Monday, June 6, 2016

The Massachusetts transgender bathroom bill: Predators 1, Women 0

"Today, I'd have to say, was one of my proudest moments as Speaker of the House."
Which vote is Massachusetts State Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo referencing here, dear reader?
(a) A vote in favor of declaring school choice official Bay State law
(b) A vote to establish a rigid educational curriculum, including actual history with an emphasis on the Constitution, for the state's children and overturn Common Core
(c) A vote that stipulates that Massachusetts will not follow the path of Colorado by legalizing marijuana, medical or otherwise
(d) A vote to deny funding to the Feds' refugee resettlement program, and that places in the state, such as Hanscom Air Force Base, are off-limits to migrants, Obama's diktats be damned
Well, none of those, as it turns out. The "proudest moment" for DeLeo was overseeing a vote to establish a transgender bathroom law. A law that is not so much about transgenders—many of whom are quiet, decent people—but to turn society on its collective head, a vote in favor of a law that will refuse to recognize the very real differences between boys and girls, men and women. The so-called "bathroom bill" (H. 4343) passed 116-36.
When asked about the legacy for his grandson and granddaughters, DeLeo gushed, "All I could think about was my six-month-old granddaughter. The first one and only one I have." Too bad he couldn't have thought about what this will really mean for her. When she asks him why the little boys are showing their you-know-whats in the bathroom or shower room, DeLeo will tell her, "Why, that was because of a landmark civil rights vote that Grandpappy was part of. I did that for you, little one."
Preening for the press on the State House steps, DeLeo continued: "When you think about the history of Massachusetts, and our legacy in terms of civil rights and what we have done, you consider the fact that this is just another great moment in our history, and it really makes you so proud to be from Massachusetts."
So proud. Don't forget so arrogant and so self-aggrandizing in your assessment of this "great vote," Mistah Speakah.
This bill is all about civil rights, is it? A few questions come to mind. When did trangender people ever have to drink at different water bubblers? When did transgenders have water canons and K-9 dogs turned on them when they tried to communicate their concerns? Did transgenders ever get told what school they could or could not attend? Did people dealing with issues of gender ever get lynched or denied the right to vote? To equate this with the civil rights fight that black Americans had to endure, and win, is head-scratching at best, outright insensitive at worst.
But we know that the trials and travails of transgender people have been paralyzingly painful because Chas Bono has been telling us about it for thirty years.
If anyone, under this law, objects to the presence of a man or men in the ladies' restroom or locker room, such a reaction will be considered "hate speech" and subject the protester—any decent woman or man worried about his wife or daughter—to criminal prosecution. They will face a hefty fine and up to two years of jail time. This is a bill that is about discrimination—discrimination against you, me, our fathers, our brothers, but especially our daughters, our mothers, our wives.
Governor Charlie Baker is so desperate to push this squalid bill through the Legislature and sign it into law that he does not want it going to a conference committee, where differences between the Senate and House versions would get worked out. Baker wants the Senate to vote on and pass the House version.
Massachusetts State Attorney General Maura Healey has a solution though. To all women who "have a problem" with this manufactured civil rights legislation, she advises, "Hold it." How's that for sacrificing your convenience to satisfy all the perverts, sexual predators, child molesters/pornographers, whack-jobs who are dangerously out-of-touch with reality and other assorted scum out there who want to use the women's restroom for their own nefarious purposes? Aren't you glad to be from Massachusetts?
I think I'll start a business aimed at the Bay State female population, selling T-shirts saying, "Because of Massachusetts, I started wearing diapers again." If I was a woman, I'd certainly wear one (the shirt, but perhaps even the diaper), just to stick it to those who think it's wonderful to have inconvenienced me. Better a bit of embarrassment than full-scale humiliation, which is the only choice facing the state's women with the advent of this bill.
Oh, that won't happen, you say. Only soft-hearted men, who aren't really men because they don't consider themselves such, who are genuinely making the transition to womanhood will be availing themselves of that choice. I'm just being the typical, bigoted right-winger who wants to bash the LGBTQ community. Yeah? Alright, consider this: The Legislature would not even consider an amendment to the bathroom bill that would have barred registered sex offenders and child abusers. Representative Shaunna O'Connell submitted this amendment for consideration and it was resoundingly rejected. Got that? An amendment that would have allowed for the arrest and prosecution of known sex offenders who said they feel like women just to get into a women's bathroom or locker room was voted down, 92-58. 
