Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What retards: Clinton campaign has begun to reek like its standard-bearer

Did you know, mes amis, that if you're the head of the FBI, failing to recommend an indictment of a felonious presidential candidate by changing the statute is the milkshake that will bring all the Democrats to your backyard? But if you are forced to re-open a case because you promised Congress under oath that you would if you discovered fresh potential evidence of malfeasance and corruption, and because you're facing a mutiny from FBI agents, then you're a pariah who is engaging in illegality and demonstrating partisanship?
The one being investigated is the accuser in this case, and when it comes to illegality, she would more than certainly know.
I refer, of course, to this monstrosity and complete waste of carbon known as Hillary Clinton. Or Madame Mao. Or "the Stinky Retard," because, according to her chief propagandist John Podesta, people have complained that a retard is what she's acting like and that she smells of "boiled cabbage, urine and farts". In other words, a more perfect candidate for the Left you could not possibly find. Mentally challenged individuals who never bathe and who constantly crap their pants represented at least 95 percent of the entire make-up of the Democratic National Convention. Even Bernie Sanders had more dignity than this. No wonder the Dems had to bring him down. (By the way, don't these liberals lecture us not to use the "r-word"? I thought that was insensitive? Moonbats, am I right or did I just imagine that?)
So not only has James Comey violated the Hatch Act according to that low-life thug paragon of virtue Harry Reid, but now it's Alicia Machado to the rescue—again. Campaigning with Mrs. Poopy Pantsuit in Florida, the Venezuelan former Miss Universe opined that it is "clear that he [Trump] does not respect women." Because collecting slush fund contributions from regimes that enslave women is the way to solicit the female vote. I'm pretty sure that Zuhdi Jasser, for instance, has never complained about Muslim men callously calling their wives "eating machines", and would consider honor killings to be much more serious, but what would he know?
"He thinks he can do h-whatever he h-wants and get away with it," Machado told the assembled crowd. Oh yeah, now that doesn't describe Hillary at all, she's the total opposite of that. Yep yep. But, hey, Machado is standing up for "woman," don't you know, and she is doing it "law-oo-dly". Why don't they just bring back Seddique Mateen, the Taliban-praising father of the Orlando nightclub shooter? I'm sure his English would sound better than this flunkie's.
We have heard from Barry Obama, the Democratic party, the media and the liberal elite that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person for the presidency ever. So why does she have to cheat? Donna Brazile, the interim chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, was fired from CNN as a political analyst over WikiLeaks proof demonstrating that she shared debate questions with Clinton before the network's sponsored events during the primary run against Sanders. WikiLeaks has shown many other examples of the media colluding with the Clinton campaign. Perhaps most damning of all, it has been reported that assistant attorney general Peter Kadzik kept Podesta informed of proceedings from the original investigation of the Clinton e-mails.
Then there's this: What has Clinton ever done, ever accomplished after 40 years of such lofty, loyal servitude to the American people as a public defender, First Lady, senator and Secretary of State? According to Hillary herself, she went to "112 countries to negotiate with friend and foe alike" and she was "in the situation room when we brought Osama bin Laden to justice." Oh yeah, and she fought for "children and families." No good Democrat can ever leave out "the children". It would help her credibility, however, had she not laughed at the 12-year-old victim of a sexual assault after helping to get the scumbag who violated her off charges. It also is not very good form that the Middle East is in total turmoil, and the power-hungry triumvirate of Russia, China and Iran are in ascendancy, and that friends have been treated as foes while foes get apologies and even license to develop nuclear weapons.

"Do you smell that? Some alt-right-wing deplorable just beefed!"
(Photo: Reuters/Brian Snyder)

When you boil Hillary's so-called accomplishments down to the very essence, it's that she married Bill Clinton. She knew that, as a team, their combined political chicanery and outright deviousness could not be beaten. You can't be a crime family all on your own, after all.
Thanks to the WikiLeaks exposes and the re-opening of the investigation of Hillary by FBI jefe James Comey—who's still an idiot, by the way, that hasn't changed—the Clinton campaign is in total free-fall. If the polls are even to be believed—not that they would ever be manipulated in any way, ever—Hillary has completely lost her former 12-point advantage.
Despite the nonsense talking points, which is all the Clinton campaign has now, the situation is as talk-show host Edward Woodson recently noted:
They've already tried the Russian thing. That didn't work. The FBI investigated the connection and found that there is no connection. They were going to go after the tax returns, which is, again, a non-story. Who cares about the tax returns? What is that going to do? That's just going to give more information to his detractors, and they're not going to understand the tax returns anyway. 
What else are they going to come up with? They're going back to the old, tired attack lines for Donald Trump. If it didn't work a month or two ago, how's it going to work now? 
In the final week of the campaign, they're going to go back to the old playbook. Trust me, you're going to still hear about Russia, Alicia Machado, the taxes—and I'm sure they'll bring up some other floozy bimbo that they'll get out of the recycling bin.
Woodson is right. Will this circular file of losers and wasters that are contained therein be tapped once more by Clinton and the Dems? They had better hurry up and roll out the next slob to accuse Trump of being a big meanie.
Have fun with this while it lasts, dear reader. There's never been an election like this one in the American experience and it will most assuredly make the history books. As much as we need to dispatch with Hillary Clinton for good so we never have to hear from her again, ride this one out for all it's worth. It is as precious as it is pathetic.

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