Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lefties have lost all options as 2016 ends

commercial photography locationsLet me get this straight. First, it was the Electoral College's fault that Hillary Clinton lost the election. Even though the Electoral College was fine and dandy when it was thought that the "Blue Wall" would hold up, suddenly it is a huge oversight on the Founding Fathers' part and needs to be dismantled. We need the popular vote so that California and New York can decide our elections henceforth and forever more, say the liberals.
Then it was Russian hacking of our "democracy," (a.k.a. would-be oligarchy) although not a shred of evidence exists to confirm this and no-one is alleging this to the extent that CIA political hack head John Brennan is. Funny how the CIA was the bugaboo of the Left for decades and that their intelligence was always suspect, especially during the Iraq War—but now the agency's word is sacrosanct and we should be prepared to launch war against Putin posthaste.
It seems as though George W. Bush might be given a reprieve of sorts. These days, if anything goes wrong, it can be blamed on Putin. Global warming? Putin. The Christmas tree dried up too soon and all its needles fell off? A conspiracy by the Kremlin, quite obviously. Your toilet is backed up? Putin's responsible for that too. Your girlfriend left you not because you're an annoying, whiny hipster twat who wears goofy fucking glasses that do nothing to boost your non-existent intelligence factor. She defected to the Russian government at Putin's behest.
At the soiree she held for her donors, Clinton said, "We have to recognize that, as the latest report made clear, Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy." Ummm, we don't have to recognize anything from you, you friggin' sore-ass loser, go away already! The year 2016 has taken so many away from us, now adding George Michael to its list, but Hillary Clinton is still around. What's the deal, 2016? You finally removed Fidel Castro from this earth, no doubt one of your better acts. Now finish the job. And don't forget George Soros either. You only have four days left.
Since the Russian angle is going nowhere in a hurry, it's back to castigating FBI head James Comey, even though Comey has let Hillary Clinton off the hook twice, citing a lack of evidence of "intent," even though that was never part of the statute. You see, his recommendation to Congress that the investigation into her malfeasance be re-opened as a result of the discoveries made on Anthony Weiner's laptop assisted in her losing the election because, oh gee, it made her look untrustworthy. If any member of the American electorate did not already regard Madame Mao this way by the time Comey sent his now-infamous letter, that says more about them than anything Comey has ever done. Isn't it odd how Comey declaring Mrs. Clinton innocent yet again before the election had no impact with regard to her perceived irresponsibility and treachery?
And if all else fails, just blame the racism of the deplorables who voted for Donald Trump. Clinton regards herself as perfect, therefore so should 100 percent of the American people. If you voted for Trump, you're a white nationalist, a "bitter clinger," which I'm sure comes as a huge shock to the 35 percent of Hispanics and 12 percent of blacks who voted for Mr. Trump.
It is true that white America, especially its rural counterpart, voted for Trump enthusiastically, but does any Leftie idiot—if that's not a redundant phrase—want to give me a reason why white people in the heartland and the Rust Belt and in states like Idaho which are being flooded with "Syrian" jihadists migrants could cast their votes for Hillary and the Democrats? There are still enough whites in America who haven't been completely poisoned by left-wing union-controlled public schools, out-of-control Government, a complicit media and Marxist college professors yet. They still had enough faith in their families and communities to try to reverse the damage before it was too late. That's really deplorable of them, right? They've only been told about 2,956,743 times (and counting) since the start of the election process in spring 2015 that they have privilege that no-one else in the country has, that refusing to give up their God-given right to self-defense is the reason why the San Bernadino and Orlando massacres happened, and that they're responsible for why the country is so oppressive and unfair. And yet it's a complete mystery to the Clinton campaign why it lost.
MTV, an irrelevant cable channel if ever there was one, can produce a piece entitled "2017 Resolutions for White Guys," in which honkies and crackers are told that "black lives just matter" and that All Lives Matter is not the opposite of that. They are told to stop using the word "woke" as an adjective (yep, me neither), to stop something called "mansplaining" and that if they happen to be judges, to cease allowing rapists on college campuses to go free. Way to give cover to Rolling Stone's blatant lies, MTV.