So what provisions exist now, under this horrible law, to address the egregious abuse of girls or women that no doubt will be occurring as a result of this glaring lack of standards? Your guess is as good as mine. The police will be powerless to pursue it. It'll be exactly like the situation with women in Germany or Sweden who get assaulted and have no recourse because their psychotic governments won't allow them any.
Let me get this straight, Speaker DeLeo, it is perhaps the proudest moment of your life to give carte blanche to rapists, molesters and child pornographers to access women's bathrooms? You hero, you man of the people!
By what Constitutional right does this "proud" state declare when it is appropriate that a girl be exposed to a boy's anatomy? I understand that innocent but embarrassing incidents occur in households that brothers and sisters stumble into, but at least that's within the safe confines of the family domicile. People, men and women alike, actually used to bristle at the thought that their girls would share any sort of confines with unrelated naked boys. They knew the difference.
Jeff Kuhner, a WRKO-Boston talk show host, wrote a piece for the World Tribune entitled "Republican governor joins the transgender revolution", in which he details what this bill is really all about and Baker's reasons for signing it—to satisfy the liberal Democrat community and the editors of The Boston Globe that he cares so much more about than his own base, the ones who got him elected. From Mr. Kuhner's commentary:
Yet, the issue goes beyond simply empowering sexual deviants. On my show, a female caller, who went by the name of Kate, explained how she recently went to a local eatery in Waltham, Massachusetts. 
When she went into the ladies' room, she saw two men standing there. When she commented and apologized how she must have accidently gone into the men's restroom, the two brutes began screaming at her and taunting her how they were "the real ladies here." 
One of the men even went right up to her face, daring her to deny he was a woman and didn't belong there. Kate said she felt threatened and humiliated, quickly bolting out of the women's restroom—and the restaurant. She didn't feel safe. And I don't blame her. 
The transgender rights bill is a blatant form of discrimination against normal people. It violates the privacy rights, civil liberties and security of everyone—men, women and children—in favor of a tiny, militant minority. 
The Kates of this world must now endure constant humiliation and violations of their dignity simply to appease the gods of political correctness. 
The ultimate objective of the transgender movement is not simply to legitimize cross-dressers and individuals once deemed mentally ill. It is something even more nefarious—and ominous: The attempt to eradicate biological sexual differences; the very notion that men and women are fundamentally distinct is under assault. 
Even the communists and the Nazis never went this far. It is social engineering on a scale Lenin or Hitler could never dream of.
I'm sorry, mes amis, is this boring you? What would you rather have me talk about? The disgraceful activity engaged in by Black Lives Matter (Only When White People Are Involved) and other affiliated gang-bangers, La Raza-inspired activists, George Soros-funded communist agitators and various other leftist/anarchist thugs in San Jose last Thursday night at the Trump rally? What else is there to say about it but this: If it keeps up, Trump will win by a landslide. So, keep it up, you Mexican flag-waving imbeciles. Keep doing what you do. Six months from now, you'll be well on the outside looking in, deservedly so, and you will have no-one to blame for it but your pea-brained selves because you don't even know how to properly protest without looking like haters, which of course you are. End of.
I'm much more concerned with the nonsense that the millennials think is important and consider themselves heroic for championing. Boys wearing dresses. Toy aisles in department stores axing gender-specific labeling. Non-gender-specific parenting. The 21st-century version of bra burning. These people, who act as if life beyond their bedrooms is just one big Cosmopolitan magazine, won't rest until everyone is a sexless robot, and this is supposed to give us hope for the future? What kind of world is this going to be even just a mere decade from now?
Now we've got their ultimate middle finger to traditional society, bathroom/shower facility bills, in which anyone, regardless of how insane they may be (because we don't lock them away, but that's another story), can use whatever designation they feel is appropriate. It matters not one iota how many victims will be created due to this legislation, the civil rights gravy train must keep running.
And Massachusetts—with Charlie Baker and Bob DeLeo at the forefront—is spearheading such efforts. Yep. Proud days.

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