Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's news and reviews

commercial photography locationsYet more philanthropic acts committed in the name of the Religion of Pieces. Thirty-nine people have so far died from a New Year's Eve gun massacre at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul. And even though the city's governor outright called it a terrorist attack, most of the media outlets are saying that the incident "is believed to be a terrorist attack." 
Gee, ya' don't say! And there I was thinking, when I first heard about it, that some used car salesman just had a bad day.
This media really is outstandingly moronic. Thank goodness we now officially have an Obama Ministry of Truth to keep shielding people from reality. The best gift ever to jihadic slaughterers. Makes you so proud, does it not?
*   *   *
Has anybody seen Mitt Romney? Where are his thoughts on Russia and Vladimir Putin, the monster who wants to swallow up the entire world?
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Barry Obama has said to the nation in his final New Year's address that "it has been the privilege of my life to serve as your President".
Mr. Obama, I say as sincerely as I can, just go. "Retire" to that $5 million D.C. mansion of yours and I don't want to hear anything from your skinny, phenomenally lazy ass ever again. Nor that of your wife, Mrs. Pouty Lips, nor your degenerate, pot-smoking, bratty progeny. How's that, eh? Now send the damned IRS after me, you freak.
Your presidency has been a privilege for you and that of the corporate masters and heads of the identity politics industry that you served, Obama. No-one else.
You, sir, need to be thankful every day—not that I believe for one moment that you will or ever could be—that so many "bitter clingers" across the country voted for you because they were hammered since the day they were born with instructions to feel guilty and that they had no choice but to vote for the black guy, and that alone, sir, is the only reason you got two terms. White guilt. Not white privilege. White guilt.
Well, that, and millions of illegal aliens who poured into the country since January 20, 2009.
*   *   *
I'm serious, where's Mitt Romney? We desperately need your suggestions with regard to Russia, sir.
*   *   *
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said that sanctions against Russia launched by the Obama administration are "overdue". In a statement he issued, Ryan said that the actions being sought against Russia represent an "appropriate way to end eight years of failed policy with Russia".
Not to be outdone, John McCain opined that the Democratic fairy tale that is the Russian hacking of the election on November 8 is "an act of war." McCain seeks a Congressional Select Committee to investigate allegations of Russian interference.
Senator Lindsey Graham also chimed in, all 5-feet-2 of him, waving his arms at the back of the Senate chamber, noting that "bipartisan sanctions will hit Russia hard, particularly Vladimir Putin as an individual."
If there's one grievance I hold against President-elect Donald Trump, it is that he did not attempt to oust Paul Ryan as House Speaker. He should never have endorsed Ryan's primary campaign nor that of McCain.
John McManiac, Lindsey Grahamnesty and RINO "Eddie Munster" Ryan, all best buddies with Obama to the bitter end. How pathetic.
*   *   *
Mitt? Mittens? Would the real Mitt Romney please stand up, please stand up, please stand up ...

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