Monday, January 30, 2017

Bleeding hearts condemn Kurds for torturing ISIS "children"

commercial photography locationsIt has been reported that soldiers of the Asayish, the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq, are accused of having beaten and tortured some children of ISIS, some of them as young as 11 years old. This was reported in several news sources, but I've chosen Yahoo! "News" because it is where I first read about it and because Yahoo! is risible 99.99 percent of the time. The report says:
At least 17 childrenall but one of which are Sunni Arabs from former Isis-held territory in northern Iraqhave alleged abuse and torture at the hands of Kurdish security services after being rounded up at a refugee camp 40 kilometres south of the Kurdish capital of Erbil. 
They say that the Kurdistan regional Government (KRG) security forcesknown as the Asayishpunched and kicked them, held them in stress positions and beat them with plastic pipes and cables. Nine of the young boys claimed to have been subjected to electric shocks. 
A 14-year-old boy told Human Rights Watch that he was threatened with rape unless he confessed to being affiliated with Isis, while two others said they had considered suicide because of their treatment by the Asayish.
Now we have the angle, ladies and gentlemen. We can definitively state the reason behind this news story. Human Rights Watch is involved. There you have it.
Like any normal person, who knows that ISIS brings its children up in an atmosphere of poisonous hatred from the day they are born, who knows that an 11-year-old in ISIS is a stone-hearted killer and nothing like 11-year-olds in the West, when you hear that the Kurds tortured these mini jihadists, you think, "Alright, good news for once!"
But alas, the liberal luvvies, the do-gooders, the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch parasites—who have nothing to say when Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria are being systematically wiped out and when Israelis minding their own business are blown up by Hamas missiles and who offer no words of condemnation when Germans and Swedes are raped and assaulted in their own countries by barbaric invaders—want to condemn the good guys in the Middle East, the Muslims that we should be embracing. I have no words for this level of stupidity, I really don't.
Human Rights Watch couldn't give a stuff when the British people suffered as a result of George Soros sinking their currency in 1992, when he caused the UK Treasury to lose £3.2 billion. This thoroughly evil man bets against currencies everywhere and funds subversive, violent groups across the world with his ill-gotten trading gains, but the Remainiacs, the anti-Trump lunatics, the global citizen types are just fine with that. I guess their claim to want to "stick it to the rich" is absolute bunk.
What is Human Rights Watch's position on the carnage of September 11, 2001? Does Amnesty International take a side regarding the death of innocent American Kate Steinle who was killed by a five-times-deported illegal alien in a place where she should have been safe? Does the International Crisis Group or the International Red Cross and Crescent by any chance care to pontificate on the horror of the Pulse nightclub slaughter in Orlando last summer? Inquiring minds would love to know.
What I do know is that these contemptible boobs want to declare the Kurds war criminals. Not Turkey who've spent their entire history as a distinct nation trying to eradicate them. I'm sure Human Rights Watch has a lot to say about Erdo─čan's continuous assault on Turkey's secular constitution, right? Of course not, because sharia law is so liberating, especially for women and homosexuals.
These same Commies who want to push the Israelis into the sea so that "Palestine" can have its (terrorist) state would never entertain the idea for the formation of an officially legitimate, world-recognized Kurdistan.
Yahoo! "News" (as well as CNN, MSN, etc.) publish these stories, with the typical progressive/suicidal/self-loathing slant, in the hopes that many people will respond with "OMG, the Kurds are so horrible! So what if the children are from ISIS? Brutality is brutality!" This is what these clowns from Reuters and the Associated Press count on. They are the kinds of people like the reporters from the mainstream media who ask Donald Trump what he means by keeping America safe, because they are so remarkably thick-headed.
But the responses from most of the readers—who live in the real world—must come as deeply disappointing and disturbing to them.
Some assorted gems from the news story comments thread: 

  • Some of the 'children' have been accused of beheading babies.
  • Be careful Kurds, the Liberal lefties will start protesting and demonstrating against you and you know how torturous that can be.
  • Are these the ones the media and lefties want Trump to let in?
  • OK, so what is the point of this press release? Is it to sum up some sympathy for ISIS?
  • What kind of world are we living in,when the do-gooders worry more about terrorists than our own people? The Kurds torturing those kids who would cut your throat as soon as look at you. Thanking the Kurds is more like it.
  • Good, I hope they kicked the #$%$ out of them.
  • To be perfectly blunt, I don't care, if there [sic] old enough to walk into a packed market with a suicide vest to wipe dozens of innocents, beating by comparison is nothing.
  • Who is funding the goons of Human Rights Watch? It seems to me if you pick up a gun to play a man's game, then you have to be prepared to accept a man's punishment when caught!
  • I have no issue with this.
  • Oh no ... They are getting tough treatment ... Oh no, this cannot happen, the lefties will want to have them sent to Germany or Sweden to kill and rape there. Tough justice is all this cult will get as they have caused endless horror in the Middle East, all paid for by Saudi Arabia and Obama's covert arms and funding madness!
  • Dreadful but good to hear it's out in the open. In the UK the mass rape of little girls by Muslim men has been kept under filthy political wraps by the socialist councils and media.
  • What so-called "Human Rights Watch" would you report that 1000s of Kurdish Yazidi child girls as young as age 3 have become sex slaves by ISIS terrorists?
  • Thank you Kurdish soldiers. Great job getting rid of this #$%$ by any means necessary.
  • These ISIS kids would have no hesitation in putting a bullet in an innocent person's head so tough #$%$, stop crying out when the table is turned.
  • These are NOT kids. They are soldiers. Soldiers that will kill men, at the drop of a hat.
  • Don't take prisoners just shoot them, kill them and let the animals eat what's left and it's cheaper option for you, better than jailing them.

And the most salient point of all?

  • Well, you reap what you sow.

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