Friday, December 16, 2016

Secretary of State Rex: Steady at the till ... er, son?

It looks as if Rex Tillerson is President-elect Trump's pick for the position of Secretary of State. I've heard some things about Mr. Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil since 2006, as have you, dear reader. Tillerson is also the 33rd President of the Boy Scouts of America and endorsed the inclusion of homosexuals as scout masters. I prefer to concentrate on the fact that Tillerson's involvement with the Boy Scouts demonstrates a desire to craft young boys into responsible men, give them some focus and some male mentoring in an increasingly fatherless societal environment and an understanding of the value of the environment.
Tillerson has also backed the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other free trade agreements, the Common Core national education experiment, and, as Exxon's chief executive, a carbon tax and the Paris Climate Accords. In essence, Tillerson maintains a trendy stance on social issues and has globalist leanings and sympathies, and that's disappointing.
The Exxon chief wasn't the most qualified for this position and has rattled some conservatives as too establishment and who would have been at home in a Jeb Bush administration.
The Secretary of State, however, does not set national policy. Tillerson was chosen because he, like the President he will answer to, is an outsider and a very successful businessman. Tillerson was also chosen, I highly believe, because he understands Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. Tillerson has known Putin for 25 years and it is essential that the United States thaws out its relationship to this nuclear-armed and resurgent superpower. Tillerson could be crucial in keeping Russia onside as we attempt to dismantle the Iran deal.
I do not care one iota if Russia had in any way hacked the recent election, especially since I don't believe for one moment that it did, as the CIA now alleges. As far as whackjob conspiracy theories go, 9/11 being an inside job and the moon landings having been faked have far more credibility than this. See, the CIA has been poisoned with a useless political hack named John Brennan, courtesy of Obama who has used his reverse Midas touch—as in everything he touches turns to shite—to turn it into just another disruptive government agency that pushes climate change as America's and the world's top-most priority. Just take the "Intelligence" bit out of the CIA and that's what it currently is. Therefore, I place absolutely no stock in it.
Even James Comey's FBI has said no proof exists of any direct Russian influence in the election and the same liberal talking-heads obsessing over it aren't keen to provide the proof either. It's not hard to see why. It doesn't exist.
This Russia-bashing won't end until Trump takes office on January 20—it's just more garbage that we have to put up with from the Left in their pathetic attempt to certify Hillary because Madame Mao was just so damn perfect in every conceivable way that she couldn't possibly have lost an election.
First it was the argument that only the popular vote is legitimate and we needed to ditch the Electoral College, even though the Electoral College was fine when it was thought that the Democrats' "Blue Wall" would defeat Trump. Then it was the recount effort so Jill Stein could enrich herself from the donations of stupid suburbanite progressives. Electors have been deluged with correspondences, demanding they stop Trump and vote for Hillary. Now, golly gee, it's the Russians. How exactly the Russians helped to get Trump into office is, and I'm sure forever will be, unrevealed due to the aforementioned lack of evidence. What will these cretins try next?
As for the electors, one of them, a douchebag in Texas, has said he will not fulfill his role as an Electoral College member by voting for Trump. Would Chris Suprun, who asserts that he feels he would be supporting a king by voting for Trump (after eight years of imperial rule by Barry, no less), have raised the same stink if the pantsuit had won Texas? That's right, I don't think so either.
Suprun's reticence combined with the resignation of Art Sisneros, who claimed that Trump as President didn't fulfill some Biblical prophecy or some such fanatical lunacy, makes me think that there's something very wrong in Texas and that the Lone Star State's legislature had better seriously consider passing a bill during Trump's first year in office that binds that state's electors to the Electoral College result.

No, I'm not Glenn Beck, although I am just as much of a headcase. So, do you think these glasses make me look smart or even half-way respectable?
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Let's not forget that Stephen Chris Suprun, this horned rim spectacles-wearing moron subscribed to Ashley Madison using the same address as a dubious 9/11 charity while bankrupt and unemployed and married with three kids and used a PR firm run by the Alinskyite agitator Van Jones, according to an excellent expose by Zero Hedge. C'mon, admit it, dear reader—you knew that Suprun was no clean conservative. He has spoken of the possibility of voting for the Twerker, for Chrissakes. 
For someone to bitch this much about Trump's Electoral College victory, while wrapping himself up in some completely bullshit narrative that Trump divides the country and rejects the "shining city on a hill" vision of America, points to some seriously insalubrious stuff about this twerp and his private life. I'm not exactly surprised. Disgusted, yes; surprised, no.
I cannot wait until December 19 when the electors finally confirm Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, and all these vile Lefties and Never Trump purist conservatives can no longer try to derail him.
Please don't talk to me about Rex Tillerson while madmen like Suprun and Sisneros are still at large in our society, while media giants like CNN still refuse to answer questions over Donna Brazile's leaked debate questions and other such dishonest actions against a gullible public, while the murder of a young Bernie Sanders supporter goes uninvestigated, and while the dispatching of a Supreme Court justice, who was found dead with a pillow over his head, whose bodily fluids were flushed away and whose demise was deemed not worthy of an autopsy, goes unexplained. 
Trump didn't promote backstabber Mitt Romney, an anti-Russia saber-rattler, or Bob Corker, the man who made the Iran nukes deal possible and favorite of the Republican Senatorial elite. In fact, I really hope that, twenty years from now, I can read in some Secret Service agent's memoirs that less than five minutes into their meeting, Trump slapped Corker across the face, laughed and said, "Get the fuck out of here, Bob."
Tillerson will promote a new and friendlier relationship with Russia which is exactly what is called for at this time in world history.
In other words, with Tillerson, we won't have that World War III that neoconservatives have been salivating over and about which Mr. Father-Knows-Best, Chris Suprun, would have nothing to say.

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