in the White House press corps that the slaughter was an "act of terror and hate" and added, "We have reached no definitive judgment on the precise motivations of the killer."
Alright, as to this being an act of terror—well, no shit! To merely call it terrorism is to be plain and generic about it, clearly implying that this carnage could have been brought about by anyone. To those who have not drunk the Kool-Aid or have otherwise become politically correct robots through any other method, to those who can still think for themselves, it was obvious from the get-go that this was Islamic terrorism. You only needed to hear the fucker's name—Omar Mateen—to deduce this. And yet this so-called President declares this an open investigation.
An open investigation because we don't know the killer's motives. You know, there's a chance that dear ol' Omar could have been traumatized by a Confederate flag. He might have considered becoming a Tea Party activist. Maybe he was talking to too many blue-eyed veterans returning from the field of battle and bringing all their psychotic anger back into the country with them. That's what the media tells us and that is official Department of Homeland Security policy: Watch out for angry white war veterans. Their list of domestic terrorist atrocities are just mind-boggling, after all.
Or, hey, perhaps little Omar was considering converting to Christianity. Islam had nothing to do with it, see, because Mateen wanted to embrace Jesus Christ and all the hatred and violence that goes along with that sort of thing, y'know? Even the Westboro Baptist Church, as vile and contemptible as they are, never killed anyone, gay or otherwise, yet we're to believe they and other fundamentalist Christians are every bit the threat that Islamic fundamentalists are.
Let's not even mention that Omar's father is a Taliban-supporting Afghan refugee that America generously took in, who says that his son flipped out because he witnessed two gay men kissing. The gay community is at fault, you see, not Islam. Islam is precious and just filled to the brim with peacefulness. One leader of a mosque in Orlando, when subjected to questioning by local news media, shrugged. "We don't know what you want," the imam said. To stop killing us according to your backwards sharia law would be a good indication of what we want from you, you stupid-ass weirdo.
According to Allen West, as reported on his website, the senior imam of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, Muhammad Musri, said that "mass shootings" are to blame for the tragedy while urging people not to "jump to conclusions."
Obama has no problem calling out Dylan Roof as a Dixie flag-embracing racist—which it could be effectively argued that he was—and leads the charge to ban the Stars and Bars. But when it comes to calling out Islamic terror or the surveillance of radical mosques, places where genuine hatred ferments, places where no truly peaceful Muslims go, Obama suddenly has issues with the truth.
The FBI, meanwhile, is as listless as they come. I can think of only one instance in recent memory in which the FBI actually did something to prevent a terrorist attack. Agents were on the case of Usaamah Rahim, who was known to be planning terror attacks, and who was killed by Boston police in June last year when they stopped him and were threatened with a military-style knife. One success in nearly a decade. Does anyone else have any more federal law enforcement success stories with regard to foiling terror attacks? I'd love to know about them, because I sure haven't heard any.
Why is the FBI so horrible at its job? Because the two people who have been at the top of the pecking order throughout the past nearly eight years of this hopeless, gutless administration, Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, have paralyzed the agency with political correctness. Lynch slammed FIFA soccer heads in the ferocious manner and with the exact zeal that we all, those of us with brains, can only wish she'd employ in tackling the "allahu akhbar" crowd.
Then we have that old chestnut: Gun control. I have had it up to here—picture me standing up with my hand stretched as high as it will go, which in my case is a good 6 feet, 7 inches—with the argument that every time some mental case or jihadist—assuming the two are actually mutually exclusive—grabs a firearm and goes "bang, bang" and kills any number of people, that it's the gun's fault. That our Second Amendment is somehow to blame and that it needs to be struck from the 18th century parchment that it's enshrined on. It's a "living" document, don'tcha know. We should be able to alter the Constitution at whim, which any intelligent person may argue defeats the bloody purpose of having it, but never mind. Progressivism ├╝ber alles!
Here's the question of the day for you, mes amis: If Omar Mateen does not represent all Muslims, as the Left is swift in reminding us, then how the hell does he represent all gun owners/users? I would love somebody to address that particular question. For the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, it is not acceptable to question an entire religion. But somehow it is acceptable to go after millions of law-abiding citizens in trying to take away their equalizers. Only the Left could possibly think this makes an iota of sense at all.
Omar Mateen did not pledge himself to the Gun Owners of America. He pledged himself to the radical cause of establishing a caliphate, embracing the genocide that obviously accompanies such a pursuit. Doesn't matter. The problem is guns and the Second Amendment. You and I must pay the price for what Omar Mateen, Nidal Hassan at Ford Hood, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik in San Bernadino, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez in Chattanooga and even the gunmen at the Texas "Draw Muhammad" contest—even though, thank the Lord, they never got the chance to kill anyone—have done.
For the sins of gun-toting terrorists, the average, law-abiding citizen must sacrifice. Too bad Obama didn't have guns to blame in the cases of the Tsarnaev brothers, the Moore, Oklahoma beheading—or the 2014 Parliament Hill shootings in Ottawa because that was Canada and not the U.S. No way to spin-doctor or profit from those events, eh, Barry?
God forbid we actually lock dangerously psychotic people away, for their own good as well as others, or to jail or deport ISIS-worshiping dirtbags that the FBI has known about for years, as with Omar Mateen. We can't do either of those. So the Messiah-in-Chief, his lapdog media and the dumb-ass half of the nation's electorate that make up his disciples attack guns as the end-all, be-all of the problem and act as if all the firearms were removed from society, we'd all be safe. There'd be no such things as pressure cooker, pipe or nail bombs or any other type of home-assembled devices to take as many people out as possible being used by the aggrieved, the disgruntled or the Islamic fanatics. We know that would never happen because the authorities, as I have made clear, are doing such a marvelous job of keeping us safe.