Yet, in the brilliant words of black conservative, Crystal Wright, "Would we ever see a New Year's resolution produced by MTV telling black men to stop killing each other in inner cities like Chicago, stop impregnating black women to the tune of over 70 percent, marry black women. Will we ever see a video like that from MTV? No, because you know why? Because that would be racist." Somebody please inform Crystal Wright that she is obviously a white supremacist.
And there's our heroic, supposed President, sticking it to America and Israel on his way out the door, as we all knew he would. He obviously took his pen and his phone to his Hawaii headquarters. First, he scrapped the National Security Entrance-Exit system, a 2002 program that enjoyed both Democrat and Republican support that increased the screening of travelers from specific countries. Trump can likely revive the program once in office, but the United States will fly totally blind for the next month, as undesirables continue to pour into the country between now and January 20, 2017. If a terrorist incident occurs, therefore, the Democratic party machine and the media can blame Trump's "rhetoric".
Next, Obama invoked the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, a 1953 law protecting defined land areas from oil and gas drilling. Once invoked, it cannot be repealed by the next President, although the courts may step in to throw Obama's decision out or Congress can amend the provision. The Obama Administration crowed that, having invoked the drilling law, in coöperation with Trudeau's Canada, it would be "decades" before drilling could be an issue again. This was clearly a gift to the whackjob environmentalist Democratic donors and a way to scupper Trump's promises to make America more self-reliant on energy needs.
Thirdly, Obama opined to National Public Radio that Donald Trump should not seek to rule by Executive Order, but go through Congress to get what he wants. Technically, Obama is right about this, this is the way things should be done. But this is just more astonishing hypocrisy from Obama and his declaration that "my strong preference has always been to legislate when I can get legislation done" is a naked lie. Plus, it's not so much the number of executive orders—in Obama's case, it's 260—it's the nature of them, and Obama's ERs have been especially damaging and retrograde. This can be seen to blow a whistle and put the spotlight on Trump given past criticisms of Obama's executive orders. The problem is, it might take executive orders on Trump's part to undue the considerable damage done.
Finally, Obama sponsored a U.N. resolution that harshly criticizes Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands, which is ridiculous as these are lands won by Israel in 1967 and therefore not Palestinian land. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Obama of crafting and submitting the resolution to the U.N. to undermine his leadership and Israel's borders. So much for the peaceful transfer of power.
Furthermore, Obama has done all of this while supposedly on vacation. This man and his family have spent $85 million of our money on trips, yet he has the audacity to assert that he can finally have a real vacation once he—thank you, God—leaves the Oval Office.
By the way, what is up with the friendship bracelets between Obama and Joe Biden? Does it get any more disturbing than this? It's great that a President and his veep get along so well. But, friendship bracelets with flowers and smiley-faces?! Vladimir Putin was supposedly close with ambassador Andrey Karlov, shot by a jihadist in Ankara a week ago. I doubt they had friendship bracelets, though. John Kerry's pink girly bicycle. Obama's knee pads. And now friendship bracelets. It's no wonder Russia, China, Iran and the rest of the world laughs at the United States and does as it likes.
On the bright side, the electors have done their job, despite all the crybaby sob-stories and death threats from frightened little progressives. Even despite that scholarly video released by Hollywood luminaries who urge the electors to "act like Hamilton," despite the fact that the actual Alexander Hamilton would have run a mile from these lunatics. Suddenly the Federalist Papers and the Constitution mean something to these subversive Commie airheads.
Donald Trump will, after all the crap that has gone down since the morning of November 9, be President of the United States. Notwithstanding the efforts of the self-styled hero Chris Suprun, for whom no such heroic accounts exist, and the Christian fundamentalist headcase, Art Sisneros. Go suck a hotrod's tailpipe with the engine running, fellas. It's all you're good for.
Meanwhile, earlier this month, in Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May won a resounding vote in the House of Commons regarding her timeline for invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, officially triggering Brexit. As it stands, Brexit will be launched by the end of March 2017. After the demands for a second referendum and the High Court challenge by Remoaners, no less.
What next, Lefties? What next? All you do is lose. Keep it up. Oh wait, you can't. There's nothing left for you to do or to try. It's been fun, snowflakes, but now the voice of the people, in Britain and in America, is going to be honored. If it's really that tough to take, I'm sure there's a bridge somewhere in your vicinity to help ease the pain. Use it.

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