"We will work all day and all night to understand the path to that terrible night. We're also gonna look hard at our own work, to see whether there is something we should have done differently. So far, the honest answer is, I don't think so," FBI director James Comey said.
Mr. Comey, with all due but begrudging respect, you are an idiot. We're all still waiting to hear about whatever possible indictment of Hillary Clinton may or may not be forthcoming from your office, and you're telling us, in so many measured words, that the FBI's work is as pristine as can be expected in the wake of this massacre, when the perpetrator of it was known to you for the past three years? That's just pathetic. Screw you!
Perhaps if the FBI didn't declare people it is watching, folks who are on a "no-fly" list for Chrissakes, fit to have a gun, we wouldn't be having these massacres. The National Rifle Association may just be crazy enough to say the Second Amendment applies to potential terrorists. I doubt any clear-thinking person would. I'm getting really fed up with reading about how such-and-such a person was on some kind of watch list or was in any other way known to the police or other authorities every time a mass shooting occurs.
Wait, it gets better ... The FBI ended its investigation of Mateen because they thought he was the victim of racism by his co-workers. The investigation was closed after ten months because, golly gee, according to a news source, the FBI "took Mateen's statements he was trying to taunt his coworkers because he thought he was being marginalized because of his Muslim faith," and thus suspended their inquiry of him. Poor little ol' Omar! Liberals have yet to explain how suspicion of Muslims equals racism, but never mind, the ends always justify the means, in line with their warped world-view.
I am so tired of these liberals who claim, no matter how appalling a Muslim-instigated atrocity, that, "oh, as long as we continue to embrace diversity, we'll be alright, that is our strength, not our weakness." Yes, it's worked fabulously so far. That's why forty-nine people who only wanted a fun time in a nightclub are now dead.
While we're on this charming subject of guns and the human slaughters in which they have been used, we may also consider using existing gun laws to nail criminals for life if they are involved in shootings. Instead, we slap their wrists, say we cannot act against them because it would violate their civil rights if we did, and do everything under the law to ensure they "rock the vote". And we keep talking about how evil guns are. As if these "weapons of murder" have minds and killer instincts of their own.
Scores of young people in inner-city Chicago, in inner-city neighborhoods across the country, get taken out every weekend with guns, illegally purchased and not borrowed from mommy and daddy. Mommy and daddy don't have guns because they live in gun-free zones. The media doesn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. Black Lives Matter isn't interested because white people aren't involved.
In front of the aforementioned White House press corps, Obama said, "We have to, I think, do some soul-searching." This is exactly what he said after the San Bernadino massacre. Mark Levin put it best:
This is what is so damned frustrating, angering even. You and I have to do soul-searching after some Islamo-Nazi murders forty-nine people. You and I have do soul-searching. We don't have to do any soul-searching, Obama, and I don't plan to do any soul-searching. I do a lot of head-scratching when it comes to you.
The Left will continue to ignore real problems in America because they have a completely perverted understanding of civil rights and are still waiting for their angry white man to nail to a progressive cross for all to bear witness to. "See, here he is, the blue-eyed military veteran and violent Tea Party activist we warned you about," they will say as actual, real-life terrorists, who are registered Democrats, plan their slaughters and given every leeway to carry them out by a completely useless federal law enforcement structure and a piece of garbage "President" that cares absolutely nothing about those that he swore, twice, during his inaugurations to protect.
Before I end this piece, I want to address the subject of the gay community. We know there are decent people that make up its numbers. But perhaps, finally, the gay mafia that seeks to control the mindset of said community, turning it against all those who dare not sing from their hymn sheets, deliberately seeking out and punishing Christian bakers, photographers and florists for the "crime" of turning down the provision of their services for gay weddings, will turn its wrath on the real, and now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, threat to its existence.
Say what you will about Peter Tatchell and his long history of OutRage! activism. At least he gets it with regard to Islamic fundamentalism. Tatchell has said that sharia law represents "a clerical form of fascism". One can only hope more men like Tatchell, or the conservative gay journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, will be born from and make their mark in the gay community and force its collective mind to concentrate on the actual challenges facing it.
I've got news for you, dear gay reader: Mateen's is not the first radical Islamic attack on gays. Al-Qaeda killed two gay rights activists in Bangladesh, hacking them to death for publishing the country's only LGBT magazine, in April. Wake up, my gay friends, please wake up. Combat your concrete enemies, not your imagined ones. Hint: It's not Melissa's Sweet Cakes of Oregon or those who prefer civil unions to gay marriage.
And, for Pete's sake, arm yourselves. As Mark Levin said in his June 13 show, "I want to tell people who listen to this show who are gay, you'd better start paying attention to the Second Amendment too. You need to protect yourselves, because despite what Barack Obama says, with his immigration policies and the way he ties the hands of law enforcement, you're not protected. And you're not going to be protected. And the Islamo-Nazis are going to keep targeting you."
Happy gay pride to everyone I've ever known on the 'net or in real life who are homosexual or bisexual. I want to see you alive and prosperous. Nonetheless, until you take account of who your definitive enemy is, and who is responsible for their perpetuation, you run the risk of being neither. We are all in this ship together, boys and girls.

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